Reason to Smile

MUSIC….hmmm yes music is good for the soul and when played well it will definitely give you a reason to smile.

For the past couple of months I’ve been attending The Baxter Theatre on a regular basis with good friend Tasneem Daniels maar julle ken haar sieka beter as die vrou van Cultsha Kennis (check out her blog).

Tonight we got the opportunity to attend Jonathan Rubain’s new show I’m inlove with a Guitarist which runs until the 5th August, not much time to get tickets but definitely worth it – get to computicket or The Baxter and book now.

This is the 3rd time Jonathan is performing this show, I’m going to be honest and say I never heard of him before this but WOW was I amazed by the talent on stage. I enjoy listening and watching live performances especially when it comes to music and since I’ve started picking up a guitar myself (think I’ve got the G chord perfected), this was a great opportunity to see some greats at work.

Jonathan took us on a musical journey together with his amazing band and introduced us to some of his friends who joined him on stage playing their own original pieces as well as some songs that the appreciative crowd knew. We clapped and bobbed our heads to each beat but the sadness seeped through the whole hall as he paid a heartfelt tribute to the passing of Goema legend Errol Dyers one of his mentors with whom he performed this show previously.

This show would’ve brought a big, or rather a HUGE smile to Errol’s face especially since Jonathan introduced new young talent to the stage just like the opportunity that he got at a young age. The Bonteheuwel based Jazz Yard Academy were so impressive I actually wanted them to perform longer, there is definitely talent in this beautiful country of ours which needs to be nurtured.

Thank you Jonathan and the amazing band together with supporting acts – Amazing indeed!!!

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