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Are men doing enough to tackle the scourge of violence against women and children? The Baxter Theatre Centre’s latest flagship production #JustMen, which calls for men to unite and take a stand, will have its world premiere at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio, for two weeks only, from 13 to 30 June, at 7.30pm nightly.

With the worldwide outbreak of the #MeToo disclosures, which has seen countless women breaking the silence on sexual harassment and assault, it has been a long time coming for men to take collective ownership of what is, at its core, a man’s issue. Moreover, the frequent cases of abuse, rape and murder perpetrated against children and women in South Africa and other countries, have reached explosive and unacceptable proportions.

#JustMen is an attempt to heed the critical need for action and change this frightening reality as it tackles the problem head-on. This brand new production, made possible through funding from the City of Cape Town, is a clarion call to address the issue.

Directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer (Joe Barber, Suip!), the dynamic cast is made up of Loukmaan Adams (Aunty Merle, The Musical, Kat and the Kings), Thando Doni (Ityala Lamwele, Ubuze Bam), Sherman Pharo (Suidooster, Vinkel en Koljander) and Johan Baird (Sewende Laan, Generations). Together, they have devised the play through a rigorous workshop process spanning four weeks of research and rehearsals.

#JustMen is an honest and empowering multi-lingual, docudrama for men, about men, performed by South African men who tell their own stories and take a stand against the epidemic of gender violence in the country.

Baxter CEO and artistic director, Lara Foot said, “It has become evident that the magnitude of this problem can no longer be ignored. We have brought about this production to instigate change. We would like to invite all men, and especially leaders, captains of industries, managers and staff in business, government, organisations, academia, sport and all sectors, to come and see and support this vital work. The need to start open discussions, take ownership and outlaw this horrific scourge has become urgent. Become part of the movement to help transform our society into a safer and healthier environment.”

Director Reisenhofer explains, “This is a very personal project for me about bringing healing and transformation into the theatre space and engaging a brave and vulnerable conversation about men taking responsibility, not just for the men we want to be, but the kind of world we want to be part of. It is inspired by the remarkable work of programmes such as the Mankind Project and Imbadu Men’s Project that asks the question: what do we as men need to address, amongst men, to transform these issues?”

He continues, “This is a conversation we can no longer avoid and a piece that every South African man needs to see. How do we as men show up, make our voices heard and fight this problem? We, therefore, call on men to engage critically and to have honest conversations about what we mostly avoid talking about. It has become clear that we need to transform our responsibility, accountability and behaviour around the culture of male abuse of women and children.”

For the past seven years Reisenhofer’s personal journey has taken him into the arena of healing and personal transformation work where he has been training and working as a coach and facilitator. In his coaching he specialises in shame and shadow work guiding participants to forgive, break the old patterns of behaviour and take charge of their biographical storytelling – it’s all about learning to heal one’s particular narrative. This came out of his own healing process where he needed to deal with his relationships and his own shame as a man that he carried from childhood.

There is an age restriction of 16 years.

#JustMen runs at the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio from 13 to 30 June at 7.30pm nightly and tickets cost R120. Booking is through Webtickets or selected Pick n Pay stores. For discounted group or block bookings contact Leon van Zyl on 021 680 3972 or email him at

Gray Matter

FUN FACT – “Gray matter isn’t actually gray at all. Don’t let the name fool you, gray matter isn’t always gray, at least not while you’re alive. While after death the brain does turn a grayish color, hence the name, while you’re alive your gray matter is a healthy pink due to all the blood that’s constantly flowing through.”

Kendell Geers – 1993, Hanging Piece

I recently visited the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) and wow what an interesting experience it was, from the outside to what’s displayed inside you’ll be immersed into another dimension.

Art has the power of bringing out different emotions, I think everyone experiences it differently and to me this is impressive.

EYE-POPPING FACT – “Your eyeballs are hardwired to your brain. While they’re not a part of your brain proper, your eyeballs are actually an extension of your brain. If someone were to try to remove your brain (which you would hope would never happen), your eyeballs would come with it. This is because the eyes are hardwired by nerve fibers to the occipital lobe, a part of the brain responsible for sight information. If your brain is a computer, your eyes work like a mouse or keyboard that is inputting information directly into that system.”

Each level up this spiraling staircase hosts some really eye-catching and thought provoking pieces of art, you’ll definitely be moved in some way after a visit……one room felt like I was sitting in a padded cell if I sat long enough I think I’d go insane – until I read the plaque explaining the motive and idea behind the piece I felt like I understood the meaning. Then again, like I said before we all experience Art differently.

The mixture of visual, written and audio-visual art…also the setting of the Museum brings out that wow factor, I couldn’t help but touch the walls as I walked through the tunnels (lower level), it got me thinking that I never even gave this place a second thought before and look at it now….transformed.

You’ll literally feel the Art oozing from the walls so I would say it’s worth a visit, did I mention there is a restaurant, apparently they have Black Ice-Cream and the views are amazing. I am no foodie, got that little tip from The Unsponsored Foodie (TUF), I guess you could give them a follow to find out more about the delicious ART of eating.

If be it

so be it

and so be it

and so be

and so


…….look close enough, you’ll see the above written on a wall at the museum and so much more….oh and don’t forget to look up.

Fresh Remix

It all started in May 2012, What am I talking about I hear you asking… dream of becoming a Mens Health South Africa Cover Guy, you can read the letter which was published in June 2012 in the link above.

Fast forward 6 years and guess what, yip that’s right the dream has come true. Ok not fully but I am making progress towards the ultimate goal by starting inside the magazine then move towards being cover guy….I mean I can’t exactly compete with a Billion Dollar Man like Michael B. Jordan just yet but hey I am moving in the right direction.

I saw an opportunity on Facebook whereby the magazine was looking for a willing participant to do a makeover shoot, I’m like hey let’s try this…2 days later I’m asked for photos and clothes sizes, this means I got a chance.

The day of the shoot was unexpected, yeah I expected a haircut, shave and clothing but everything felt a bit surreal. Before and after interviews were done, as well as video footage of the haircut which felt cool. My hair before the makeover was long and curly so I knew they would want to cut it for a real change, once in the ‘hot seat’ and chatting to the barber Ryno Siebrits at Barnet Fair Barbers I felt more comfortable and left it in his capable hands.

The clothes they had me wear felt comfortable and stylish, it was interesting to see the stylists at work, all they needed was one look and viola like magic you are changed into a new person….

My first real photoshoot, an awesome experience although I never really knew what I was doing all I heard was “Do what you did before”, “Talk to the people”, “Ok, let’s try walking, wait no lean your arm against the railing”. When I saw the end product I can say I am really impressed with the outcome.

One thing though, my name is Shaun Engel, I’ll take the little spelling error in my surname as added fuel for when I make the Cover….yip the Dream Is Still Alive – best believe.

See a short clip of the makeover on the Mens Health website and instagram page

No Strings Attached

How do Magicians that? Is WWE real or fake? You’ll never know the answer until you see it……

….ok nah I’m kidding I just saw Dynamo’s Show and I still don’t know how he did it. – Seeing Is Believing, nah dude I need to see that again eish.

I love the art of magic, it inspires, it creates, it amazes and it entertains….yip this was definitely an entertaining experience and he never even used a wand. Ok fine he does not come from the School of Magic we all know he is not Harry Potter duh!!

To me he is more like the Eminem of The Magical World, the energy, passion and drive I saw from him in they way he performed tonight was awesome…..Is he an Avenger???

To be honest I was abit skeptical in how the show would be as I enjoy his card tricks from the tv shows, so I was like – How is this going to be done on a stage? hmmmmmm well SEEING IS BELIEVING indeed (even though I’d like to see it again). Everything moved effortlessly and like real magic it still leaves you wondering…..

Most of us have seen his magic on Youtube or TV shows but I think seeing it LIVE just brings about a different element, what I loved most about tonight was that it was a SHOW. A show of amazing talent and skill brought to life before our very eyes, giving us hope. The following quote sums up the evening perfectly…

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Thank you Dynamo and everyone who helped bring this show to us here in Cape Town…..tonight I came to believe that the IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE!!

Now you see me…..




*poof* – MAGIC!!!!!

EFC 70 gonna be a KO!!

The countdown has begun, Durban I hope you are ready for some power punching, knockout action as the fightcard for EFC 70 looks menacing.

On Saturday 26 May, South Africa’s Amanda Lino goes on the hunt for her second EFC championship when she takes-on undefeated Moroccon, Rizlen Zouak, for the inaugural EFC women’s bantamweight world championship. Watch the Countdown to EFC 70 Lino vs Zouak here:

Just ahead of the main event, Nigeria’s Bunmi Ojewole faces South Africa’s ‘Demolition’ Jacqui, Dansheel Moodley goes up against Angola’s Josemar Octavio, heavyweights collide when Thabani Mndebela goes head-to-head with Ivan Strydom and KO artist Khulekani Hlongwa faces Pretorian brawler Quaid Openshaw.
But first 6 action packed prelim bouts are set to kick off the highly anticipated fight card in style, don’t miss it!

An action packed line-up as always, with a double header of women headlining the night this is an awesome step for the EFC to keep on delivering those KNOCKOUT PUNCHES!!!