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Listen and Learn

This evening I took the opportunity to attend an Intergenerational Dialogue session about the Role of Restitution in SA…..I say took as I think many of us see opportunities before us but do not grab them with both hands as it is meant to be.

The session took place at the oldest Cathedral in Southern Africa and the mother church of the Anglican Diocese in Cape Town. It became a cathedral in 1848 in the time of the first bishop, Robert Gray whose throne still stands in the sanctuary.

It was a fitting venue to discuss such a difficult topic, a place of peace and sanctity in which to reflect positively on a topic that speaks of confronting injustice and actively deciding what needs to be done to address a past that continues to erode the present despite our many efforts.

The speakers were well prepared in there account of the questions posed to them before namely, 

1. What do they see as the South African Dream?

2. What obstacles are there that might affect this dream?

3. Role of Restitution in making this dream come true?

It was interesting to hear the different backgrounds of each speaker and how they related each of the questions above to their daily circumstances both past and present, they also drew comparison on current issues facing South Africa in terms of education and our Governmental situations.

What was most interesting to me was the emotional account by Sharon Verwoerd and her reflection of the conditions she faces at the school she teaches at in Mitchel’s Plain…I commend her on her dream for a South Africa where everyone is seen in equal value and that they know that they are worth something. It was sad to hear that only 4% of grade 9 learners are passing maths and this due to obastacles facing these youngsters… do we combat this statistic?….This is the question.

There was a question and answer session which brought out some good comments and could lead to more interesting debates….but the one thing that came out for me as a solution was the word LISTEN, if we take the time to listen to each other and engage each other with empathy maybe Restitution can happen.

Goodness is Stronger than evil                     Love is stronger than hate.                           Light is stronger that death.                         Victory is ours through Him who loves us. – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Champion vs Champion

We have just over a month left before we see the the Mother of all fights happen right here in The Mother City, yip that’s right EFC55 is dubbed Pena vs Sayed as these two bantamweights go head to head in title unification match.

This is a fight I have been waiting months to see and it is finally going to happen right on my doorstep, Angola’s Demarte Pena vs South Africa’s Irshaad Sayed…..should be an Epic Fight both men are raring to go.

Other fights to looks forward to will be Port Elizabeth’s Cameron Pritchard scheduled to face Johannesburg’s Dino Bagattin in Cape Town.


Cape Town, South Africa – One of the most well-known and longest standing names in EFC is set to make his return to the Hexagon after over a year long layoff. The former welterweight champion, Dino ‘The Lion’ Bagattin, is confirmed to face the undefeated rising star, Cameron Pritchard in Cape Town at EFC 55 in November.
A protégé of South African MMA legend Chris bright, Port Elizabeth’s Pritchard is undefeated in the welterweight division and carries a one hundred percent finishing rate. Notable for his technical grappling and submission prowess, Pritchard also holds a KO finish over kickboxer Pupanga Tresor. If he manages to notch up another straight win over another one of the organisation’s best, it will undoubtedly put Pritchard into title contention and en-route to being Port Elizabeth’s first ever champion.

Pritchard sustained a knee injury in his fight against Francois Kabulu and has been out of action for just under a year. He feels he still at the top of the division. “This is my first fight back after knee surgery,” stated Pritchard. “I felt I left at the top before I had surgery. So this fight is getting me back to my title chase.”

When asked how this fight will affect his career and fits with his goals he said, “I really feel I’m a contender for the welterweight belt. It has been my dream since I joined EFC.” He concluded, “So beating Dino should definitely put me in a position to fight for the belt.”

Pritchard does not have an easy task in front of him. Bagattin has been fighting in the Hexagon since EFC 01. He has faced the very best and come out on top on numerous occasions. The highlight of his courier saw the Johannesburg local claim the EFC welterweight title by defeating the formidable Michiel Opperman. Now full time training at Fight Fit Militia in Johannesburg, Bagattin has honed his craft on the ground to compliment his world class Muay Thai skillset.

One of the most experienced EFC athletes, Bagattin last fought at EFC 40 over a year ago. “I have been going through some personal issues and family tribulations, but I have been in the gym training day in and day out. The support of my teammates and coaches has been phenomenal and I am looking forward to getting back in the Hexagon and doing what I do.”

When asked if he thinks the time off has affected him at all he responded, “Being out for so long, I feel like Richie has been remolding me, but I am still going to come out and fight like I always do. Fans will see a more rounded athlete; they will see a polished hungry ‘Lion’. My striking is more devastating, I am bringing my kicks back and I still love elbowing the snot out of people.”

“I wanna prove I am still one of the best fighters on the continent.” Stated Bagattin when asked what this fight means to him. He echoed this sentiment further, ”I want to show that I am one of the pioneers and founders of MMA in South Africa and show how far I have come from just a striker to a full Mixed Martial Artist.”

When asked if he has anything to say to Pritchard he responded, “Watch as many videos of my old fights as you want. Prepare for the old ‘Lion’, but you will be facing a new ‘Lion’.”

EFC matchmaker Graeme Cartmell is resolute on the importance of this fight, “In my mind there are four welterweight contenders: Fadipe, Pritchard, Hulme and Gorimbo. Both Hulme and Gorimbo did not want to take the Fadipe fight, at this point in time, to create a true number one contender. Pritchard is the man to watch now with his fight against Bagattin!”

Will EFC Cape Town produce a new welterweight superstar in Pritchard and pave the way for him to have his shot at gold, or will the veteran of the Hexagon use his guile and experience to shut down the rising star? The welterweight champion, Dricus du Plessis waits.

Durban’s Wesley Hawkey is set to face Cape Town’s Francois Groenewald in long awaited rematch….lets call this a Grudge Match.


Hawkey has fought the best and has even given bantamweight champion Demarte Pena arguably his biggest challenge yet. Known for his incredible boxing pedigree, Hawkey has shown a vast maturity in recent bouts with his wrestling and submission skills. Since his move to Team MMA Fighter under Morne Swanepoel he has become a more rounded athlete. Always the smaller man in the featherweight division, Hawkey will now have the size and power advantage over his opponents.

However, Groenewald is a known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialist, a well-known blackbelt in the deadly art. Completely adept at sinking in submissions, he has won all but one of his fights thusly. These two have met before, prior to signing with EFC, which resulted in Groenewald submitting Hawkey with an armbar.

Hawkey has been outspoken about another shot at the championship, “Unfortunately for Franna he is the last piece to my puzzle in my pursuit of EFC gold. My hand will be raised in Cape Town and I will be the number one bantamweight contender.” 

Has Hawkey fixed his holes truly, or will Groenewald expose him again, but this time, in front of millions of fans?

Potts set to face Groenewald at EFC 55 in Cape Town – Heavyweight clash of note.


Cape Town, South Africa – EFC Cape Town, taking place in November, quite simply is going to be crazy! The bantamweight title unification fight is headlining the historic event, but that’s not all. Today it has been confirmed that two former heavyweight champions are also scheduled to collide. Ruan ‘Fangzz’ Potts and Brendon Groenewald will meet inside the Hexagon for the first time on 11 November.

Potts is a two-time EFC heavyweight champion, originally from Cape Town, he is the man that dominated the division before competing in the UFC. While he had a shaky start in his return to EFC, he turned heads with a sublime performance and devastating armbar finish over the giant Vandam Mbuyi. Now back in the winning column, Potts has his eye firmly set on gold and will want to harness his winning momentum towards another victory.

The Cape Town local and city favourite, Brendon Groenewald claimed EFC gold with an onslaught of heavy punches to get the TKO victory and the EFC heavyweight crown. Since claiming the title, he has had an up and down career but ultimately has fallen short in reclaiming the EFC championship. If Groenewald wants to get back to the top of the biggest division in the organistaion, he will need to defeat another EFC great, and this fight against Potts is his perfect opportunity.

All the above matches take place on the main card at EFC55 ahead of the Champion vs Champion, bantamweight title unification match on Friday 11 November 2016 at GrandWest, Cape Town. Tickets are on sale now at, and the 5 main card bouts will be broadcast live on and Kwesé Free Sports channel in Kenya, starting at 20:00 (CAT) and delayed live on after the 20:30 movie in South Africa.
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PS: Check out EFC 54 at Sun City Johannesburg 15 th October 2016 if you cannot wait till November.

We are…

We are the members, we are the members of the….


This weekend all roads lead to Elim Moravian Mission Station as we celebrated our piece of acre, our Moravian heritage. This year was something special as it was the bi-annual combined Elim Blommefees…

This is a festival Moravians look forward to as they are warmly welcomed to the oasis of the Overberg, a variety of activities are planned throughout the weekend festival goers even got entertained by Allen The Car Gaurd and Karin Kortje among others.

The main reason I was excited this year was because it was the Broederkerk Blasersbond van Suid-Afrika (BBSA) Basuinfees, as a Moravian we love our music and the brassband is our way of showing off this talent.

A sunny Sunday morning saw +-300 brass band members from 4 different Distriks lead us in our weekly devotion through the art of music, yes you can show your praise through music too and we appreciate it.

O God, Getroue God, O Bronwel van weldade

This was the theme of this years festival in which we heard the various unique sounds from the different brass instruments, musical pieces like Sonata 5 – Antonio Bertali, Give me that old time religion – Friedel W. Böhler, Amazing Grace – S. Wallace and I will follow Him – J. Stole/D Roma….these all had us Shouting to the Lord in our own special way with love in our hearts. This really is a festival that moves you, music for the soul.

A beautiful morning filled with beautiful music, surrounded by beautiful people, what more could I have asked for as I enjoyed my first BBSA festival. This is definitely not the last time though.

I thank you……this is part of My Heritage.

Infecting the City

Cape Town are you ready……I said CAPE TOWN ARE YOU READY!!!! – They are coming and they want your brrrrrrainssss…

Thats right the Zombies are coming and once again they are here to infect the city.

The original walk in 2009 only had 180 people but the event has grown from strength to strength and last year we had over +-3500 Zombies.

I survived a couple of these events…..I won’t say unscathed though as these Zombies are ruthless in their attempt to find succulent Brains to feast on… is Halloween after all.

Each year we host the Cape Town Zombie Walk/Fest and take over the streets of Cape Town. Cape Town Zombie Fest is an all ages event making it fun for the entire family and is the only pet friendly event of its kind. We help raise funds for local charities like the Lucky Lucy Foundation for abused and neglected animals and will continue to do so.

Please help us take this event to the next level by joining the event, sharing the event and inviting all your friends. Even if you can attend on the day someone you know will. Thanks for all the support over the years.

Please have a look at the website and event page.

Check out the link above and find out all the details for one of the best Halloween activities in Cape Town…..if you can’t beat them join them so don’t be afraid to dress up or rather down as you meander your way through the city for Brrrrrrrainssss..

…yeah don’t worry you’ll have fun too and selfies are always welcome…

Zombie Walk has a 100% safety record with no real blood ever spilled. Keeping our supporters happy and safe is of paramount importance to us.We have the local Traffic Department involved helping with road closures, marshals to assist with crowd control, medical staff and ambulances on standby throughout the walk and the festival and security and cleaning staff at the festival, to make sure it’s a safe and clean environment for all.
Check out the links below of my journey attempting to survive the Zombie Apocalypse…

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See you there….it is sure to be a SCREAM.

Wheels of Fury

For the first time ever Cape Town, South Africa gets to see Red Bulls drift king Mad Mike in action….spinning his Madza RX8 sideways like a maniac.

The crowd gathered at Grandwest Casino on a windy but sunny day for some awesome wheel spinnning action, and the athletes did not disappoint as they maneuvered their souped up cars around the makeshift track including a powerslide under a Goodhope Construction truck.

The smell of burning rubber and sound of screeching tyres was the order of the day, ofcourse the crowd expected no less we wanted to see smoke and mirrors, this is what these events are all about right?

Fast and furious action for the whole family, yip spinning tyres is a family sport and suitable for ladies too as Firdous Asmoedien and Malikah Daniels showed us in an exhibition drift around the track…..these ladies can drift shoo…

..and they look badass doing it!!

In the exhibition area their were many vehicles to feast your eyes on, Cape Town petrolheads really love to show off thier cars and I’m not complaining..

Now that is my type of Gold……I want it and one day I will have it – yeah boys and their toys you can’t take this away from us sorry.

The perfect line up…..when these beasts had a 5 second rev-off the crowd went crazy, fire exploding from the exhaust like a scene out of Fast and mos om ‘n man mal te maak haha.

Mad Mike’s car of choice, he really is a genius around the track and that is a powerful car too..

The Drift Squad had an area where you could experience going sideways…in the passenger seat ofcourse, Anwar Daniels took me around the course – My first drift experience in a Nissan 200sx….damn that was insane, how can this guy tell me he only had 2 days of experience.

An awesome day of entertainment, seeing these beasts move sideways and a skateboarder jump over a car…

Jean – Marc you legend, with burnt rubber on your wheels I’m sure that’ll move you up in the rankings, 8th in the World of Skateboarding wow.

The sound off inside the exhibition area was really cool, seeing the water move like a Tsunami off that Opel Astra….die beat het behoorlik geklop..

The afterparty saw the crowd dance and shout to the lyrical flow of Youngsta and the beats from some of Cape Towns finest DJ’s…..because in Cape Town the party never stops.

That is definitely the motto I experienced today – The Air Goes In….Happines Comes Out – We want more!!!

Pac’s Life

Pac’s life

(Everybody need’s to chill)

Everybody talking ’bout Pac’s life

(It’s Tupac the king)

What do you know about Pac’s life

(What do you know? What do you know?)(Only real niggas stay on top)

Everybody talking ’bout Pac’s life

It’s been 20 years since Tupac was shot and passed away. (and in those 20 years there were many rumours doing the rounds that he is still alive).

An artist like Tupac lives on through his music, a lyrical genius who knew his purpose and loved what he did, he was not afraid to speak his mind.

What do you know about Pac’s Life?…..Well I’m sure you know more than me as he had many fans so I won’t even go through his life story all I want to achieve with this post is to leave you with a couple of my favourite quotes from the legend himself…

“It’s the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? One day they’re gonna shut the game down. I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as many times as I can before it’s my turn to leave.” -Tupac Shakur

My mama always used to tell me: ‘If you can’t find somethin’ to live for, you best find somethin’ to die for.’ – Tupac Shakur
Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender. — Tupac Shakur

I must be honest I don’t agree with everything Tupac said or done but through his circumstances and upbringing he stayed true to himself and kept his faith, he knew his maker and that is what is inspiring to me.

He also showed love and compassion for his friends and family…. – a Poem to Jada Pinkett Smith
u r the omega of my heart

the foundation of my conception of love

when i think of what a black woman should be

its u that i first think of

u will never fully understand

how deeply my heart feels 4 u

i worry that we’ll grow apart

and i’ll end up losing u

u bring me 2 climax without sex

and u do it all with regal grace

u r my heart in human form

a friend i could never replace

by Tupac Shakur

Pac’s life

(Everybody need’s to chill)

Everybody talking ’bout Pac’s life

(It’s Tupac the king)

What do you know about Pac’s life

(What do you know? What do you know?)

(Only real niggas stay on top)

Everybody talking ’bout Pac’s life


​Cape Town Welcomes Mad Mike to Wheels of Fury

August 2016: Internationally celebrated Red Bull athlete and drift racer Mike Whiddett, popularly known as “Mad Mike”, will have GrandWest Casino lit as his South African tour hits the shores of the Mother City on Saturday 17 September 2016. The event promises to be nothing short of insane as Mad Mike tears the track up in his drift weapon of choice – the legendary Quad Rotary RX.

Running for its fifth year, the event dubbed “Wheels of Fury” will test Africa’s leading drifters as they clutch kick and counter steer their way through the maniacal drift gauntlet, “Drift X”, which will test the fine line between physics, creativity and epic wickedness as athletes’ powerslide below a GoodHope construction truck, amongst other mind-blowing obstacles.

On the drifting scene in Cape Town, Noer Asmodien of D1S Lifestyle Productions says, “Judging by spectator turn-out at drift events and the ever popular Killarney regularly drawing crowds of motor fans, the local motor and drift culture continues to grow at an exponential rate. We are proud to be bringing Wheels of Fury to petrolheads in a manner that’s not only exhilarating and fun, but safe because its focus is not only about beating your opponent with speed, but rather with stylish skill and driving technique,” says Asmodien. “Mad Mike is the kind of talent we want to expose Cape Town to.”

Additionally, Wheels of Fury supports a CSI initiative called G-CAP (Great Cape Ambassadors Project) which is spearheaded by the Grandmaster of SA Hip Hop and Drift enthusiast, DJ Ready D. This initiative represents youth who are faced with social challenges including drug abuse, gangsterism and poverty. G-CAP connects youth from different backgrounds in an effort to bridge the gap by building a non-racial and non-economic bias relationship amongst participants. “With road accidents spiking over holiday periods and being prevalent in illegal street racing dominated by youth this initiative gives kids the opportunity to experience motor sport and get them to be more aware of road safety through linked SR4A (Safer Roads for All) programs,” says DJ Ready D. 

This event definitely caters to all motor enthusiasts, their families and even newbies looking for an entertainment extravaganza as it boasts an automotive aftermarket and lifestyle show, an exhibit area to view sexy, exotic show vehicles. There will be accessories and services on sale with professional advice, a drift battling zone where the Drift X Champion will be crowned from the best of the best and for those who still want to keep the party going, Wheels of Fury have secured top Cape Town DJ’s and Rap Artist YoungstaCPT to drop some sick beats and killer rhymes to end off Cape Town’s most anticipated drifting event.

Images above courtesy of the following contributers

1.       Graeme Murray/Red Bull Content Pool

2.       Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

3.       Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

4.       Graeme Murray/Red Bull Content Pool

5.       Miles Holden/Red Bull Content Pool

For more information about this amazing event follow the following links:



Instagram: WheelsofFury2016


4 September 2016…..What a Legendary afternoon of Praise Giving, the 4th Annual Legendary Gospel Songs was truly a blessing….ding het behoorlik geruk by die Josephstone Auditorium in Athlone.

An empty stage but once these artists filled it and the music started we could not sit down, the energy that radiated from each performer moved us that not even words can explain.

Thank you LORD for your blessings – YOU are the source of our strength.

When the spirit moves you there is no turning back I saw a lady dancing and praising, running and jumping with enough energy to give Wayde Van Niekerk a go at his World Record. The auditorium was filled to the brim and we were gifted with talent money can’t buy, hierdie mense het van ver af gekom om die HERE sè naam hoog te hou en ons het dit saam met hulle geniet.

Thank you to everyone for arranging this afternoon of song and praise, it brought a warmth in my heart, from what I saw there will be many happy homes this evening and I pray that it carries through to the week.

I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. -Psalm 69:30

Staan uit die ou lewe en Staan op in jou nuwe lewe!!

Hallelujah – Amen.