“We all are like a drop in the ocean but if you put all those drops together we can move mountains” – unknown, Thank you Tasneem Daniels for pointing out that this is an African Proverb.

Welcome to my blog where anything is possible discussions are welcome, here you will find cheerful, sporty and downright crazy blog posts.

Feel free to interact, like I said together we are stonger. – oops sorry for the typo noticed by Chandre Peters – Thank you for the feedback – yes together we are STRONGER

“You can do things faster on your own, but you will go further together” – unknown

“I write what I like” – Steve Biko

Shaun Engel
@S3ngel – Twitter

engelshaun – Instagram

Don’t be scared to like the blog or follow on social media – I won’t find you, and I won’t bite you O_o #Lame

1 thought on “About

  1. Tasneem Daniels

    Thanks for a being a kickass blogger and sidekick, Shaun! Btw, the unknown quote above about going further together is an African proverb.


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