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Turning Tables

The final round of group matches at the Fifa World cup are complete…..we finally about to reach the business end of the tournament, The Road to the Final begins now.

The third round of matches started with abit of a shake up for the hosts Russia. The match between Uruguay and Russia was to see who would finish top of Group A and no respect was shown as the hosts were thumped 3-0….Uruguay are still to concede in this years tournament.

In the other Group A match it was all about pride….Saudi Arabia coming out tops against Egypt.

Group A

Uruguay 3 – Russia 0

Saudi Arabia 2 – Egypt 1

Group B as it stood before the match, Spain and Portugal needed to avoid defeats against Morocco and Iran to both advance. However, Iran could qualify if they beat Portugal, or if they drew and Spain lose by more than 1 goal. This is exactly why the last round matches are played simultaneously, no favours.

Both games ended in a draw, Ronaldo missing a penalty and The VAR system again calling the shots as we have become accustomed to during this World Cup.

Group B

Spain 2 – Morocco 2

Iran 1 – Portugal 1

Group C saw France make some changes resting some of their key players as they were already through to the Round of 16…their match against Denmark produced the first goalless draw of the tournament, both teams already qualified.

In the other match Peru scored their first two World Cup goals by beating the Socceroooos.

Group C

Denmark 0 – France 0

Australia 0 – Peru 2

With everything at stake, Argentina’s match against Nigeria was one of the most important games for both teams over the last few years. Could Lionel Messi man be Argentina’s saviour once again?

2 Days after his 31st Birthday he scored a brilliant goal…this was the 100th goal of this years tournament. Saint Petersburg Stadium is the 100th stadium where Leo Messi has scored a goal for Argentina or Barcelona.

Nigeria were not gonna sit back as they still had a chance, another day that you had to watch both games simultaneously. The permutations would make your stomach turn, in the space of 4 minutes the tables turned more than a wrestling match… intense that their was blood in the Argentina game and a broken nose in the Iceland game.

In the end the viking clap was not loud enough for Iceland and the prayers of Maradona were answered.

Group D

Nigeria 1 – Argentina 2

Iceland 1 – Croatia 2

Possibly the biggest shock of the tournament so far was the Germany vs South Korea match, the defending champions were in cruise control this whole tournament never really changing gears and the Koreans held their own until extra-time when they scored two goals what a crazy turn of events. The curse of the Champion still stands. In the other match Sweden won against Mexico…so no tequila for me.

Group F

South Korea 2 – Germany 0

Mexico 0 – Sweden 3

Brazil showed some championship form in their last group game, they played well as a team…Could this be number 6??

Group E

Serbia 0 – Brazil 2

Switzerland 2 – Costa Rica 2

Our last African hope Senegal needed a point to qualify against Columbia but our hearts were crushed by one goal and the result in the other game. No more hope for Africa in the 2018 World Cup.

Group H

Japan 0 – Poland 1

Senegal 0 – Colombia 1

Both Belgium and England already through so another formality on the last day of group games….People tipping this English team to win the tournament(as always), they lost on the night though but still have a chance on the road to the final.

Group G

England 0 – Belgium 1

Panama 1 – Tunisia 2

So now that we know who are all through to the knockout round….I again have to change my final prediction….lets see if I can get it right third time lucky…

Iceland Columbia vs Panama, Belgium – 2018 Russia World cup Final(Prediction)

Enjoy the next round!!!

Something Meaty

16 B-Boys, Four 1 vs 1 Battle Rounds is all it takes to be crowned the South Africa’s Red Bull™ BC One Champion and a chance to represent at the Red Bull™ BC One World Championship in Zurich, Switzerland.

The stage is set, DJ on the decks the culmination of Four regional cyphers into one final Championship round…so these guys are all already winners Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Kwa-zulu Natal and Jozi in the house to break in down.

Taking the streets to the World, Hip-Hop has so many elements to it and has a rich history of entertainment and Respect….watching a bra do a headspin, a Graffiti artist create a masterpiece, a DJ gooing some wakker beats or a MC flipping the dictionary over, you gotta show some respect to this craft.

I enjoy the close contact vibe of these events where the crowd are literally on the stage with the B-Boys as they feed off the energy in the room, the louder the applause the more high-flying, energetic moves are pulled out of their bag of tricks.

The event flowed, once it began we never had a chance to catch our breath as the battles kept things heated on a cool winter evening here in the Mother City. Between Battle rounds there were special acts too.

Puma also celebrated 50 years of suede with a National Battle made up from the 16 B-Boys on the spot….Cape Town bounced their way to the title.

I love the creativity from the B-Boys not only in the moves but also in their names….

In the Semi final round we had:

  • Shorty vs Defending champ B-Boy Meaty
  • Lyanking vs Bax

I thought the final would see the Lyanking eat up something Meaty, he looked hungry for battle roaring in the circle but it was not to be as the judges decided that it would be..

  • B-Boy Bax vs B-Boy Meaty – Final battle

In the end their can be only one and defending his championship B-Boy Meaty took home the title and will represent South Africa in Switzerland….we also had a Junior Olympics hopeful competing, Jordan, All the best to these guys and to everyone for bringing their best.

Respect the Cypher.


Martin van Staden to put his title on the line against Dave Mazany at EFC 72

Cape Town, South Africa – It’s official! Former champ, USA’s Dave Mazany, will challenge South Africa’s Martin van Staden in the headlining fight at EFC 72, live from GrandWest, Cape Town taking place on Saturday 11 August.

Looking back to the same night that Van Staden claimed EFC lightweight gold, Mazany knocked out MMA legend Chris Bright. Marked as the fight to make, it was all but signed, until now.

Most recently, the man who is revered as one of the most dangerous strikers in the organization, realised his destiny and captured the EFC title in a back-and-forth war against England’s Gavin Hughes. Van Staden started his legacy in the MMA world in enigmatic fashion, he built up a meteoric record of spectacular performances, but now, in a fight against the former champion, it is his time to solidify it.

Mazany made his first appearance in the EFC Hexagon at EFC 05 in 2010. Defeating then champion and stamped his authority on the division. Upon his return, Mazany tore through opposition, claiming and ultimately losing the EFC lightweight strap in the process.

He rebounded with a knockout of another teammate of Van Staden, Themba Gorimbo, and most recently defeated the highly acclaimed Chris Bright. The ‘Pain Train’ is officially back!

This fight takes place as the main event at the top of a five-fight main card and explosive eight-fight prelim card.

EFC 72 Van Staden vs Mazany is presented by and takes place on Saturday 11 August live from GrandWest, Cape Town. Tickets are on sale soon at, and the 5 main card bouts will be broadcast live on Kwesé Free Sports 1 (Kenya & Rwanda), Kwese TV (Sub-Saharan Africa) and live in South Africa on SABC 3 starting at 21:30 (CAT). Full broadcast details available on Prelim fights will be available for free on the official EFC Facebook page.

About EFC® – The Extreme Fighting Championship®

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, EFC is a world leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organisation. The Extreme Fighting Championship produces 10 live events annually at sold out arenas. With over 150 athletes exclusively contracted to the organisation, EFC showcases the greatest warriors on the planet.

EFC events are broadcast live in over 120 countries around the world on numerous television networks in multiple languages. EFC programming is available weekly in 600+ million TV households worldwide, making it one of the most recognisable MMA brands on the planet.

For more information visit, or follow us at and

Tears and Cheers


Yip round two of The Fifa World Cup is over, we now have a clearer view of some of the groups. There are already 8 teams knocked out, two of them from Africa and one was my final prediction……guess I’m allowed to change that, right?

Iceland vs Panama, Belgium – 2018 Russia World cup Final

So the second round started just like the first with Russia continuing their goal scoring prowess, home ground advantage working – A 3-1 win against Egypt effectively crushed the Pharaohs hopes of going through to the next round.

The goals kept on coming throughout the second round of matches….

For the first time since 1954, there’s not been a single 0-0 draw in the opening 20 matches.

We have seen Tears and huge Cheers, there is no lack of emotion even the VAR system getting its fair share of flack from the players, commentators and supporters.

South American favourites Argentina have to be at their best to qualify for the next round as they were thumped 3-0 against Croatia, Messi still failing to light up the Argentinean campaign. Ronaldo on the other end has scored all Portugal’s goals thus far…and Neymar got a haircut.

As Africans we still have the best dressed team at the World Cup, Nigeria and The Lions of Teranga (Senegal) with a chance to make it to the round of 16.

Defending Champions Germany left it late to hopefully deflect The Curse of the Champions by winning Sweden 2-1.

The Curse of The Champions

Below is a round up of the 2nd group games:

Group A

Russia 3 – Egypt 1
Uruguay 1 – Saudi Arabia 0

Group B

Portugal 1 – Morocco 0
Iran 0 – Spain 1

Group C

Denmark 1 – Australia 1
France 1 – Peru 0

Group D

Argentina 0 – Croatia 3
Nigeria 2 – Iceland 0

Group E

Brazil 2 – Costa Rica 0
Serbia 1 – Switzerland 2

Group F

Germany 2 – Sweden 1

South Korea 1 – Mexico 2

Group G

Belgium 5 – Tunisia 2

England 6 – Panama 1

Group H

Japan 2 – Senegal 2
Poland 0 – Colombia 3

That’s a wrap, after a Super Sunday producing 14 goals, we’ve seen teams lose their hopes, some with a mathematical chance to get through to the round of 16 and teams already securing of a spot.

The last round of matches before the knockout round will be interesting….


Round 1 – Thrills and Spills

So we have seen all 32 teams play, we’ve seen the thrills and spills and I am sure there are even Final Predictions already…..after the first round I’ll put my head on the block and say –

Iceland vs Panama – 2018 Russia World cup Final

Yip that’s right we are in Russia for the Soccer World Cup and not once have I seen snow on the field…I saw players swat a helluva lot of miggies on the field during the England vs Tunisia match though. I thought it was cold all year round in Russia hmmm guess not, at least they drink vodka, right?

So that Opening Ceremony though….As a South African I’ll remember our 2010 Opening Ceremony for the Timeless Anthem ‘Waka-Waka‘, this years Ceremony I’ll remember a certain middle finger being shown at the camera yip I know you saw it too.

The first game did not really impress me on paper but delivered with 5 goals from hosts Russia….and that was my downfall because I made a bet with myself that everytime Russia scores during this World Cup I am drinking a shot of Vodka, I’ll let you guess what the bet is for Mexico.

With 5 goals in the opening match it set a tone for what’s to come and after the first round an average of 2 goals per match was scored… nil-nil draws as yet.

We have seen some upsets, big name players not performing as yet, missed penalties, hairstyles, injury worries and the much talked about VAR system but then we also had some interesting upsets like Mexico beating The Germans and Iceland holding Argentina to a 1-1 draw.

Below is a round up of all the results for the first round:

Group A

Russia 5 – Saudi Arabia 0
Egypt 0 – Uruguay 1

Group B

Morocco 0 – Iran 1
Portugal 3 – Spain 3

Group C

France 2 – Australia 1

Peru 0 – Denmark 1

Group D

Argentina 1 – Iceland 1

Croatia 2 – Nigeria 0

Group E

Costa Rica 0 – Serbia 1

Brazil 1 – Switzerland 1

Group F

Germany 0 – Mexico 1

Sweden 1 – South Korea 0

Group G

Belgium 3 – Panama 0
Tunisia 1 – England 2

Group H

Colombia 1 – Japan 2
Poland 1 – Senegal 2

There you go, now you can make your own predictions…are you supporting the One-Man TeaIms or the underdog story it’s up to you….me I’m sticking to my prediction (I think that was after I finished the vodka though).

Did you know: When Panama qualified for the World Cup the next day was a public holiday…..I only know about Panama from Survivor never knew people actually stay there (ignorance is bliss apologies).

As an African I am glad that at least one of our teams won, The Lions of Teranga (Senegal) flying the flag lets hope the next round brings us more glory…


Hero – Every Home Needs One

‘Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice’ – Anonymous

If I look at my Dad, he is not much of a talker but a DOER…he is strong, stubborn and in our home he is The Hero that we Need.

As we celebrated Fathers Day yesterday and give thanks to the Dads of the world, I know that each and every one of us has good stories to share about our Dads. In our eyes they are our Hero’s no matter what….My Dad can beat the Hulk any day and Funnier than all the Guardians Of The Galaxy combined.

My Dad is our Captain America…and I am Iron Man, yes we sometime clash like in Civil War but to defeat a menace like Thanos my Mother steps in and pulls us apart reminding us that –

‘God is using your present circumstances to make you more useful for later roles in His unfolding story’ – Louie Giglio

I am thankful for both my parents for everything they have done and continue to do for me, allowing me to approach life with zest and write a story worth reading. I know that one day we’ll sit around a camp fire in Wakanda listening to the roar of the Black Panther and laugh at the Storms and Thunder that passed through Thor’s hammer into our lives….

‘Do not follow where the road may lead, Rather Follow God to a place where there is no path and leave a trail.’ -Anonymous

…through those difficulties and struggles we remain strong just like My Hero, My Dad has instilled through his continuous example.

_Salud, Mi Familia_

‘You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have’ – Anonymous

Live It. Love It.

There is a saying that goes if you Live It, you’ll Love It…ok I just made that up with the words from The President Hotels motto. I was lucky enough to be invited for a culinary experience where we would reconnect from farm to fork. I mentioned lucky because the invite came from a friend whom I haven’t seen in a while, in saying that I think you should take this post with a pinch of salt and hop on over to The Unsponsored Foodie (TUF) for the real review.

When I heard The President Hotel, first thing I thought was uhhh Will The President Be There? Nah just kidding I know the name suggests that the Hotel sets a precedent (read President) for other hotels right!! You should visit and see for yourself.

The New Executive Chef, Philip Alcock prepared a menu featuring some of the dishes you can expect once launched. He is a Sassi Trailblazer, lover of keeping things simple and sustainability in his sourcing of free range products….first off was a taste of what’s to come:

Fish, Chicken and Veggies a taste sensation inspired by his travels and like most Chefs each dish has a story behind it. This dish was paired with a craft beer.

Next up we had a starter of Marinated Line Fish and spiced cucumber, the cool thing about this experience is that we got to see first hand how everything is prepared, in the end it is all about visual presentation and plating….when I saw the end product I felt like a Dinosaur walking through a jungle about to devour my meal hmmmmm

Fun Fact: Fish caught with a hook are firmer than Fish caught in a net. (I suggest you google or consult an expert for verification because at this point more wine was paired with the food).

After a palate cleanser, Virgin Mary Consommé, we once again gathered around the chef as he worked his magic…

I felt like I was in an episode of A Minute to Win It, everything was prepared within minutes and with such ease right infront of our eyes, with camera’s in hand capturing the process I am sure some of us will be trying this recipe at home.

Farmed Cob, Tender Stern Brocolli, Grilled New Potatoes and Pea and Mint Velouté – Paired with Ken Forrester The FMC.

The atmosphere around the table was really cool and laid-back making the experience so much more enjoyable..and to end it all off with something sweet was a treat on it’s own.

Passion Fruit and Chocolate yummy in my tummy.

It was indeed a taste adventure and I am sure the menu will have people hooked and coming back for more… the motto:

Live it. Love It.