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Lights, Camera…..Merry Christmas!!

Christmas in Kendari, Indonesia is a special occasion, not because of the presents on Christmas day oh no no no there is much more to Christmas than this and I got to experience it first hand. When I first arrived in Kendari 4 months ago the Christmas preparations already began, yes that is how serious the people are. The celebrations started on the weekend of the 1st December…


My program in Kendari allowed me to visit various churches, as such I was invited by the youth to attend their Christmas celebration which they plan months in advance. The services are held outside Kendari in various village churches where the Youth are involved in preparing the service and interacting with the local youth. This to me showed the true spirit of Christmas, coming together and helping each other showing love as God has shown us by giving us his son on Christmas Day.

I had the privilege of attending a Christmas service on another Island with one of the Youth Groups, here I got to experience a service with all the glitz and glam of a Broadway production. The singing was amazing, the backdrop eye catching, they even had smoke and ofcourse everything was filmed.

The Christmas plays are also well put together delivering the core message of Christmas but some had a little twist from the usual birth of Jesus but rather focusing on why Jesus was born


There were however similarities from my home (Cape Town and Elim) in the form of the lighting of candles by the children and singing Silent Night under candle light…yeah seems no matter where you are some things are the same which is amazing.

On Christmas Eve I attended the service at the biggest congregation of the Gepsultra Church in Kendari set against the backdrop of The Garden of Eden the Christmas play focused on the Original Sin and the reason why God sent us his Son Jesus. Indonesia has various cultures and tribes, I enjoyed that they added this element into the drama too by dressing up in various traditional costumes and at the end we danced with some Papuan dancers.


Christmas day was similar to South Africa, we attended the Church service, here I dressed up as Joseph and was part of the welcome procession and a photobooth at the end of the service, my good deed for the day. I visited various friends and family homes and did the usual….eat, eat and sleep…yip another similarity with South Africa.

Just when I thought the celebrations were over on the 27th December another service was held combining all churches within Kendari even the Governor of Kendari was in attendance.

Yes it has been a busy season but enjoyable, I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

London to Iquitos

The world is rapidly changing, climate change is destroying our rainforests, famine is killing our people and we are living through a pandemic that has changed our lives forever….we are gearing ourselves towards a new normal. 2020 the start of a new decade the start of a new mindset…

Let me start at the beginning, a couple of months ago my girlfriend tagged me in a link on facebook for an upcoming show on Netflix called Down To Earth with Zac Efron. I just finished watching it and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

At first it did not catch me, I think it was because it had a famous actor as a host so I thought it was going to be another publicity stunt but as I watched further the content of the show and the emotions captured enticed me, these are the type of things that I love….learning about different cultures and experiences of people in their own backyard.

The journey starts off in Iceland, think thermal baths and renewable energy – there are some interesting things going on in Iceland more than just the northern lights. Next they move onto to France and nope they are not drinking french champagne. They are actually in France for the water booooom mind blown right!!!.

This is where the show caught my attention, I learnt that there is someone who actually tastes water for a living, pure water can do wonders for the mind, body and soul.

In Costa Rica they go zip-lining through the jungle and lower their carbon footprint by living off the land, this is my type of journey, my eyes were starting to light up and reminded me of my trips to Thailand, India and Indonesia.

What is the key to longevity? Apparently it is long walks, in Sardinia (a place I never heard of before), an island that boasts a notable amount of centenarians, here they listen, learn and discover the secrets behind living a long healthy life. This episode brought back memories of my grandparents, my Oupa always encouraged reading out of the Book of Knowledge (Encyclopedia) and my Ouma was the one who listened to my crazy stories (my blog is actually dedicated to her).

In Lima, I learnt words like bio-piracy and cryopreservation…..the question is asked what would the world be without potatoes?

Next up is Puerto Rico, this was another heart-warming episode and also empowering for women, it is amazing to see what the mayor of Puerto Rico is doing for her country after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. We need more women in leadership positions maybe this is the decade of change.

In London we get a birds eye view from the London Eye at pollution and the measures in place to reduce it, again it shows that a little effort can go a long way and in doing so it could just spark a change in the mindset of people for the greater good.

Last stop Iquitos, after such a long and interesting journey they head to the Amazon River, a spiritual “enlightenment ceremony” is the perfect way to reflect on what was learnt and how this can be used going forward, even just watching a show like this with an open mind I think it can change you.

This journey started out of curiosity and it ended up as life-changing, the end of the last episode puts this whole show into perspective, I would recommend it as a must-watch and for us to continue asking questions.

The world needs saving not for us but for our future generations……”…our time is short, even if we live to be a hundred years old it goes by so fast, I want to make a difference in whatever time I have, it’s a nice world we’ve got here – LET’S MAKE IT LAST” – Zac Efron