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Make every second count…

leap second (noun)
a second which is occasionally
inserted into the atomic scale of
reckoning time in order to bring
it into line with solar time. It is
indicated by an additional bleep
in the time signal at the end of
some years. – google

As the Earth slows down take a second…make that a leap second to realise that you have one second more to make a difference tonight.

In June 2012 – screams of the world is going to end as a leap second caused mayhem, tonight we wait in bated breath (ok some of us won’t even realise what happened) to watch the clock strike 11:59:60..

Ok so it may sound confusing to you….yeah I’m baffled too like I only know about a leap year and find it funny if someone is born on that day like do they celebrate their birthday every four years or something …guess I got an extra second to google the answer.

Did you know…in one second

Light travels 186,282 miles – Eskom please explain why we have loadshedding again.

4.3 babies are born – ok so what does the .3 mean is that like where just the head popped out or something.

1.8 people will die – .8 is that person in the movies who still has a breath to say something interesting like….”I buried the gold under..” uhhhh dead.

Earth will orbit 18.5 miles around the sun – Wait I thought the sun is moving around the Earth…next you gona tell me there is life on other planets.

4051 photos will be uploaded to
Facebook – blink and you’ll see more rainbows.

Warren Buffett will earn £256 – I always thought this guy invented the Buffet…with money like that he added another T-bone steak to his surname.

The International Space
Station travels 4,784 miles round Earth – Oh so it is this thing that spins around the Earth, my kop spin nou ekse..

1,363,426 spam emails are sent – You’ve got mail…I wonder if I’ll get one at 11:59:60.

Around 20,000 Coca Cola drinks are sold around the world – Don’t ask me if that jeans make you look fat if you got a coke in you trolley.

Approximately 4,000 new stars are created – guess Idols gona be on for many more years to come…

9 iPhones are sold – I bet there is someone who can eat an Apple in a second too.

So after reading all that you probably waisted many precious seconds, my bad…just goes to show – do not complain when you say you do not have enough time in a day….seconds can turn into minutes and minutes into yeah you know the rest.

So go out there and MAKE EVERY SECOND COUNT – Tick Tock

Jupiter Ascending

They say men are from Mars and women from Venus…but have you looked up at the night sky……there is a sneaky little planet moving in on Mars lady.


Venus and Jupiter aligning over Devil’s Peak tonight. @CapeTownEtc – @justin_capetown

A scene from Cape Town tonight,like two lovers in the night sky the two brightest stars (after the moon and the sun) in the evening sky will ‘collide’…ok not literally, on 30 June /1 July we will be able to see Jupiter-Venus in alignment.

It’s actually interesting that I attended a talk recently on the galaxy there was mention of the Earth colliding with Andromeda in +- 4 billion years….ofcourse I won’t be around to see that unless I’m Superman.

Lucky for me I’m Batman the Dark Knight ….with darkness comes an amazing opportunity to see something ‘jaw-dropping’ so stop for just a few seconds and look up at the stars….

..another fun fact there will be two full moons in July.

If she asks you to take her to the stars tomorrow night will be the perfect opportunity – Thank me later.

Moerse Planne, Min Execution

A case of ‘Carpe Diem’ turned into an awesome day meeting new people and new opportunities this is what life is about right 😀


Yew Street in Salt River is the perfect spot for an intimate market where you can mingle easily starting up conversations and has the potential to grow into something big…these people have Moerse Planne but they also have the energy that goes with it to turn this market into the place to be on a Saturday morning.

Walking through the market I saw the words Live, Love, Laugh definitely a motto to live by :-D..chatted to a guy selling homemade craft ginger beer, a fusion of ginger,lemon and apple a refreshing drink for any season. Woodcrafted Clocks, handmade jewelery, paintings, clothing and the big five made out of wire these are all the things you’ll find…and more…

‘Jay lyk nogal lekke viddag‘ – ‘ Empty jou mind van almal jou kak gedagtes’ – yeah I know you are laughing right hahaha that was what I was doing when I read these on T-shirts made by Anwar a multi talented guy with big dreams and through talking to him has the social skills to make it big 0746289173 give the bra a call to check out some of his work. He works out of his garage in Ottery where he welds garden chairs and tables…he recently ventured into T-Shirts.


‘Black and White TV’s worked fine but going coloured made them special’ 😀 hahaha eending vat ek vir die bra moet sé ‘IS JY JAS’ om sukke cool goed op t-shirts te sit brother you are gona go far :-D.

If you get hungry there are cupcakes and coffee you’ll even score a massage too.

Solid Lotion Bars made out of beeswax leaving ur hands silky smooth…I tried it felt and smelt like honey – the crazy beautiful duo of Stacey and Arlene are passionate about their new venture drop by speak to them and purchase something different :-)….you might find a random pop up band at their stand too – a harmonica and guitar goes together quite well I must say.


Chris Wait a photographer, painter and owner of a cool burger joint, homemade, the place has an awesome vintage feel to it with vinyls records on the floor his paintings and photographs on the walls – while waiting for your food you can enjoy a game if dominoes and cards how awesome is that 🙂


This is a family friendly market where you can relax, chll and unwind enjoying the amazing atmosphere and friendly people – this is why I love Cape Town..saturdays just got a little better


…did I mention you could get a ride on Blondie too – Stiek uit is die mein ding 😉

Mixed Mense


The stage was set for Young Voices to heat up the winter night amplifying their ideas through music, poetry and dance.

An initiative by the Cape Cultural Collective giving a platform for young talent to thrive and be heard…and from the performances tonight they certainly did not disappoint…it was actually inspiring seeing the dedication and passion put into each performance.

Summer Dawn started off the evening with her Adele like voice, as her name suggests I think we all forgot it is winter as this sixteen year old wowed us with her skills on the ukelele. One of the songs she sang was You’ve got time (theme song to the series Orange is the new black)…yes at 16 years old she still has time to follow in her mother and grandma’s path, at the moment she has a bright future ahead.

AJG a lyrical genius 20 years of age splitting some fast paced verses getting our heads bobbing to some underground beats…watching him while he warmed up I could see he was made for this and once he got the mic he was in the zone. ‘I see you hatin cos you know I’m on the rise’..yip you are, keep rising Sir.

Poetry in motion, young poets Yandiswa and Lebo, they may be young in age but the words that came from their hearts suggested some deep rooted issues of concern that are faced by our youth in this day and age..very inspiring and motivating – born-free, is this just a phrase loosely thrown by our society still partly enslaved by deep seated problems…with young minds like these we are sure in for some good surprises in the future.

Something a little different in the form of bellydancing…shake shake what your momma gave ya – Shakira wie? Alles wat skut I wanted to phone The Rock as I thought we might be in a scene from San Andreas….skut jou biscuit want dit is koud.

A little history lesson about the Freedom Charter adopted on this day in Kliptown 1955 before we were entertained by Berlin Square (not the full band)…after their performance I was just thinking wow imagine seeing them all together they were amazing doing 3 covers that definitely got us grooving the winter blues away.

Roche Kester reminded us of June 16 through her poem entitled ‘Lest we Forget’…and took us on a psychological mind trip back into a childlike state in a poem entitled ‘And so I write…’

Adam and Lee their names go together so well that Adam decided he is going to marry her anyway…we were in a church after all, just kidding but yes they are engaged I guess it is their love for music that brought them together. They performed 3 songs, the popular Redemption song and an original song asking the question why, why are things getting worse and worse with each generation. The hard questions need to be asked so that we can answer them and move on to a positive and brighter future for all. They ended their set with God bless Africa…he indeed blessed us tonight with amazing young talent.

An artist that needs no introduction was the headliner of the night – hy mag oud wees but as he said he is young at heart Emile YX….Z (Z for zero tolerance against society always painting a negative image of the mense from the Cape Flats). Through Hip Hop he has broken down barriers and together with his group Mixed Mense they rocked the night coloured style. Breakdancing, Rapping, Gumboot dancing dit was alles innie mix.. ‘ons is meer as wat djy dink ons eintlik is’ awe is mos ‘n Cape Flats ding hoyaaaaa – massive respect and power to the people, loved the energy and inspiring words from a legend.

All in all an awesome mixture of young talent giving us hope for a future full of dreams and inspired minds let our Young voices be heard for we are the future.

God Bless Africa.

‘What if this were the last drop’….

Forget the loadshedding…we will soon be sitting with an even bigger crisis on our hands – WATER-SHEDDING o_O

With reports of South Africa facing the worst drought since 1992 as dam levels and streams reaching critical lows we are  literally running out of life saving water…


…this could be a reality in our country soon so think before you leave that tap running and fix those leaks there are countless lives depending on it not only yours.

On my trip to Thailand (I said this before but worth a mention again)..I was appreciative of Cape Town, South Africa that we are able to drink water out of our taps but after reading this article on water-shedding it is actually a saddening reality that water wastage is a big problem.

Water is precious, life giving, life changing and should not be waisted, think twice before you take that long shower rather be like that bra in the train who never washed in days (he is actually saving lives o_O )…drink beer rather than water ( wait you need water to make beer right scrap that idea). Well this is serious people so I urge each and everyone of us to help the cause so that water-shedding does not become a reality.


King James Bible
But whosoever drinketh of the
water that I shall give him
shall never thirst; but the
water that I shall give him
shall be in him a well of water
springing up into everlasting
life.  – John 4 vs 14

Fault in the stars

Finally movies like Interstellar and Guardians of the Galaxy are starting to make sense after I attended a talk hosted by the Science Cafe Cape Town.


Astrophysicist Ros Skelton gave us an amazing in-depth look back in time more like 13.7 billions years ago that is roughly how old the universe is…suddenly I feel so much younger.

The venue was Truth Coffee shop, packed to the brim with science enthusiasts and curious minds all wanting to know more about our universe expanding and our knowledge base…it was a big bang explosion of knowledge as we heard words like andromeda and hubble, CERN and SALT, with words like that I’m now more sure than ever that there is life on other planets.

Did you know that galaxies are filled with gas and is true warm air does rise ek dink ek moet ophou so baie poep….we heard about elliptical and spiral shaped galaxies when they combine they are called mice – don’t look too long at the sun because what you are seeing is what the sun looked like 8 minutes ago…WAIT WHAAAAT????

The simulations shown were astronomical seeing the galaxies come alive like particles under a microscope the colours are amazing too….it is said that in +-4 billion years time Andromeda will collide with our Milky Way to form Milkcomeda (idea for a new Cafe Latte perhaps)…this is goetes you hear in movies like Star Wars.

The stars travel at speeds of 100 to 500km per second yislaaik now Fast and the Furious seem abit boring right….coming straight from work the mense thought I was Agent E from Men in Black so at the end of the talk I took out my flashlight thingy and woooooosh they were all blinded by…

…the Truth and nothing but the truth.

Awesome talk and happy one year anniversary to the Science Cafe Cape Town..from what I saw today you will be taking us light years into the future.

In the words of Buzz Lightyear – Reach For The Stars.

Cure for Cabin Fever

Need a cure for cabin fever or just a reason to keep warm this winter The Good Night Market is the place to be, every last Wednesday of the month…new exhibitions and NEW DISCOVERIES (Free hot chocolate too, you must know by now ek is ooral waar daar free goed is – just a once off sorrrrrrrieeeee)


The Watershed at the Waterfront was packed with locals and internationals alike all trying to get away from the winter chill and find an alternative way to spend their cold nights, wine in hand browsing through different stores, all hand crafted pieces – you’ll be amazed what you might find…maybe even a new friend..


I found an amazing store where used teabags are turned into works of art…people from all over the world are donating used teabags to be turned into something amazing.


“A woman is like a tea bag, you only know how strong she is when you put her in hot water” Eleanor Roosevelt

There were some random flashmob action going on, guys standing on the stairs singing to everyone walking up and down… my interest was more on this

image that not cool yislaaik winter just got alot hotter right.

With Madiba Day coming soon 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day were represented to raise awareness and support for the cause, many people were seen knitting in support to help keep Cape Town warm this winter.

Made with Love – please join us on this incredible journey. Stitch by Stitch, we will be keeping thousands of people around the world warm this winter in the name of our beloved Nelson Mandela. His legacy lives on in each blanket we produce with our own two hands.

Food and wine or craft beer if you like while enjoying live entertainment (sounds like an awesome night out to me)..I heard some new talent or at least new to me, Louise Day and a guy called FruitVendor (An artist who definitely has talent and should make waves in the South African music industry).

Another artist who performed was Wild Lettuce with a different sound..the Didgeridoo is used together with loop pedals, a guitar and a violin all fused into an acoustic array of mind-blowing sounds – winter is coming and ofcourse the song of fire and ice was played – awesome talent.

To end off my evening I listened to some poetry…the words erupted from the artists mouth like a volcano spewing hot lava through the souls of the audience as she hit us with a double edged samurai sword speaking about fong kong love.


Follow the footsteps who knows what mysteries you might uncover…

Did You know….


“Sport has the power to change the world…it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope
where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers.” – Madiba

Words and a scene that will be etched in many Rugby fans memory banks whether jy nou die All Blacks support (en jy bly in Suid Afrika) en of jy nie die verskil tussen ‘n bok en ‘n cheetah weet nie….the World stood still together with South Africa as we celebrated winning the Rugby World Cup 20 years ago.

The final score was RSA 15 – 12 NZL this was a proud moment for a nation lifted from the struggle….12 years later they would lift it again in Fance beating England with the score RSA 15 – Eng 6.

Only 86 days left till the next World Cup will Zuma be the one to shake the hand of the captain as we try to make it 3rd time lucky….281 games have been played in the Rugby World Cup History since 1987 waar was jy toe Micheal Jones die eerste try score uh ek was noggie eens gebore nie.

Bryan Habana and Lomu hold the record for the most tries in one game 8….maar Lomu nog altyd die ou met 15 tries in World Cup history.

With controversy rife over the new Springbok jersey, the bok emblem now situated on the shoulder of the players….met my maak it nie saak nie ek weet my hart is groen en goud…when that final whistle is blown, ( the first game of every Rugby World Cup match has been started by the same whistle)…I will be screaming for the Bokke to lift the trophy once again. ( In 2010 the vuvuzela was used as the whistle in the Soccer World Cup oops got side tracked sorry).

Hier Kom Die Bokke

What the Fog…

What a day after a somewhat emotional church service this morning – the hand of God was upon me as I was blessed with the opportunity to visit my Dad on Fathers Day – The World’s Greatest

2 hour 30 minutes away from Cape Town a random unplanned roadtrip with the family a surprise visit to Dad…..Elim hier kom ons woop woop.

It felt like the trip was sponsored by Sterri-Stumpi as we stocked up at the Total in Caledon for snacks and a selfie ofcourse…it did not happen if there are no pictures right.

On your way to Elim you will see ‘n paar weird names on the bordjies maak net jou oë oop, A MOERSE padstal in Napier, Vaalkop, A Biltong en Kaas winkel in Bredasdorp en Holdrif…hulle drift sieke kaalgat tussen die daisy’s.

We arrived in Elim vol smiles and in time to see the sunset on a beautiful winter solstice (shortest day, longest night)…happy to see the parents, a great surprise indeed.

You gotta love your parents they will do anything for you even pack in padkos for the way back home and brood vir moré oggend sé werk, as ek my hemp saam gebringit sal my ma daai ook gestrykit….dankie mammie en deddie julle is die beste.

The roadtrip turned abit scary on our way back home as the mist set in…a scene out of Silent Hill could not even prepare us for this, four people in the car all eyes glued to the lines in the road. Ya ons wil mos jokes maak van Elim sé eie weather channel haha Karma got us.

Another stop at Total – Sterri Stumpie Coffee flavour o yeah think im addicted, other snacks and we off again – the mist was so thick driving without any lights was better (moenie worry nie ons was nie so mal nie) – our minds were playing tricks on us daar was soma praat van aliens we saw the mothership creating the mist yislaaik to much enerjellies and you start seeing things.

After 3 hours we arrived safely at home with memories to last a lifetime – crazy roadtrip family vibes – blessed day

Happy Father’s Day to all our hero’s

Whiskey makes you frisky

Whiskey is an acquired taste, neat, with ice, with water it is your choice all I know is whiskey makes you frisky o_O…and the girls they use at some of the stalls don’t help the cause.(sorry)

My second Whiskey Live Festival I will not mention anything about the first experience because I cannot remember…so I decided this one I’m going to take it a little more easier…just a little hahaha.

The venue changed from the CTICC to The Lookout at The Waterfront which I thought was not such a good idea, yes  you get the intimate setting but the place is so packed you can’t really enjoy your whiskey without bumping into someone when you lift your glass to drink o_O.

Before starting the tasting experience I had a walk around the venue to get the feel and also select the brands I wanted to try not knowing how much credit I had one my card by the way. There were so much to choose from it was overwhelming I was surprised to see a perfume stand and guess who I spotted….Errol from 7de Laan het daai bra nie nou die dag matric geslaag nie o_O haha hy kom nie eens oor om ‘n foto saam my tè vat nie, miskien lees hy die en as hy my wee sien vra hy my autograph :-D.

So our first stop was Black Bottle – the bold taste of Islay uh it was more the girl serving the drink to be honest uh her name you have to ask my friend Nathan lol…anyways it is a good whiskey smooth easy to drink great way to start the evening. Next we tried the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey hmmmm I felt like Winnie the Pooh dipping my hand in a homeycomb and licking my fingers…I was not the only one who enjoyed this Whiskey though many people I spoke to said this was one of their favourites.

We then tried the Chivas Regal 12 year old which was also good – after taking a test via a computer I found out that Glenfinchie was the drink for me uh nah I don’t think that thing was working didn’t really feel that one but I did learn something new though…drink whiskey with no ice and add just a little water to enhance the flavour.

Nathan’s drink was the Johnnie Walker Platinum Label uh yes that is more like it, this is something I’ll drink more often…definitely one of the favourites of the night.

Whiskey goes well with a cigar’ve seen this in Titanic so naturally we rear towards the cigar stand but at a price of R400 a cigar (the best one obvious) we move next door to the Twisp stand at least you can test for free…I’m no smoker so not really my scene but ok if you thinking of quiting or looking for an alternative this is the way to go.

I entered into the Cape Argus competition hopefully I’m the winner of some whiskey to send my dad for Fathers Day….we tried the breathalyzer test obviously knowing we over the limit but there were people doing it as a competition so obviously I’m in…haha just kidding :-D.

Next we tried Bains Cape Mountain Whiskey winner of various awards straight from South Africa lovely indeed…so after testing a few good Whiskey’s we decided, ok lets have something with a name we can’t pronounce enter Bunnahabhain (yeah try saying that after a few whiskey’s o_O)…here we got an interesting tour of the 12, 18 and 25 year old. I learn’t that by adding water to a whiskey you are releasing the serpent (told you it makes you frisky)…an interesting story in scotland saying cheers is Shangjeva (ignore spelling) the tour guide told us a story of a portuguese guy translating it to ‘slaan jou ma’ – uh guess this guy had one to many drinks haha).

It was almost time for last round so I decided to have my favourite Jameson, I tried the select gold was ok not the best though but had to try. Last round it was a scramble to try whiskey’s you haven’t had ended up at the Ballantine’s stand I had this before and it is a pretty good blended scotch whiskey.

There were probably other whiskey’s I had which were not mentioned I apologise oh the Glen Grant was good too :-D….cmon I’m writing this blurry eyed hahaha just kidding a little water and I’m fine real men know how to handle a good woman uh I mean whiskey ;-).

Awesome festival another one for the memory books :-).