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Fun in the Sun

Who knew a hike could turn out to be some much fun and more..

Chandre Peters:
“Having friends is quite an
expensive habit… but you
wouldn’t want it any other way :-D”

Well that is Cape Town for you with so many activities on offer why not make a day of it, and it does not have to be expensive. Grab some friends, 7 to be exact and have your picture taken at one of the strategically placed 7th wonder of the world picture frames πŸ˜€


Signal hill offers you a picturesque view of….


Table mountain and surrounding area’s….


the iconic Cape Town Stadium where the CHAN 2014 final will be held and the upcoming Eminem Rapture Tour – you only have one opportunity to witness this Rap legend in action, will you capture it or just let it slip…


Robben Island where the late Nelson Mandela was held prisoner in his fight for freedom in order for us to appreciate our beautiful country and city plus guess what its all free just like Etv.


Please refrain from littering as we would like to keep our environment clean…but when


nature calls and you have to go we request that you..


…bring a pooper scooper, o ya en moenie…


..jou panty vergeet nie hahaha sies.

On the route you will see uninteresting vegetation but if you look closely you will see a lion


and if you look even closer a rabbit….I think this picture should win an award for wildlife photograph of 2014 πŸ˜€ – look closer…comment if your mind is blown


All this walking makes you hungry, the great thing about Cape Town is everything is easily accessible, literally a stones throw away you have long street where you can get that much needed energy, if they don’t have what you looking for I’m sure the Waterfront will.


Once lunch is done take a walk around the mall…you’ll see various things from the Cape Town eye,


Elephants walking in the street


and for those of you who want to release that inner child make sure you visit Toy Kingdom πŸ˜€


Try something different if you do not get seasick make your way to the boats and take a trip around the Waterfront seeing things from a different sure to say hi to the locals just chilling..


IF YOU ARE LUCKY you might see a dolphin… but you will definitely see a seal.


Right guys and girls put on them J’s


and get out there to have some


Next stop…..


Ching Chong CHAN 2014

Welcome to China…oops I mean CAPE TOWN :-D…2014 is here.


If you are a soccer fan and love local like me you will be excited to know that the African Championship is in town also known as CHAN 2014


Kicked of on the 11 January 2014 till the 1 February 2014….16 games 32 matches, 4 stadiums and all local based players, what an exciting concept. The true African champions will be crowned come the 1 February 2014

Ofcourse I’m from South Africa so my money is on Bafana…and with a great opening win against Mozambique..lets hope they can build up from there and lift the trophy in the Final πŸ˜€

Cmon Boys we are all behind you halala Bafana Bafana halala :-D….unfortunatly as im writing this you all probably know that Bafana is out beaten by Nigeria 3-1 in the 3rd round group games….at least we got a milstone from Bernard Parkerrrrr would’ve liked to see more goals from open play though.


Yes the nation is upset we were expecting more…but this is a team sport and with any tournament it’s how you perform on the day that counts. Blaming one player is not the answer. I guess its back to the drawing board as usual, im hoping the plan to develop football at grassroot level works this sound exciting.

But back to the Beautiful Game…with 2014 being a World Cup Year lets hope whoever lifts the trophy come the 1 February will make Africa proud in Brazil.

There is still time to grab a ticket to the final at Cape Town Stadium… Lets fill the stadium for the love of the beautiful game – Bring the gees.


As an afterthought I think they should add this tournament to FIFA 15 maybe then Bafana will have a chance to win it – Jokes πŸ˜€

Proudly South African.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Back to School, Back to reality….

Remember your first day at school? I remember it like it was yesterday. The khaki shorts, long grey socks and shiny BATA toughies, ready to take that first step to 12 years of schooling. Looking back I realize those were the best 12 years of my life. Whether you a nerd or a jock the point is School is Cool,


AIM HIGH is the motto of my primary school: St Johns RC Primary School, the foundation was laid for big things to come, strong friendships were made some of them lasting to this day. Academic excellence was expected and this I took with me to high school and tertiary level. I believe we should not only acknowledge the Matriculants but also the students leaving primary school as this determines your future. Build your schooling on a strong foundation and you will go far in life. “Knowledge is Power”


WE STRIVE this is the motto at my High School: Kensington High

Here I have the best memories from the soccer games during interval, The market day chaos, The class teasing teachers, from Othello to Skilpoppe, ahhhhh the memories are endless, I’m sure you are thinking of your own memories while reading this. The Athletics was a highlight too, feeling the crowd behind you as you take to the track. I only did this once in my matric year, running the 400m, nervous as hell but did it for the madness…..unfortunately I was not my schools WP hahaha.

I say enjoy school make the most of every opportunity that comes your way….once you are out of school you will wish you were back in those desks where memories are made.


Class of 2014 – If it is the beginning or your last year remember to always make yourselves proud.

Blou Ballas


Situated just before Sir Lowry’s Pass is this huge dam where extreme watersport enthusiast gather for a day of BIG splashes.

From as little as R40 you are able to enjoy a day filled with tons of fun, so gather a crowd and make your way to Blue Rock….there are just a couple of rules though:

1. No beverages allowed – please purchase inside.

2. One must be able to swim – So please bring friends hahaha see what I did there πŸ˜€


Once inside find a shaded area (for an extra fee), or bring your own umbrella as the summer sun in Cape Town is harsh. Do not forget the sunscreen.

Ok we set, lets check out this huge cliff they all talking about jumping off….


….remember do not do anything you do not want to do…


…say what…I’m doing this…AHHHHH free as a bird feeling the wind in her hair. What a rush.


Ok it’s the boys turn….o good she made it down safely :-D..hmmm I think I should hit the gym for days like this o_O…but for now let me face my fears and do this.


MUMMY AHHHHH when do I reach da bottom help me….


….No man lemme show you how its done YEAH BUDDY :-D.

Hmmmm 6-7 feet jump into sparkling suprisingly warm water…wait WARM water damn must be the fear of jumping hahaha if you know what I mean o_O.


After facing your fears you can enjoy a game of 30 seconds or if you like us bring dominoes nothing gets you more concentrated than an adreneline rush :-D.


I paid 40 bucks I need myΒ  money’s worth lets get in the water ahhhhh lovely relaxing πŸ˜€

Blue Rock is an awesome place to spend the day filled with many activities from Paintballing, Volleyball, Cliff Jumping, a Fufi slide into the water or what most people come for, the Cable Wakeboarding Course…if you are a beginner be prepared to feel the full brunt of water hahaha but do not let that scare you go for it, it is Fun.

For more info on this amazing place and the price list checkout the website.

O ya one more thing when jumping off the cliff try and land with your legs close together otherwise you will get

BLOU BALLAS – hahahahaha

“Wat sal Tolla sΓ©”


Die Dam a family resort full of fun, laughter and most of all precious time spent with family and friends.

This is the setting of a yearly trek of families from Elim and Cape Town to enjoy the summer sun away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Enjoy the simple things in life, “gooi ‘n vissie oppie kole” and converse in the stories of old around a leka campfire. Yip ofcourse die Brannewyn en Coke staan nie agter nie….onthou net hy hettie briekke nie.

Met eish ya Met eish….nee wag net een blokkie vir jou ou pel eis is skaars en drink gou ons deel daai glas…hahaha ahhh the joys of Die Dam.

Take me back to a place where I can leave my worries behind and watch the sunrise – This is some of the qoutes you’ll hear when speaking to regular campers, and I must say a beautiful sunrise it is indeed.


‘PrideRock’, ‘No Mans Land’ and ‘MoonRock’ to name but a few of the iconic locations where you can relax, chill, take a dip in the ocean or just laze and tan on the beach listening to the breaking of the waves.

2 weeks of pure bliss…..ok not really, after a camp at Die Dam I think you will need another week to recover….manne dit was ‘n harde jaar nou drink ons..gooi hom pappie.

They say life is not all fun and games….they lied, on Die Dam everyday is filled with fun and games from “Touchies” tournament..en ek praat van rugby ne as julle wil touchies speel doen daai innie aande – (if you know what I mean), to a Family outing with the kids for a sleepover at the Sand Dunes. For the food connoisseurs there is even a PotjieKos competition I mean wat is ‘Maak ‘n las’ sonder ‘n leka potjie.


Well it was good while it lasted so back to the grindstone until next year – Go well my friends and family till we meet again….on the sandy beaches of


‘Four Corners’

“Four lives will change forever as the
destinies of a reformed prison
‘general’, a local cop, a charismatic
gang leader and a surgeon back from
London intersect with a young boy’s
coming of age in the urban youth
gangs of the Cape Flats. ”

I recently watched this movie and was moved by the fact that what is depicted in this film is happening so close to home.

There is a definite message in this movie, I feel people should see and realise that Education is Key – Not only schooling but also on life – The libraries should be overflowing with children and adults alike hungry to read, fill your mind with the power of words. Many people were inspired into action with words.

I love the saying – “The pen is mightier than the sword” – live your live in such a way that books will be written about you and I do not mean things in the newspaper because nowadays all we read about is death.

Children are the future, they need role models, POSITIVE role models. Yes I come from a loving family and that everyone’s circumstances are not the same but we have choices right?Β 

“Chess is Life” – Exactly like in chess you have to make a choice so in life you have a choice too.

Schools should not be closing they should be opening more schools, the masses need to be educated.

I believe people can change, the mind is a powerful tool, show people a positive outcome and change will happen for the good. BUT if circumstances do not change we are doomed to the social ills that are affecting our youth at the moment.

This movie could be a positive influence if used properly, my fear is that without proper guidance it could have a negative impact on our youth too as scenes of gang violence are sometimes seen as ‘cool’ in the eyes of children. Parents should watch it with thier children and have discussions afterwards -communication in the household is a remarkable factor in what we see happening beyond the threshold of our doorsteps.

Thank you to the director and actors for a no holds barred portrayal of daily life on the ‘Cape Flats’ – Proudly South African.

“Life. Or death. Its your move” – Four Corners tagline.

There might be Four Corners but what happens in the middle is up to you – Choose Life

The Shit Shaun Says


Over 100 of the best Trance and Dubstep DJs, 3days, 4 dance floors and 1 Survivor…who came second πŸ˜€


Lush green grass, two dams for swimming and not even 20 mins away from Cape Town. This is the setting of one of the best New Years Eve outdoor Trance Festivals.


From bouncy daytime beats with the crowd going wild to the sounds of DJs like Tune Raider, Headroom and Psyguy to mention but a few….


…to the more dark psytrance of the nightime with the deep bassline drumming through ur body – ins ins ins ins.

One of my favourite live acts was there too, SIBOT, that guy knows how to get a crowd bouncing with mad visuals courtesy of TOYOTA – Is that loud enough…..NOOOOO WE WANT IT LOUDER.

I love these outdoor festivals as you get to meet so many people from different walks of life, friendly and beautiful smiling people all jamming to the sounds of music. Not only are they from South Africa,there was a group from Isreal, Brazil even Germany all mixing and sharing different stories with each other…when they take some time out to chill at the Dam.

I was surprised to meet one of the DJ’s at the medics tent charging his phone…only after having a mad conversation, then introducing myself I realised it was GLITCH. I even went over to PSYGUY to compliment him on his mad set…how crazy is that, you get to interact with these amazing people.


The decor is out of this world, during the day you see all the amazing colours shining through from the rays of the sun, sprinklers spraying from the top, if you look close you will see raindows..and WE ARE THE GOLD AT THE END OF THOSE RAINBOWS.


I do not even have any words to describe how mindblowing the night time visuals and colours are.

Water and Shade is life oh and not forgetting the infamous CHILL TEMPLE, it traps you inside with its ambient melodic beats into a dreamland of endless possibilities.

The theme of this years festival was REBIRTH..and I thank the organisers and all the beautiful people for helping make this an unforgettable experience for all – WELLDONE

Blessed New Year to all, 2014 is filled with opportunity

From Shaun –Β  The guy who came second in Survivor hahahaha

That is my story and im sticking to it.