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It all comes together with…


1895 the year which marked the start of many stories which all began with the line…”so I tried to save water and drank beer instead”.

Charles Glass is an actual person who came to Cape Town in search of Gold but left behind a legacy of Liquid GOLD, the Newlands brewery tour starts off with a safety briefing(full gear included) and a history lesson from Jan van Riebeeck’s time but I’ll skip that part and move onto the cool stuff.


Along the “Brewmaster” walk you’ll learn and appreciate the beer we enjoy especially if there is sports events happening at Newlands Stadium…


It’s amazing to see how the production line operate and the amount of bottles that move through the system, there is even a machine built by NASA, Houston I think we have no problem because I was satisfied with the Black Label at the end.

I found out where the term beer ‘o clock comes from as everyday at 12 there are people in the brewery tasting if the beer produced is ready for distribution ( I didn’t need much convincing to send my CV for that job but no vacancies available, damn).

The way the tour guide explains the process and the use of the word gorgeous beer (after the tasting session I knew how she could say this), gets you excited to see the end product.


Here is where the real fun begins after an hour long tour of the brewery educating yourself on the brewing process, enticing all your senses you’ll become so thirsty, it took me 60 seconds to get to this…


Luckily you get two crowns (beer tops) per person to enjoy a full selection of beers on offer and make new friends in the process because it all comes together with a….


CASTLE….or whatever you prefer just remember to be smart and don’t drink and drive.

Totally enjoyed the tour it is highly recommended as it will give you greater insight into the brewing process who knows you might just enjoy that Castle Milk Stout you’ve been avoiding , :-).

For more info and booking follow the link below



That is so last year, get ready for something new and exciting that will put a spring into your daily GRIND…

Learning something new is a fabulous way to be refreshed. When work can grind you down, something about learning a new activity thrills the soul. It reminds you that the world is bigger than your desk and your to-do list. – John Ortberg


A new type of Obstacle Course Racing Series is coming to Cape Town. The first event will take place at Hillcrest Wine and Olive farm in Durbanville on 16 and 17 April 2016.

THE GRIND Obstacle Course Race (OCR) enters the market at a time when OCR is fast becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Our chosen venue; Hillcrest, will offer an amazing competitor and spectator experience like none other in South Africa!

Expect to be put to the ultimate test of body and mind as you manoeuvre your way through various obstacles….

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be launching our event for the 2016 South African OCR season, we have designed an amazing course with some unique twists,” director Mat Barlett said.
“Hillcrest Quarry which will be renamed as; ‘The Arena’ for our events, will be the first of its kind in South Africa. It is the events main attraction with at least 8 exciting obstacles in and around the water of the quarry.”


My confidence comes from the daily grind – training my butt off day in and day out. – Hope Solo

The event caters for all fitness levels, from beginners to the super elite all you need to do is get off your butt and purchase a ticket to experience something awesome – EMBRACE THE GRIND.

“We wanted to create an OCR event that is fun, exciting and achievable regardless of your fitness level as well as offer a more challenging option for elite athletes. We truly believe that we have the perfect mix to ensure a fun event for all,” director Rudi Wilcocks said.
“We have designed two courses; the first course which caters for beginner to intermediate fitness levels at 5km with 18 to 20 obstacles. The second course will cater for the more advanced to elite competitors at 8km and will include 25 to 30 obstacles. As you can see, we have created a race that focuses more on obstacles and therefore, less on running,”

The first event will take place on 16 and 17 April 2016 with another 3 events scheduled for later in the year, all 2016 events will be hosted in the Western Cape.

Ticket sales will open from 15 January 2016 and all entrants will receive a medal upon finishing the race. All online entrants that register before cut-off will also receive a ‘goodie bag’. Optional extras will also be available upon registration which will include T-Shirts, caps as well as fit-conscious meals.

Please view our promo video: and follow us on our journey to April 2016:

Twitter: @TheGrindRace
Instagram: thegrindrace

Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work. I had to put in the time to get back. And it was a grind. It meant training and sweating every day. But I was completely committed to working out to prove to myself that I still could do it. – Andre Agassi


Instagram a popular photo sharing app, making even the mundane looking picture look good with a filter or two….


Camps Bay Tidal pool was buzzing with Instagrammers as they walked around the pool snapping away trying to capture that perfect picture…not that difficult as Cape Town almost always tends to show off. No filter needed…


It was also an opportunity to meet like minded people, share ideas and tips…It’s not what you know but more about who you know right. With perfect weather after the massive heat wave we have been experiencing, the clouds were a beautiful welcome as it brings much needed moisture and adds a dramatic effect to the pictures..


What a great way to end off an awesome weekend….#CapeTownCitySights

Three Kings

We Three Kings
We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar.
Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
Following yonder star.


On our journey we walked through the searing heat to visit our house….The Kings Blockhouse, situated a stone’s throw away from Rhodes Memorial.


Rhodes Memorial was our first stop, taking in the picture perfect scenery and contemplating the effects of the Rhodes must fall movement…


Deep in thought, little did I know that Rhodes nose everything….


…or does he? (Vandalism is not condoned though).

After gearing ourselves up we continued our journey upward, resting and remembering to breath along the way – water, sunscreen and shade is essential (hiking 101). After much effort we reached our destination…


The Kings Blockhouse, rich history which Google should be able to provide, here we rested and greeted fellow hikers along the way…seeing that we were so close to Woodstock Cave our thoughts were in sync and off we went.

The way you move your hips
And lick your lips
The way you dip
You got me up so high, yeah (hey-ey)
And girl you got that body
With them curves like a Bugatti
I just wanna drive, oh
And girl you know
Round and round your loving winds me up
Like a hula, hula hoop, hula, hula hoop, oh
Round and round your loving winds me up
Like a hula, hula hoop, hula, hula hoop, oh
Round and round your loving winds me up
Like a hula, hula hoop, hula, hula hoop, oh

Like true gentleman we treated the mountain with respect and she showed us her curves as we winded round and round towards the cave, passing the remains of the Queen’s blockhouse along the way and paying our respects to the stone totem…


Finally reaching Woodstock cave we could not help but to lay down on the cold floor and just take in this awesome moment, Cape Town once again you amaze me with you beauty…


Tell me this view does not take your breath away…


Another amazing day continuing with the amazing adventures 2016 has to offer, we might feel the pain tomorrow morning but like Mortal Kombat we…


FINISHED HIM….oh and did I mentioned we saw a certain Rangers name on the wall of the Blockhouse…


In the eyes of a ranger,
The unsuspected stranger
Had better know the truth of wrong from right,
’cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you,
Any wrong you do he’s gonna see,
When you’re in Texas look behind you,
’cause that’s where the rangers are gonna be

Fourth youngest SA player to score double-ton to debut for Cape Cobras in Sunfoil-match

CAPE TOWN. – The fourth youngest South African to hit a double hundred in first-class cricket will make his franchise-debut for the Cape Cobras while two other evolving stars are also poised to assist the Cape champions’ quest to stay in touch with the Sunfoil Series-leaders by repeating their heroics of last season against the Sunfoil Dolphins.

Zybayr Hamza, the fourth-fastest South African to hit a double century in first-class cricket, will make his franchise-debut at age 20 against the Dolphins at Kingsmead in Durban as the visitors display their willingness to invest in emerging players in what is deemed to be a transitional phase for the Cobras.

Four Cobras-players are involved in the Masters Champions League, an international T20-tournament in Dubai. Three of them, Robin Peterson, Richard Levi and Justin Kemp, have been released to leave before the weekend.

That offers an opportunity to Hamza, Jason Smith and Matthew Kleinveldt, to show their mettle at franchise-level. All three have been prolific form this season. Hamsa has hammered 563 runs and Kleinveldt has compiled 511 for Western Province.

In his only other franchise-match, Kleinveldt struck 97 for the Cobras against the Dolphins on their home soil to propel them to a comprehensive win last season.

Smith is a batting all-rounder and a former South African u.19-player who has struck 494 runs and has nipped out 11 batsmen in six matches for the log-leaders, Western Province, in the Sunfoil Three-day Cup.

“This is a vital clash for us to say in touch with the log leaders, so it looms large as a must-win match,” said Paul Adams, the Cape Cobras coach.

Andrew Puttick, senior opening batsman of the Cape Cobras, is on paternity-leave. George Linde is still not at his best following rehabilitation from a finger injury.

The loss of Peterson to Dubai and Dane Piedt to the South African test team after his match-haul of 8-86 against the Warriors will test the Cobras’ strength in depth.

Their pipeline-strategies have been a hall-mark of their success the past decade thanks to astute leadership from André Odendaal and Nabeal Dien.

Adams is confident that the Cobras attack will perform as their bowlers have produced some sterling five-wicket hauls the past two games.

“A key for us again is to assemble a comprehensive first-innings total at Kingsmead,” he said.

The Cobras boast 32.78 points and are just slightly ahead of the Sunfoil Dolphins, who have 32.60 points. The Unlimited Titans, with 60.78, are currently at the top of the table.

The Cobras squad is: Omphile Ramela (captain), Beuran Hendricks, Dane Paterson, Dane Vilas, Jason Smith, Justin Ontong, Keegan Petersen, Lizaad Williams, Matthew Kleinveldt, Rory Kleinveldt, Simon Khomari, Tshepo Moreki, Zubayr Hamza.

Cannon Ball…

Australia, known for the outback, surfing and cricket….oh and kangaroos but you will see none of this when the AUSSIE: The Australian Circus Spectacular comes to Cape Town for the first time.

From the people that previously stunned audiences in Austalia with the GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS, Weber Bros Entertainment are bringing this spectacular show to our shores for abit of clowning around.

AUSSIE is a modern, circus spectacular that represents the daring, inventive, and cheeky nature of the Australian spirit. The show blends traditional acrobatic cirque performances in the air and on the ground, hilarious slapstick comedy, and modern, extreme stunts to ensure that there is something for all of the family to smile, clap, laugh, and gasp at.

This show is said to be one of those which you need to see to believe as  the ONE OF THE WORLD`S ONLY SURVIVING HUMAN CANNONBALL ACTS will be fired right over our audience!

The rush of the GLOBE OF DEATH, a metal sphere in which up to five motorbike riders encircle a daring dancer before the globe splits in half!

The thrill of seeing our FMX riders jumping the Globe beneath the Big Top!

Bellyaches of laughter between our modern (read: not scary or traditional) clowns, VAL DE FUN and YURIY THE BALLOON MAN.

Stunning feats of human strength, flexibility, and skill with acrobatic performances including the LYRA, POLE, and SILKS.

Come and say g`day to the AUSSIES, and be ready to escape to a magical world of the seemingly impossible!

This sounds like one circus you do not want to miss out on…


CONNECT WITH THE AUSSIES TO FIND OUT MORE: Facebook,Twitter and Instagram (@aussie_acs)

NOTE: AUSSIE is an all-human spectacular, No Animals are involved in the AUSSIE production.

Back where I belong…

Let’s take it back to the beach
Where we were young and carefree
This is how it should be
Said the city don’t feel me
Let’s take it back to the beach
When it was just you and me
Baby, you’re all that I need

With the temperatures reaching scorching heights in Cape Town yesterday….taking it back to the beach was probably on many peoples minds except if you were this guy…


I’m coming home
I’m coming home
tell the World I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
tell the World I’m coming

Open Streets Cape Town welcomed thousands of people back to where it all began about a year ago…a car free space filled with various activities, from Street Salsa, Street Scrabble, Hip Hop Dancing, Mc Battles and Siv Ngesi on a flyboy (yeah we saw you :-D).

After various successful Open Streets over the past year in Langa and Bellville, Bree Street where it all began was packed – a fun filled family affair all aimed making Cape Town a car free space for one day and raising awareness on various issues affecting our climate.


Don’t worry if you packed on the pounds over the festive period there was an opportunity to hide them kilo’s with the Skinny Photo Studio and look cool while you at it (I think I looked cool, shoulda been more serious though dammit)..


Back where I belong
I’ve never felt so strong eh
feeling like there’s nothing that I can’t try
and if you feel me put your hands high, high, high,
and if you feel me put your hands high, high, hey


C’est la vie

Welcome Aboard

The date is April 10, 1912 I remember like it was yesterday….


Got my boarding pass, which I won at a lucky hand of poker, I’m aboard the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic….Woooohoooo we going to America.

46 328 tons, breadth 92.6 feet and 882.5 feet in length this ship was said to be practically unsinkable.

“I could not concieve of any vital disaster happening to this vessel…modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that.” – Captain Edward J. Smith

The Titanic Artifact Exhibition takes you on a journey from the ship’s construction to life onboard, the famous sinking and modern-day efforts to recover the wreckage. The exhibition features real-life remnants from the RMS Titanic.

Highly educational you’ll discover facts and figures that will blow your mind. I’m sure most of you watched the movie, if not there is an opportunity to watch at your own leisure. The compelling human stories from survivors and those who lost their lives are emotional and fascinating at the same time, it is cool to find people you heard about in the movie on the walls of the exhibition.

“There was no moon, and I have never seen the stars shine brighter, they appeared to stand out of the sky, sparkling like diamonds. It was the kind of night that made one feel glad to be alive” – Jack Thayer, First Class Passenger


April 15, 1912 11:40pm “Iceberg ICEBERG”….the start of +- 2 and a half hours of chaos and sadness as the Titanic begins its decent to the bottom of the ocean forever, 12500 feet below the surface.

The exhibition brings that tragic night back to life before your eyes in thrilling fashion. The exhibition also offers you the opportunity to relive what it was like to dine aboard the Titanic…with Valentines Day approaching this will be the perfect opportunity to take your significant other on a 1st class dining experience. Expect world-class service and a great dining experience on board the Titanic.

Grab your pass and welcome aboard a journey you’ll not easily forget.

Titanic The Artifact Exhibition runs until March 2016 and tickets can be bought via Webticket or at the door.

Heaven on Earth

Its a new year and with a new year comes a chance to view the National History Museums Wildlife Photography of the Year 2015 finalists, from over 42000 entries it is narrowed down to the top 100 and displayed around the world.

This year the host in Cape Town is the Chavonnes Battery Museum an unfunded museum about the history of Cape Town. They partnered with the exhibition company to bring the exhibition to the Chavonnes Battery to raise funds for the museum and it’s social goals (Youth Development)


(Juan Tapia/ Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015)

These are one of the images you’ll see as you walk through the exhibition, a merger of photography and a painting. The great thing about this exhibit is that each photograph has a section underneath whereby you are able to read what the photographer went through to capture the perfect moment. For me I’ll first go through looking at the pictures then use my imagination before reading the discription, like the picture below my thought went straight to an Alien…


(Fabien Michenet/Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015)

Every year I visit the exhibition my mind is blown at the beauty of our Earth, the images enhance that beauty making you feel like you are looking at Heaven on Earth. You’ll learn new things about places, animals and environmental issues that affect each and every one of us through a simple image..


(Floris van Breugel/Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015)

If you are a budding photographer or just love wildlife get down to the Chavonnes Battery Museum, Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront. (Behind CT Fish Market – Look for the cannons), who knows you might be inspired to enter for 2016 follow the link below for more info.

If you want to know more about the Chavonnes Battery Museum please follow the link below.

I enjoyed the exhibition so much I even had time to take a selfie…


Close Encounters


Take a cruise to the Heart of Nature with Aurora Expeditions and the South African National museum as they present the top 40 images from the 2015 Oceans of Life photographic competition.


Walking through the cool airconned room (perfect conditions in this summer heat), you’ll see the beauty of the ocean and its creatures like never before.

I was amazed and the thought of how did these photographers capture these amazing images up close and personal kept popping up in my mind as my eyes gazed upon the awesome images. I even learnt about new species I never heard of before like a “Batwing sea slug”. Did you know that the meaning of the Spanish name for a jelly fish is “water lung”?

With the ever increasing natural occurrence of Climate Change this beauty could soon be lost if we do not educate ourselves and future generations about the dangers and how we can help prevent it from killing our planet faster.

With a mixture of talent, perfect lighting, colour and ofcourse abit of luck the ocean will provide you with amazing images….the word “Killer” in Killer Whale or “Great White” in Great White Shark do not make a difference to the fearless photographers.

You’ll see the Symbiotic relationship between a batfish and blue streak cleaner wrasse, to me it is like the relationship between Batman and Robin the one removing the parasites while receiving a free meal.

Another amazing image is Rush Hour where nearly half a million King Penguins rush to get to the ocean for their morning feed, picture Durban beach on New Years and you’ll know what this looks like or….

..visit the Iziko Museum of South Africa to see these amazing pictures up close and personal.

Lastly remember these 4 ways to make a difference in our Ocean.
– Buy Wise: earth friendly products and eat sustainable seafood
– Bin It: throw your litter in the bin
– Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
– Remove It: Join local beach cleanup operations.