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Once in a blue moon…

Blue moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

BLOU Ballas en BLOU bulle… Once in a Blue Moon en BLOU MAANdag all these having nothing to do with the colour of the moon tonight.

Imagine my disappointment when I did some research into what is called a ‘BLUE MOON’ – according to The Gaurdian (not of the galaxy) it happens every 2 point something years when there are two full moons in one month the last one happened in 2012 (when the world was suppose to end), the next one happening in 2018 but our focus is on the here and now so go outside and marvel at the bright image of a full moon in all its spectacular glory bigger than Ant-Man.

You can read more about this rare event, you might just learn a thing or two as I did…. Each full moon has a name:

January: the Wolf Moon,
February: the Snow Moon, March: the Worm Moon, April: the Pink Moon, May: the Flower Moon, June: the Strawberry Moon, July: the Buck Moon, August: the Sturgeon Moon, September: the Harvest Moon, October: the Hunter’s Moon, November: the Beaver Moon, December: the Cold Moon.

I’m born in November and on that note I’ll leave it to beaver…


Blue moon
Now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own


Dum dum dum dum tedeedoo dum dum

Mr/Mrs *insert name* your mission should you choose to accept is to follow Ster-Kinekor as they give you the opportunity to experience Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation like you’ve never seen it before. An exclusive gala event takes place at Ster-Kinekor’s Cine Prestige theatres countrywide on Wednesday, 05 August.

Ster-Kinekor has set you challenges which will test your creativity and your intuition to make the Impossible possible, like Ethan Hunt after 5 movies this guy is still running around kicking bad guys asses and looking cool while he is at it. Expect loads of action, gadgets, cars, beautiful ladies who knows they might even do that face swop thing they always do confusing the hell outta me.

Benji Dunn: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, are you okay to drive? A minute ago you were dead. Ethan Hunt: What are you talking about? Benji Dunn: This is not going to end well.

Isla Faust: You have to get through 12 feet of concrete and 70,000 gallons of pressurized water without any metal. Ethan Hunt: No oxygen tanks

… Benji Dunn: Important point: If you haven’t opened that tank after two-and-a-half minutes, we’re both dead. Ethan and his team have a tough mission ahead. Not only do they have to get through 12 feet of concrete, but also have to get through 70,000 gallons of water, in 180 seconds, with no oxygen tank. Sounds fun!

If that doesn’t sound like fun go rent Mission Impossible 1 on VHS and watch that scene where Ethan hangs in that room sweat almost triggering the alarm yeah you know you excited for the new movie now aren’t you…


Dust off your suit and tie because this is going to be one prestigious affair – accept this mission and you could walk away with a golden ticket….follow the links below for more info:

– Ster-Kinekor Facebook (Ster-Kinekor Theatres) or
– Twitter (@sterkinekor) page.

Remember this message will self distruct,  you only have till 04 August to complete and post the challenge.

Dum dum dum dum tedeedoo dum dum

Its your journey

“People see organizations as vehicles through which to do things in the world not realising that in building organizations they are changing the world” – James Taylor CDRA, Cape Town

Change is a scary concept for many of us especially if you are trying to change the world, there are many organizations out there who make it their mission and set out a vision to make a difference in society.

The problem however is that sometimes these organizations get so disconnected with what they are trying to achieve through internal conflict or whatever other factors that may come their way that they lose track of the main purpose which is Changing the World.

Organization Unbound is
an attempt to re-imagine the way we think about and engage in social change.

In order to find a solution to this problem and help organizations flourish and ultimately change the way we change the world Organization Unbound is asking the question “How can we become
what we seek?”

They have researched many social change organizations and created a 16 minute clip in which these organizations are practising the concept of expressive change, giving feedback on their experience…

..expressive change – a pattern
of change rooted in who they are as much as in what they do…

If you are a social purpose organization and interested in being involved in a global screening campaign between now and the end of the year, Organization Unbound is offering you the opportunity to host a screening and dialogue (internally with staff/volunteers/board members or a public screening where people from other organizations are invited to attend). They created a Screening Guide which includes download links, facilitation tips and guiding questions.

For those interested in taking the conversation further and actually applying expressive change in practice in their organization, they’ve put together a series of self-guided learning sessions that can be downloaded here:

All they ask is that if you do decide to participate and host a screening that you let them know in order for them to highlight it on social media and promote the growth around the movement of the film.

You can ‘like’ the film’s facebook page here: and invite your friends to as well.

I know this is going to sound cliché but in the words of Gandhi lets…

Be the change we want to see in the world.

Be as you wish


The Cape Town International is turned into abuzz of people as the Factory Shop expo gives the bargain hunter an opportunity to scramble under one roof.

Forget Black Friday this is two days of specials galore, 2 for one specials, buy one get one free and any 6 for a R100 are all over en as djy leka is met die bek kan djy miskien nog ‘n R100 af kry koep net meer as een ding.

Clothing, Towels, Perfumes hair and Make up products anything you can think of you’ll find…..even Couches uh I dunno if that can fit in a shopping bag so bring maar ‘n paar manne om daai ding uit te dra o_O.

This is a family friendly expo with live entertainment, I got to see an energetic performance by the out of Africa Dance Academy..


…food stalls and as jy jou oë oop maak is daar spook asem vir die kinders ook, just don’t give them too much sugar they might lose their helium Snoopy…


Cash is king but cards accepted maar voetjek met jou cheque…..come on over and experience Verimark products Live 😀

If you are looking for great deals….maybe even Killer deals head over to the CTICC there is still one day left plus part of the ticket price goes to the Refurbishment of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital ICU.

Be as you wish, retail therapy in winter keeping that chill at bay with warm prices 😉

Riddle me that

@GrandWestSA @benhowardmusic Always a riddle in the world she said
Always a riddle inside my head
Always a thing of wonder
The way we come..

This was the tweet that won me tickets to see Ben Howard Live at Grandwest Casino. Ask me who is Ben Howard and I’ll be honest and say I had no idea before the concert who he was and what type of music he performs.

A quick google search and I learn he is 28 years old from London, genre Folk, Indie Folk….Ok seems good, youtube a couple of videos yeah not to bad lets get out of the comfort zone and get our Indie Folk on.

SAMA Nominated for best alternative rock album Bye Beneco was the opening act their performance was amazing there were sounds I did not hear before thinking what instruments are those….definitely something alternative. First time I heard of them and yip their performance was good although the crowd seemed to be containing themselves for the main act which was Ben Howard ofcourse.


After a 30 minute break the crowd erupts as Ben Howard and the band hits the stage, when the lights went over the audience I was like where did all these people come from. I will admit because we did not know any of the songs it was abit weird but I’m all for learning and experiencing new things so with a quick search google helped us so we could sing along. Their stage presence is awesome and the lighting went well with each song performed, 2 hours of Ben Howard and uhh I still don’t know what Indie Folk suppose to sound like but what I heard I enjoyed.


The highlight for me was when he performed End of the Affair – he announced it as a love song – Keep in mind first time I’m hearing the song and I was like ok is this a love song when I found out the name totally confused but still a good performance….the encore was the best this really got the crowd pumping and portrayed his talent to the utmost.

Thank you for the experience I now know who Ben Howard is when I hear his song on the radio I’ll be like I saw him live –

Rock on \../

Woof Woof

“I’m scared, and I miss my family maybe I’m not a puppy anymore but I still loved them!” – “I’m a good DARG” – Adopt don’t Shop.


DARG is an organisation that helps rescue sick and abused animals in the greater Hout Bay communuity, the Distemper Virus hit the organisation recently after they rescued some puppies from the Imizamo Yethu community, their 67 minutes for Mandela Day programme was in jeapordy but with the help of the Valley Farmstall they had a new venue for people to come and support our furry little best friends.

On the invitation we were given 67 ways in which to help the organisation in their efforts to continue their great work, on the day there were foodstalls, live music, a kids play area and a clown to keep people entertained. Even this guy enjoyed himself with the attention…


There were tables lined up for  volunteers to help make chew toys for the dogs out of offcut pieces of material, some enjoying the prospect of putting their creativity to the test, others like myself struggling with the basic design o_O. For a more easier task you could fill dried up hooves with peanut butter, a nice little treat for the animals.


An auction was held from weekends away, a biltong making machine to a celebrity Chef coming to your house and cooking up a storm (don’t worry it’s not that Ramsay guy).

The weather played along nicely to make this a perfect day to give back, pity we did not get to walk the dogs but as the saying goes MAKE EVERYDAY MANDELA DAY so we have plenty of time to go back and help out as often as we can.


Every person in the world can make a difference, no matter how big or small their contribution. “It is in your hands now”.

Chickens roaming freely….


miniture horses for the children to pet and a trampoline this was a fun-filled family day out spent with amazing friends – Our 67 minutes for Mandela Day and we have the “Groufie” to prove it..


For more info on how to help this amazing organisation follow the links below:
021 790 0383

Minion Rush

When last were you at the cinema?

As part of Mandela Day Ster Kinekor invited kids from disadvantaged areas to come and enjoy a day at the Cinema and watch the new Minions movie. Sandton City in Johannesburg, The Grove Mall in Pretoria East, Cavendish in Cape Town and Gateway in Durban were the hosts of 67 excited kids some of them experiencing the big screen for the first time, I was lucky enough to be part of this occasion at Ster Kinekor, Cavendish in Cape Town.

At Cavendish in Cape Town, youngsters from St. John the Baptist and St. Vincent De Paul in Atlantis will be hosted

On arrival the children were excited their faces lit up as they were escorted into the cinema each given a a medium Popcorn (the enthusiasm was so high no spice was thrown over by the kids) and Cooldrink (all that sugar and watching minions hmmm this should be interesting). Once inside a speech about the day was made by Geraldine Engelman, CSI Manager of Ster-Kinekor Theatres.

“This fun, ‘giving back’ event is an integral part of Ster-Kinekor’s ‘Vision Mission’ project, its flagship corporate social investment programme that celebrates its 10 th anniversary this year. The project provides corrective eye care to disadvantaged learners, in partnership with various organisations including Brien Holden Vision Institute and the Department of Health,

It was suprising to see the hands when asked who is in the cinema for the first time about 70% put their hands up…another question was “wie het al die movie gekyk?” – One child answered, “Ya Antie gisteraand” kids really do speak their mind :-D.


Lights, Camera Action – watching the movie surrounded by children laughing at every scene depicted by the Minions on screen was truly a blessing the laughter and excitement was contagious.

After the movie they got some pictures taken and were treated to banana’s (just kidding thats a reference to the movie) – Nando’s sponsored each child with a burger and chips which they enjoyed inside the movie house, how awesome is it to have a whole theatre closed down just for you to enjoy.


Each kid received a blanket to take home for the coming cold winter weather as they said farewell and left the cinema to make their way back home with an experience I am sure they would not forget very soon.

Ster-Kinekor customers can also make a difference on Mandela Day – and every day – to assist Vision Mission in achieving its objectives. When booking online ( or at one of the self-service terminals in the cinema foyer, opt in to make a contribution – from an amount as small as R2.50 – to Vision Mission when prompted during the booking process.

Thank you to Micheal and his staff at Cavendish for their support and everyone else especially the educators involved in making a difference in these children’s lives EVERYDAY, I felt like one of the children wide-eyed and happy.

Great moments at their Greatest – Ster Kinekor

Mission Possible

All it takes is 67 minutes of your time to help feed hungry kids – Kids are starving and people have time to complain about the cold weather while laying under heated blankets and their stomach’s filled with a warm meals.


Canal Walk was abuzz with volunteers ready at each station to fill meal packets that will be distributed to over a million families as part of the annual Mandela Day project.


Each session was grouped into +-67 minutes, well organised and a really entertaining way to give back – not only are you giving back but you are also gaining in the form of memories and maybe new friends too…


…these two have been friends for years maar is hulle nog altyd twee malletjies if you are wondering I’m the guy on the right whose eyes are closed o_O.

We were at the sealing station, the pressure was on, literally,  as DIY Suzelle went through the training video for each station on the big screen – after a few packets we were becoming real pro’s until the team before us started picking up the pace and we were overloaded with blue baskets containing the completed packets to be sealed.


We were entertained by music from Smile FM which created a festive atmosphere, the time flew by so quick just when we started to enjoy ourselves our qouta was filled and the next session needed to start.

This was a fun-filled event the feeling of knowing that your time given is used for a needy cause is heart-warming just thinking about all those kids that will be fed with our help…the goal was set at 1 million meals but this was surpassed…


Thank you to the organisers volunteers, sponsers and everyone else involved in creating such an awesome initiative for us to give back.

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu” – Nelson Mandela,  It means you must serve your fellow man

*pictures courtesy of the guy on the left


My city [3x] I love my city
my city, I love my city [2x]
my city [4x] I love my city

Life a journey, enjoy the ride….this was my experience today on the My Citi bus, get to the station I check the balance on my card enough money ok tap to get through gate not working?? – I ask the security and she tells me to check my balance again, we do this and boom insufficient credit for trip now I’m confused but I remember my last trip on the My Citi bus where I probably forgot to tap out – Penalty alert.

The security says I should enquire statement to see why insifficient funds but the slip I get makes me more confused (lets blame it on the time)…Let me just put money on the card and get on with the journey – “Points or money” – huh what do you mean, then the cashier  just loads points. I tap my card it’s working now yay, I need to know what bus goes to Kloof Street, security directs me to someone I should ask and they say station 5, I confirm with lady next to me and she says yes Kloof Street. It is a dark and raining outside so no point looking outside where I am uh wait we turning to Kloofnek I think ok the bus probably going to Camps Bay then coming back down the top of Kloof ek sit….en sit hier is ons in Camps Bay almal kyk vir my soos brother this is the last stop o_O. A quick chat to driver and he say he not really familiar the other routes only his own thanks for the help….the map in the bus yislaaikit colours galore I was in the colouring class but the geography class I missed (back to school for me o_O), journey back any stop that looks close to Kloof Street I hop off, so much for taking the bus to avoid the rain but still getting wet to work hahaha what a morning of trial and error.

My city [3x] I love my city
my city, I love my city [2x]
my city [4x] I love my city

For info on how to use the My Citi busses and avoid my misadventure follow the links below:

@S3ngel Hi Shaun Link 4 using myconnect card: If penalty incurred, appeal process form: ^BC

Agian I say Lifes a journey enjoy the ride 😉

Flyby night

This ain’t no flyby night story this is a New Horizon in Space exploration bigger than the first step on the moon by Lance StrongArms…or was it Buzz maakie saakie kan Woody ook geweesit conspiracy theories still debating whats in Area 52 anyway.


Is it a bird, Is it a plane…nah its a heart on Pluto the most recent picture that has the internetsphere buzzing think this is bigger than that holle we saw not so long ago, it mos broke the internet ne.

It marks the fact that all nine
objects considered by many to be the Solar System’s planets – from Mercury through to Pluto – have now been visited at least once by a probe.

I had to go back to that geography class I missed to realise there are nine planets…but hulle sé dan Pluto is ‘n dwarf damn what do they have against Hobbits…didn’t these mense watch The Lord Of The Rings Frodo het groot voete man.

Anyways on a serious note we are now entering the future beyond the imagination NASA is on the verge of answering the age old question….are we alone or is there life out there? That question so old the Series is called ANCIENT Aliens.

Ok fine everything you just read might be confusing and all over the place but cmon we are on the Third Rock from the Sun global warming affecting my brain.

All I want to say to NASA is welldone for taking us to…

Infinity and beyond 😉