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Night at the Museum

Unlike in the movie it was not the exhibits in the museums that came alive but in was the street itself, the streets surrounding the 6 participating museums were packed with people from all walks of life all wanting to be part of this awesome experience infecting the city.

When I first heard about the Museum Night my first thought was I need to go to the Iziko Planetarium as the last time I was there was in primary school. The show played was called Full Circle: Star lore comes back to Africa giving us a history lesson exploring our universe through the stars, I’ve always been abit of a stargazer thinking what is out there, who is looking at that same star as me in another country at that exact moment o_O…in the programme it says

‘Will the Square Kilometre Array – the biggest assembly of telescopes in history – finally answer the all-important question: Where do we come from? Or will we carry on dreaming?’ 

For know I think I’ll carry on dreaming :-D.


The next stop on my list was the Jewish Museum but before we got there we took a detour into the Iziko South African National Gallery, here for me this was abit of a culture shock I admit I am no art fundi, I do appreciate art though but to be honest the Time and Again: A retrospective exhibition by Penny Siopis was abit creepy or even weird. Don’t get me wrong the exhibition is amazing especially the glue and ink collaboration but the subjects are too much, some of it gory to say the least…I guess this is what it is like visiting a museum at night hahaha.

My first time at The South African Jewish Museum and it was too short I used this opportunity as an introduction I guess because there is so much history in this museum you cannot take ecperience it properly in one night. The museum is visually stimulating, on the bottom floor you are  literally immersed in history walking through a Jewish Shtetl, the model of Jerusalem  is also cool.

Each museum has its own unique story tonight was a great introduction for individuals to experience something different in a safe environment meeting people and just enjoying what Cape Town has to offer, all for free.

The organisers did an amazing job and I hope this is not the last as I still have 3 museums I need to go to :-D.

I know I can

I know I can
Be what I wanna be
If I work hard at it
I’ll be where I wanna be
I know I can, I know I can
Be what I wanna be, be what I
wanna be
If I work hard at it
I’ll be where I wanna be, I’ll be
where I wanna be
Be b-boys and girls listen up

I just watched “Shake the Dust” a feature documentary as part of the Design Indaba film festival in Cape Town – The movie spans across three different countries but with one message – It doesn’t matter where you come from through hip-hop you can change the world. Directed by Adam Sjoberg and produced by Hip-Hop legend NAS we are taken into the slums/ghetto of Uganda, Yemen and Colombia where we witness how the love of dancing affects these youngsters lives and how they are using it to attend to the negative social issues in their respective counties.

Each person interviewed has a unique story, sad and inspiring at the same time. Hip-Hop is always associated with drugs and gangsterism and other negative influences but infact the love of dancing is actually an escape from these negative aspects that affect the ‘poor’ – I put poor in inverted comma’s as it is not only the poor affected by this negitivity, it affects everyone you can have all the money in the world but you will still have problems. It is how you attend to these problems like
Mahatma Gandhi says — ‘Be the
change that you wish to see in
the world.’

It is a well directed movie, thought provoking and gives one perspective into other areas of life you would not normally see, in the news they are always showing people running around Africa guns blazing, bomb blasts here and there but underlying this destruction there are kids using Hip-Hop to change the world. They are using the Hip-Hop culture to uplift other youngsters promoting education and self reliance – living in the ghetto teaches you to be strong and self dependant from a young age.

I enjoyed the dance moves especially the fact that there were B-girls also interviewed, woman can compete with the best of them given the opportunity.

…Like, I met a woman who’s becomin
a star
She was very beautiful, leavi’n
people in awe…

Do not let your surroundings affect your life, you can be anything you want to be – Believe in yourself and love what you do..

..I’ll be where I wanna be, I’ll be
where I wanna be
Save the music ya’ll
Save the music ya’ll
Save the music ya’ll
Save the music ya’ll
Save the music

Everything is Awesome

Everything is Awesome,
Everything is cool when you’re part
of a team
Everything is Awesome when you’re
living out a dreams…

Nathan Sawaya is definitely living that dream by doing what he loves and that is playing and building….


..these awe-inspiring designs. This is all made out of LEGO®, yes thats right those blocks you played with as a kid thousands of tiny blocks put together to create a masterpiece.

He creates these designs finding inspiration out of everyday situations and life in general, the exhibition is not only for visual enjoyment but also inspiring. His story is one of following your dreams however crazy it is, he saw that some of these pieces were put onto canvas, marble or even paper..

Art nurtues the brain. Whether made from clay, wood, paint or a modern-day toy.

..but no one ever tried LEGO® hmmmm why not let me do it, this was probably his thought and it all started with…


Dreams are built….one brick at a time! – Nathan Sawaya

There is nothing better to describe this exhibition but with the words of Batman in the LEGO® Movie…’By GOSH’ it is amazing, from famous paintings like the Mona Lisa and Whistlers Mother to the statue of David all put together with perfect precision..

Create what you see.
Create what you feel.
Create what you have never seen.
Just Create. – Nathan Sawaya

Every piece has a story and it is described on the wall – Nathan Sawaya literally has the world at his feet he even has the privilege of picking it up and swirling it around in the palm of his hands…


Swim against the current
Follow your own path
find the courage within!

Your mind can be your best friend or it can be your worst enemy – it is your choice, Nathan Sawaya chose to follow his dream and let the men inside his head loose and inspire young and old alike to visualise something different, something AWESOME.


Over 80 unique pieces thousands of hours and over a million LEGO® bricks used, this is definitely one exhibition not to be missed you will definitely be amazed 

Thank you for exposing us to your amazing world I am sure every person who walks out of this exhibition is as inspired as I am to…


..break free 😀

Silver Lining

I recently watched the Noah movie an epic adaptation of the book of Noah in Genesis – This movie stirred something inside making me think of the faith that Noah had in the creator Our Father.

Genesis 6 vs 22 Noah did everything just
as God commanded him.

Any movie based on the Bible reference is going to bring about controversy as it is the directors interpretation of what is read, I went back and read the book of Genesis, some of the things in the movie are not true and correct but then again it is based on the book and the imagination of the director. I think it was a good movie as it captures the modern audience.

The story of Noah every young child knows as the man who built the ark with the animals walking two by two but this movie went deeper into the emotion of a man of faith tested to the limit, broken and restored by the Creator Our Father.

We all have our own set of problems no man can solve – prayer is our only answer, the answers do not come immediately but in time signs are shown. We are born of this earth to leave a legacy, an everlasting story that will be told by many through our actions good or bad.

It is also fitting as it is the time of Lent and the 40 days and 40 nights are referenced in the story of Noah,

Genesis 7 vs 17 – For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth, and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth.

During this time of lent we are meant to fast, give up something you love as a sacrifice – this allows us to come closer to our Creator but not only this but also through prayer.

We are reminded through the story of Noah that even though we go through bad times it will not endure forever, through Noah’s faith we were reassured that nothing like The Flood would ever happen again…

Genesis 8 vs 21-22 The Lord smelt the pleasing aroma and said in his heart: “Never again will I curse the ground because of man, even though every inclination of his heart is evil childhood. And never again will I destoy all living creatures, as I have done.

Reading the story again I feel a sense of hope that every cloud has a silver lining – we all are meant to find the rainbow which is a sign that we are Gods children and he loves each and every one of us – We are meant to share this love with the world.



Whether you lovestruck or just looking for a spot to hang out with family and friends the Moonstruck concert at Clifton 4th beach was the place to be. Situated at one of the worlds most beautiful beaches people came in there numbers to enjoy the fine weather and music provided by Freshlyground and it was all free hosted by Cape Talk and Discovery in support of the NSRI.

The setting was perfect for a picnic and relaxed afternoon, ok the water is not the warmest but that didn’t stop people from taking a dip in the ocean a refreshing swim is always good for you right :-D.

Freshlyground entertained us with some of their most popular songs, even got the 2010 spirit going when they delivered the World Cup theme song WAKA WAKA – I think I saw Shakira too…ok just kidding Cape Town has hotter woman ;-).

Once the sunset the glowsticks came out and some candles which lit the area bringing about a carnivalistic atmosphere  with people laughing and dancing basically having a great time with friends family.


This is definitely something different and fun for the whole family just remember to come early as it gets pretty packed.

Thank You Cape Town and respect to the NSRI for the work that they perform in keeping the ocean safe for all.

State Of The Nation

The speaker of the national assembly….and all other important people in our country

We are gathered here today to address the public in the State of our Nation – A nation of rich history, A nation of pride, A nation of struggle heroes turning in their graves at the site of the events that unfolded today….

Opposition parties escorted out of Paarliament, screams of give back our money, bring back the signal – complaints of no bottled water when there are thousands of people without proper running water, jokes of no service delivery in Parliament when the real crisis is right under their noses.

All this before our President could deliver his speech to a nation, this is suppose to be a speech of hope but what hope is there when Parliament laughs at our sporting hero’s, fails to deliver basic services on ground level.

The class of 2014 national Matric pass rate dropped and still textbooks are not being delivered on-time – new universities are being opened but what is the point if the quality of passes are not up to standard. To me the governments focus is more on qauntity than on qaulity.

Yes we were happy that the petrol price dropped but food prices stayed the same, My Citi busses are on an ongoing strike and Metrorail still apologising for delays – to ensure growth in the economy transport is a major factor in my opinion, ok I am speaking from the Western Cape but I am sure the problems experienced are Nationwide.

Gangsterism, drug abuse and violence against women and children are rife, yes there are increases in people being arrested but how many crimes go unreported because there is no faith in our policing system.

On a postive note South Africa is home to Miss World, Ms Rolene
Strauss. and the world’s best swimmer for 2014,
by the International Swimming
Federation, Chad Le Clos. We are a sport loving nation and through sport it brings people together therefore we encourage and support the Protea’s and The Bokke as they look to be World Champions this year.

Alot has been said, and alot of emotion portrayed but another positive note, we had no powercuts – let me not talk too soon it is Friday the 13th tomorrow after all….remember…

..Together we move South Africa

I thank you. – PS: The speech can be read in 10 minutes o_O


11 February 1966 is a day that will always be remembered by the District Six community – a date that marked the start of the end. This was the day that District Six was declared a whites-only area. Subsequently, more than 60 000 people were forcibly removed and the buildings were flattened.

Tonight I attended the interfaith service of remembrance of this historic day in South African history, to be honest I am not really that clued up on the history of Distict Six therefore I appreciate events like this taking in the learning experience.

We had a full programme, a welcoming and explanation of why we were in the Lydia Williams Centre of Memory a living monument of District Six – the meditation was a powerful tool allowing us to look inside ourselves clear our thoughts in order to reflect on the importance of this day with a clear mind.

The Reflective talk by Judge Albie Sachs was interesting as he walked us through his memories of exile and coming back to the barren land which he once called home. His memory of the curry in Hanover Street was funny – food really can bring people together. His encouragement to use our rights was inspiring as they did not have the same rights we have today, the freedom these people fought for we should appreciate and be thankful to commemorate and preserve memories like today.

I have been to the Slave day remembrance before and I liked the fact that there are poetry and song, at tonights event we were also entertained with the powerful songs and poetry that moved you.

The service ended with us lighting a candle in remembrance of the other areas of forced removals and a night walk up to the cairn placing a red stone in remembrance – this was a particularly moving experience as it is in the middle of the construction of CPUT residence. The emotion was pulpable in the speakers voices as this was suppose to be a public space of remembrance therefore overshadowing the whole procession it was actually a sad end for me as I felt it should have been a more open and inviting experience.

“Stone cairns have a long history across the world, of serving as markers for places or events of significance.”

I thank the organisers for events like this for us to learn and appreciate our rich history and as a young South African I encourage more youth to be involved and be open to learning in order for us move forward as a more vibrant accepting country – free from all the negativity from our country’s past.

We wish to remember so that we can all
Together and by ourselves
Rebuild a city
Which belongs to all of us
In which all of us can live
Not as races but as people

www​. districtsix

No Sound Without Silence

Their 2nd time round in South Africa and they came back to Rock Grandwest – Dublin Ireland not only famous for whiskey but also for THE SCRIPT


With an amazing opening performance by the 11th season American Idols winner, this guy is so good they named him twice Phillip Phillips the first time I heard him perform and he impressed loved the energy.

No sound without Silence….no way in hell were we going to be silent once The Script hit the stage screaming fans singing along to hit song after song, the energy was amazing. It felt like watching a live music video, We all cried together as Danny rocked the mic – The inspiring story of Man on a Wire together with the performance of the song was probably the best moment of the concert. That girl who got a phonecall from Danny with us all singing ‘Nothing’ was probably shocked hahaha o_O.


Live concerts are unpredictable that is why I love it you never know what to expect, amazing production…South Africa, Cape Town loves The Script and they showed it with literally 5 minutes of screaming almost bringing the lead singer to tears

Really felt like a superhero with my name in the HALL OF FAME…Thank you The Script and Cape Town for the amazing energy.

Cape Town 10s

2Days of Rugby, Netball thousands of spectators, Live Music, good food and ofcourse BEER – this is the Cape Town 10s set against the Backdrop of Cape Town Stadium and Table Mountain.


In its 7th year this tournament has grown from 24 teams  to 110 teams this year all teams vying for the coverted Cup in their division and some just there for the beer.

The biggest drawcard being the Veterans of the game with SA legends like Bob Skinstad, Bolla Conradie, Greame Smith and New Zealand Legend Christian Cullen all showing that if rugby runs through your veins you are never too old to take to the field.

With beer running through my veins this weekend became more festive, rugby was the last thing on my mind but to socialize with the amazing people of Cape Town especially the beautiful ladies 😀


When the rugby ended it was time to move to the Castle Beer tent where the afterparty took place names like Jack Parow, The Kiffness, Kurt Darren and more entertained the crazy crowd…walking into the Beer tent it sounded like bees everyone chatting and laughing and the sound of singing as someone downs a beer through a beer bong.

My first time at the Cape Town 10s and what an experience it was that I blacked out o_O – I can’t even blame Eskom this time it was Black Label hahaha

At least I remember some of my experience and it was fun next time I’m jumping in those jacuzzi’s 😀

Tame the BEAST

“Pain is
Temporary, pride
is forever” – unkown

Gladiators ARE YOU READY….or should I say SOUTH AFRICANS ARE YOU READY – in just a few months time SA will be unleashing their newest and most challenging obstacle course called THE BEAST.

“There are plenty
of dificult
obstacles in your
path. Don’t allow
yourself to
become one of
them.” – Ralph Marston

When I saw the name I had to find out what this is about, with a countdown ticking on the website you can feel the excitement flowing through your veins if you an adrenaline junkie like myself who likes to challenge themselves with new things and face fears (at least thats what I tell myself o_O). – If you believe it you can achieve it – the mind is powerful, this obstacle course looks not only to challenge you physically but also mentally. This is not a race but a challenge its only you against THE BEAST.

This is set to be a fun-filled wet and wild, action packed weekend whether you new to obstacle racing or a veteren there is something for all fitness levels so save the date 11 April 2015 for it is going to be a cracker.

Follow the link below for more info:

Remember to prepare your mind for…

“Its about mind
over matter. If you
don’t mind, it
don’t matter” – unknown