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A Woman’s Worth

‘Poetry survives against all odds’ – Pablo Neruda, from Odes to Opposite

As woman’s month comes to a close we are reminded of A woman’s worth through poetry.

The Central Library in Cape Town hosts poetry sessions every last Saturday of the month from 2pm, there’ll be a guest poet and a chance for up and coming poets to take centre stage and move us with their thoughts. I’ve been to a few poetry sessions and it always moves me seeing the emotion portrayed by poets as their words flow, sometimes like daggers to the heart, other times like the sweet scent of a rose through your nose. Poetry can evoke all kinds of emotion both from the poet and the audiences.

Lady Mary Chudleigh (1656 – 1710)
To the Ladies

Wife and servant are the same
But only differ in the name:
For when that fatal knot is tied,
Which nothing, nothing can divide,
When she the word Obey has said,
And man by law supreme has made,
Then all that’s kind is laid aside,
And nothing left but state and pride.
Fierce as an eastern prince he grows,
And all his innate rigour shows:
Then but to look, to laugh, or speak,
Will nuptial contract break,
Like mutes, she signs alone must make,
And never any freedom take,
But still be governed by a nod,
And fear her husband as her god:
Him still must serve, him still obey,
And nothing act, and nothing say,
But what her haughty lord thinks fit,
Who, with power, has all the wit.
Then shun, oh! shun that wretched state,
And all the fawning flatterers hate.
Value yourselves, and men despise:
You must be proud, if you’ll be wise.

The above poem was written in a time when woman were seen as the property of their husbands they had no real say in society, things have changed dramatically over the times. Woman have come into their own and realised their real worth. The poets today took to the theme with enthusiasm and vigor, reciting their thoughts of the woman in their lives or just woman in general, praising them and thanking them for the role they play in our society.

She walks the mile makes you smile
all the while being true
Don’t take for granted the passions
that she has for you
You will lose if you chose to refuse
to put her first
She will and she can find a man who
knows her worth – Alicia Keys, A womans worth

Men respect your woman, treat her right, she is a goddess given to us as mother,companion, soulmate to cherish and to hold – her worth is immeasurable.

Maker Faire

The inaugaural Cape Town Maker Faire where you are able to interact and engage with the future game changers of our society….


..yip forget Aliens, Robots are coming and they are ready to take over your toaster. Gone are the days when you needed to go to work in a suit and tie to be successful these ‘makers’ work from their homes and what they produce are some of the most amazing things you’ll see.


An electric Zing Bug yeah the beetle has gotten a makeover and is more environmentally friendly – carbon wheel print and all.

The space allowed for easy access to each stall and intimate enough for you to engage with the ‘Makers’ easily, if you had any questions that needed to be answered. There ain’t no such thing as a wrong question right o_O. With +-45 different stall to see categorised in various areas of design, you are bound to find something you fancy. I noticed  that 3D printing is huge almost got my hand bitten off by a 3D printed T-Rex


A light thing that senses movement, if you put your hand over the lights it…yeah you guessed it – lights up, you obviously going to make Star Wars sounds when you see this right 😀


“In a dark place we find
ourselves, and a little
more knowledge lights
our way.”
– Yoda

I tried the Flyboy and have to admit I’m not made for that thing you have to trust the machine or….yip its more trusting yourself right hmmm guess I have trust issues haha but it is fun once you get the hang of it, which I didn’t.

Do or Do Not, there is no try – Yoda

The Drone Zone was cool they had some races through a course set up inside the venue. A camera attached to the drone allowing the user to see where ever you fly using glasses like a first person shooter, that was awesome. There was even a guy who made a glove that controls the drone..


With a stage allowing the Makers to present their work and a platform for us to see the people behind these awesome designs. Got to see the real mechanics behind those awesome floats we see at the Cape Town Carnival each year, you learn respect and appreciation for the people behind the scenes after you see the work put in. I even learnt how to make my own hologram and a pop-up card with the help of the team at Living Maths.

“Always pass on what
you have learned.”
– Yoda

Thank you Master Yoda I intend to..

“Powerful you have
become, the dark side I
sense in you.”
– Yoda

What!!! No I am not Lukes Father..

HAVE my young
– Yoda

An awesome experience at the first Cape Town Maker Faire and I am sure it will only grow from here.


There should be many people who can donate old TV’s and toasters to be taken apart by aspiring young minds.

WENN in LalaLand

You’ve seen him on SA’s Got Talent – You’ve heard him on Youtube…now let him take you on a different road, they say you will be surprised what you find if you take the road less traveled.


Forget Alice in Wonderland…this is Julian WENN in Lalaland – sophistication on another level, throw all what you’ve seen before out the window this guy will entertain you, no he will WENNtertain you in his first one-man show…en moenie laat kom nie you will be shamed.

Armed with a guitar, mic and many faces this show will take you on a roller coaster ride of unexpected twists and turns into the mind and world of Mr Wenn, like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, Julian has a story to share and through his show that story comes alive. Music, acting, crowd participation and just an all round positive attitude is what you can expect, when the performance is over you’ll learn that all you need to do to change the world is SMILE.

The show goes to Joburg after a one-night only performance in Cape Town tonight so soos hulle sé you snooze you lose, yarre Cape Town moet julle altyd so laid back wies but not to worry ek sal met die ou praat miskien bring hy sy positive vibrations wee Kaap toe….and when he does you better recognize because Julian Wenn is going to become a household name.

Vir die wat nog nie van Julian Wenn gehoorit nie, of julle bly onne ‘n klip lees maar ‘n bietjie meer hier onne – click in the links djy 😉 – Birds Gotta Fly – One Love

All the best Sir on your run in Jozi they say it is the City of Gold…but they have not seen real gold yet,


Jozi are you ready to be WENNtertained?

Road Less Travelled

I’m in town for the Open Design programme when I notice a free walking tour of Bo Kaap hmmm why not this seems interesting, a new way to explore the cultural hub of Upper Cape Town.

The tour starts at 2pm and it is 1pm my mind and my tummy tells me it needs food so I head off to find me some bacon…I heard about Bacon on Bree and so I’m on a mission to get those 3 little pigs in my belly nom nom. A cosy venue in Bree Street, I asked the waiter what he recommended and went with the new house favourite ‘Salma Hayek’ – yeah my thoughts went to the actress on a plate but hey dreams don’t always come true haha – I got the fastest service ever, my order came in less than 5 minutes from ordering. It was served on a plate shaped like a pig – awesome, they said everything was made of bacon but I never expected that. The food was excellent I’d recommend Salma Hayek anyday ;-).

Tummy filled I’m ready to walk it off hmmm seems like I’m a little early, after a quick introduction from the tour guide he recommends a coffee – I go for a single shot of espresso (first time) – caffiene boost of note o_O.

22 people in the group ready to brave a lovely Cape Town Winters Day and make their way up Bo Kaap to experience Culture, Cuisine and Customs but first a group photo.


The walk is +- 1 hour 30 minutes and takes you directly into the heart of Bo Kaap in living colour, with various stops along the way you are bound to learn something new even for a local like myself, we can’t let the tourist have all the fun right ;-).

Bo Kaap is filled with rich history about 6000 – 6500 residents most of them Muslim, on the tour you will learn about why the houses are all colourful,
image’ll stop at the oldest Mosque in Cape Town. You’ll be taught the local Muslim greeting and put this into practise as you stop at Biesmiellah’s for a “Koesister” if you like. There are many things to do in Bo Kaap this free guided walk (tipping the guide is welcome ofcourse) is just a little taste but definitely worth the time – our tour guide Rico was really entertaining and knowledgeable  of the area not forgetting his cheesy jokes to keep us warm with laughter.

So grab your walking shoes and take the road less travelled you might just discover something amazing.

For more info check out there facebook page

Design For Tomorrow

A 12 Day event featuring curated exhibitions, performances, seminars, demonstrations, launches and open studios sharing the transformative power of design through talking about, reflecting on and engaging with it; exchanging information that could benefit a broader local and global growth of ideas, practices and markets.

“We cannot solve the complex challenges of the future by doing what we’ve done in the past. We need to think and act differently” – Albert Einstein

I decided to live in the moment and think for tomorrow – the weather deterred me abit though to be honest but I hopped on the taxi only to get to town and a random a guy asking me for a R5, when I shook my head he answered “Ya maar as ek kak aanvang dan wil julle kwaad word” – In my mind I’m thinking hou op kak aanvang en kry ‘n werk of iets – that story reflects the About page of the Open Design programme perfectly in my opinion where it states…

Think of the future. What does it look like? Do we have what we need to feed, house, clothe, move and educate all people? Is there enough to sustain future generations on one planet? Or is our vision the same as what we see in 2015?

With a host of activities for us to enjoy from 09:00 – 17:00 – from Langa, The City Hall, V&A Waterfront and Woodstock this is an opportunity not to be missed If you love design or just a new way to explore our city, get out there and grab this chance with both hands…some events are free while others are priced for details visit the website

As I mentioned I snoozed abit this morning due to the weather so I missed out on the start of the City Walk which meanders from the Company Gardens through St George’s Mall and ends at St Andrew’s Square but when I got to Town I decided to still see what’s on. I found an interesting event unrelated to the Open Design

That is a bird or duck I’m not sure but he was calling his mate who was in an opposite tree…I think this was some kind of mating call – the saying Love takes you to new heights in living colour :-D.

I also entered a medieval film shoot by the City Varsity students a scene close to Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings – I even got interviewed about the SA Film industry, they said it will be up on some site soon maar ek dink ek was te nervous to be famous haha screwed up my 5 seconds of fame.

There were many people on-route and posters directing you on What’s happening and where – dancers in the streets and trumpet players – I love my City when it is this alive. Another unrelated event to Open Design was when I almost became an extra to a movie shoot looked like some brazilian movie with Capoeira on Greenmarket Square.

The Open Design programme runs from 12 August until 23 August they invite you to imagine, design and co-create the technology, healthcare, agriculture, education, housing, cities and business of the future. Come and hear ideas, share experiences, discover innovations, discuss viewpoints, debate opinions and celebrate the value and impact of great design.

Their mission is to develop a culture that educates and empowers youth, develops human capital, drives socio-economic change, nurtures leaders and activates responsive citizens. This is the foundation that will allow society’s future custodians to lead us towards a new tomorrow.

From what I experienced today we are in for a jam-packed fun-filled week.

Spring into ACTION

21 years a coming of age to some, to a nation it is a number which signifies new beginnings and to an organisation it represents an invitation for YOU to SPRING INTO ACTION – The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa invites you to celebrate a milestone with them in purchasing a Casual Day 04 September 2015 sticker, not only are you allowed to  dress up for the occasion but you are also supporting those with disabilities.


There are many organisations who benefit from this initiative, one such organisation is Filia School situated in Goodwood for learners with high physical, emotional, social and academic needs. They cater to  192 learners aged between 6 to 18 years from all over the city. From as far afield as Kraaifontein, Du Noon, Delft, Mitchell’s Plain as well as the surrounding areas such as Elsies River, Bishop Lavis, Valhalla Park, Athlone, Parow and Goodwood.

With an “I can” attitude this school has made it their mission to motivate and encourage these leaners that despite their situation they are worth something and they have the potential to contribute to society.

“Our mission at Filia: Our school is committed to building a caring, involved and creative community of learners, staff and parents in a happy, relaxed and stimulating environment by fostering courtesy, co-operation and a sense of co-ownership and accountability as stakeholders.

The style of teaching is one of individual attention allowing each learner to grow at their own pace, nurturing their individual strengths through encouragement, motivation and support as best they can.

They strive to provide a platform for these kids to leave the school with a positive attitude and an outlook on life which says “I CAN”, I AM great and I WILL walk tall in a society which often barricades my development.

“Our aim is to teach them the important Life Skills, Social Skills and Vocational Skills they will need in order to be functional members of society who at the end of their stay here at Filia School will enter the world as adults with a purpose in life”

In their quest to provide for these learners in the best possible way, fundraising plays an integral part of financing their various initiatives and goals set. The Casual Day programme allows for a portion of the proceeds raised to go to the school for their specific needs. They are looking to the support of community members, social clubs and corporates to help by purchasing Casual Day 04 September 2015 stickers for as little as R10 from the school, the proceeds will help greatly to improve their building and ensure that the learners are well taken care of for the duration of their stay at Filia School.

In the theme for Casual Day 2015 it is up to YOU to put a SPRING in your step and in doing so YOU are able to contribute to something great.

For more info about Filia School and how to contribute contact:
Tel: 021 5921361/2
Fax: 021 5921369
email; Address: 107 Milton Road, Vrijzee Goodwood 7460.

A woman scorned…

wathint’ abafazi,
wathint’ imbokodo,
uza kufa!

We all know the saying Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Today in South Africa we pay homage to woman all around the world but especially our woman in South African history who stood united against the pass laws of the Apartheid government in 1956.

I am not one to look back but in order to move forward we need to learn from our past so as to not make the same mistakes…but this was definitely no mistake this was inspirational, every woman in South Africa should realise there is power in numbers and when united they are powerful beyond measure.

Song of Solomon 4:1 Behold, you
are beautiful, my love, behold, you are beautiful! Your eyes are
doves behind your veil. Your hair is like a flock of goats leaping down the slopes of Gilead.

Just as powerful as you are, you are beautiful too and should be respected, no woman should be subjected to the abuse both physical or mental by anyone (men, children or another woman). You were created as a “helper” to man but with your own desires, vision and dreams without you we are lost.

Genesis 2:18, 22-24 Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” … And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman
and brought her to the man. Then the man said, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” Therefore a
man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

So what we have learned from the happenings in 1956 is..

When you strike the women,
you strike a rock,
you will be crushed [you will die]!

Harsh words in a harsh world, empowering woman but also teaching men respect in order for history not to repeat itself.


The Big Bang Theory

Many years ago….we talking millions if not billions of light years there was a big bang and all the dinosaurs disappeared. There was one clever man who never knew how to use a comb and he said many clever things that would change the world as we know it.

Logic will take you from A-B, but imagination will take you everywhere – Albert Einstein

Ok you might seem confused with that opening paragragh well it is National Science Week and the Cape Town Science Centre opened their doors and expert knowledge pool for all to enjoy, and hopefully explain the big bang theory better than I could.

Cape Town Science Centre: Mission Statement
To make a hands-on contribution to South Africa’s future by strengthening its science and technology culture through interactive methods of teaching: to excite the youth and general public about science, and offer educational services to learners and educators across South Africa.

We always hear the government preaching maths and science as career paths, well a visit to the science centre and you’ll realise just how much fun Maths and Science really can be. With over 250 Interactive exhibits you are bound to lose track of time who knows you might even venture into…..

..outerspace – One small leap for mankind, One GIANT leap for anyone who can fit in that suit.

You are able to solve various puzzles and learn many new amazing things, yes the internet and the media probably gave you all the information you need but what fun is that. The Science Centre lets you touch, smell, feel even taste REAL SCIENCE in action now that sounds more exciting to me so get off your..


..bed of nails there is a whole..
image of science to discover I even found out how tornado’s are formed not the one’s in Sharknado (unfortunatly), challenge a friend to mind ball or strap yourself into Gyroscope. The Science Centre is for young and old to enjoy all you have to do is bring a curious mind and a new world awaits, a world of exciting opportunities.

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see – John Whiteman

If a visit to the science centre doesn’t blow your mind maybe this riddle will.

How many of me are there in the above picture?

Desperate times, desperate measures.

Champagne on arrival, red carpet rolled out, a DJ, Popcorn and drinks….all that was missing was Tom Cruise oh wait he was there in Ultra High Definition, this was how we experienced the new Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – in ultimate luxury thanks to Ster Kinekor Canvendish Cine Prestige.


The seats so cool it rivals the gadgets used in the movie, cupholders that keep your drink chilled, reclining seats all you need is a blanket, wall to wall high definition screen you can see the wrinkles in Tom Cruise face as he does his own stunts. (cmon it has been 19 years since the first Mission Impossible).

The movie was everything you expect from the franchise, action galore – watching it on the big screen made some of the scenes that much more intense…with the added humour it is arguably the best Mission Impossible  of the series. To be honest it was predictable and over the top at times but after 5 movies we all know the mission is not really impossible right.

I’ve heard the stories. They
can’t all be true.” – qoute from movie

If you loved the previous instalments in the franchise you’ll enjoy this one, action-packed, hold your breath for one ‘helluva’ ride.

This message will self destruct.….

But first we need to enjoy some coffee and cake after the movie as part of the luxury experience. 1, 2, 3.

Dun dun dada.
Dun dun dada.
Dun dun dada.
Dun dun dada. Dun
dun dada. Dun dun
dada doo de doo doo
de doo doo de doo
doo do.

Gone in 60 Minutes..

Team: Flying fish. Awesome hour, so close guys. Those MATHS skills!! #hinthuntsouthafrica…

What an awesome hour it was…the  excitement was high as we were expecting great things from our team……except those maths skills.

From the briefing before you enter the room till the end your heart is racing, an adrenaline, fun filled 60 minutes with awesome stories to reflect on afterwards….that is if you still leave as friends or colleagues  once the clock stops ticking.

The goal is simple yet
challenging: get out in time!
Else … you could be trapped
inside forever! During this
engaging and challenging game
team members truly live and
breathe in union for an hour.

There are two different rooms to choose from The John Monroe Office or the Zen Room both with its own set of difficulty so already you have your choice set out for you…our choice was the John Monroe Office.

5 friends entered all excited and enthusiastic boasting about beating the room (okay fine it was mostly me, talk is cheap once you inside.) once inside it was a whole different story. Think CSI, BONES, NUMB3RS and abit of FRIENDS if you like us taking time-out to take old school selfies (no phones or camera’s allowed inside the room so you have to join the experience to get what I mean 😉 ).

If you love Cluedo and hate Monopoly then this is the perfect game for you because it actually ends after 60 minutes…all clue I can give is do not over think and most importantly HAVE FUN, oh yes and team work is important.

This was one amazing experience we all enjoyed, we were called team FLYING FISH and it showed in us all flying around through the room solving each puzzle only to end up rock bottom with simple maths skills (I am only a tax administrator 9-5 WEEKDAYS so don’t blame me – there is no I in TEAM o_O ).


We all had an amazing time and even though we were so close we left the room friendship intact and many memories to share…..I bet we even left the Hint Hunt team with a top 10 video to watch on their year end function hahaha.

For more info visit the website and test your skills…… precaution don’t take it too seriously it is a game after all….or is it….

*tee tee dum* *Insert CSI or LAW and ORDER music o_O.