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The Women of Keen

We have reached the end of a wonderful month, full of love and appreciation for the Women in our lives, as well as all Women who contribute daily to make our lives better…..there is a saying that goes:

Eleanor Roosevelt, “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

In celebration of this month we at The Keen Movement would like to show our appreciation with a couple of words that inspire us and hopefully inspires you to become a Women of Keen.

“The women of Keen are “being the change that they want to see in the world”. They see beyond themselves and they understand that they not only have a responsibility to make a difference in this world, but that they also have the power to do so.” – KB

“The women of Keen are strong. A strong woman works hard, she chases what she believes in, and she does it all for herself. No one else. She loves endlessly and shows appreciation to those around her. Most importantly, she isn’t selfish, and once she makes it, she reaches back to help others.” – Brendon

A question was posed to the men of Keen asking if they could invite any 3 women who inspires them to dinner who would they be and why?

“I would invite my Grandma as she was my rock, she use to listen to my silly stories with interest and is the inspiration of my blog. Her memory drives me to share my crazy adventures with the world.

Angelina Jolie, she has long been a celebrity crush of mine, she has also done much in term of humanitarian work so I think it would be interesting to hear her stories…..I think I’d be abit star-struck though.

Malala Yousafzai, I think her stance on Education and her story in inspiring. There is no such thing as you are too young, if you believe in something there will be an outcome, if we direct our energy in the right manner.” – Shaun

There are many inspiring women I think the choice was to much for the guys to choose….maybe we should not limit ourselves next time.

Brendon had the following influential women of his list:

“I would invite, yes I know some of them are no longer with us, Marie Curie. She was a scientist and inventor of note and I’d love to pick her brains. Oprah because she is one of the most influential women still with us. And last but not least, Jane Goodall, a conservationist and leader in non-human rights projects”

What would be served at the dinner?

I hope my cooking skills are up to scratch and that my guests would be impressed with some Breyani. – Shaun

“I would serve Ramen, because I have never tried it before but it looks delicious.” – KB

Would you wash the dishes afterwards?

Uh really what question is this, ofcourse we would – All

We would like to end off with some words of inspiration from our Women of Keen……

It’s biasedly believed that it’s second nature for women to place the wellbeing of others before hers. I believe so too, but the Keen Gene is all inclusive. It’s about having generous consideration for the others, something which we all have and the more we use it, the more everyone will naturally be encouraged to too. There are so many ways to be considerate and show compassion – give a hug to someone in need, ask “how are you?” and expect an authentic answer in return, do something willingly and not from a place of obligation, simply just care… or of course join us at The Keen Movement! – Jade

….and for all Women remember that YOU are powerful beyond measure, continue in YOUR strength and continue to RISE no matter the circumstance…one of Nicole’s favourite poems to carry you into the new month:

Still I Rise
You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
Weakened by my soulful cries?

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don’t you take it awful hard
’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
Diggin’ in my own backyard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in pain
I rise
I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.

Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise.

Follow the link below and join the movement.

A celebration of Young Classical Musicians

present the

47th Annual Event

Saturday 1 September 2018 at 19h30
Artscape Theatre
Conducted by Brandon Phillips

A celebration of Young Classical Musicians

The Western Cape Youth Music Festival is a highlight on the classical music calendar presented by Artscape Theatre Centre and the Cape Town Philharmonic orchestra (CPO). This year celebrates its 47th year with 12 extraordinarily talented young classical musical instrumentalists and singers who successfully auditioned to have the opportunity of performing on a professional stage with the CPO. This prestigious concert is on 1 September, 2018 in the Artscape Theatre at 7.30pm.

The soloist’s ages range from 20 to 25 years. Seven are currently studying at the SA College of Music at UCT and four at the University of Stellenbosch. The one exception is eight year old Eléna Monvoisin who is home-schooled and plays the piano.

Also playing piano are Ian Bothma (22) and Shaheel Kooverjee (23). There are three cellists Lauren Wesley-Smith (21), Chris Njapha (21) and Nastassja Pretorius (21). Joshua Louis (21) plays the Violin and Uliana Alekseev (20) Viola. Cameron Williams (21) Clarinet and Lihle Mabhula (20) Flute. Two arias will be sung by Soprano Sinesipho Funo (23) and Tenor Keanan Lyle Mitchell (25)

TOP: Joshua Louis (21) Violin, Sinesipho Funo (23) Soprano, Ian Bothma (22) Piano, Cameron Williams (21) Clarinet.

MIDDLE: Lauren Wesley-Smith (21) Cello, Lihle Mabhula (20) Flute, Shaheed Kooverjee (23) Piano & Chris Njapha (21) Cello.

BOTTOM: Conductor Brandon Phillips & Eléna Monvoisin (8) Piano

Photographer: Bronwyn Lloyd

The appeal of the works presented, as well as good variety in the overall programme content, played an important part in the final selection of these musicians. Much of the biggest repertoire and most exciting to listen to and perform is in the concerto field (instrument with orchestra) and opera field (voice and orchestra). The composers chosen by the soloists include; David Popper, Louis Spohr, Murice Ravel, George Frideric Handel, Edward Elgar, Edvard Grieg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Camille Saint-Saëns, Cecile Chaminade, Max Bruch, George Gershwin and Frédéric Chopin.

Brandon Phillips, resident conductor and principal bassoon of the CPO conducts the orchestra and spends time with each soloist preparing them for the concert. Concert Master is Patrick Goodwin.

Marlene le Roux, CEO of Artscape Theatre Centre remarks; ‘Once again we are astounded at the standard of these young soloists and welcome the return of two musicians who auditioned again this year. Shaheel Kooverjee performed in 2015, completed his BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Cape Town. Throughout his UCT studies, he concurrently studied piano performance. He now has an Honours Degree and is an associate Software Engineer continuing to pursue his classical piano studies through the SA College of Music at UCT’.

‘Cameron Williams performed in 2016 and is in his third year of a Bachelor of Music degree in clarinet performance, with additional mathematics subjects, at the University of Stellenbosch. He is the principal clarinettist of the US Symphony Orchestra and Wind Band and studies both clarinet and saxophone. Together with many of the soloists this year who are completing their music degrees and have won several awards and scholarship, they also perform with their university, youth and other orchestras.’

‘We applaud the soloists, their teachers, music institutions and parents who nurture and support these young artists as this is a journey of many years. Stepping onto the Artscape stage in performance with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra is a significant milestone in their careers.’

‘Working with young musicians has always been part of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra’s mission, and the Artscape Youth Music Festival is a perfect match’, says Louis Heyneman, CEO of the CPO. ‘The orchestra and its predecessors have been a part of the festival, from the days when David Tidboald first established it in 1971. An integral part of orchestral life in Cape Town until not too many years before his death this year at the age of 92. We know he would have been proud of the young musicians who share the stage this year.’

The adjudicating panel were Alastair Cockburn (Artistic Co-ordinator), Daniel Neal (Librarian and adhoc Cellist for the CPO), Aviva Pelham (well-known Opera Star and Director), Ronnie Samaai (Music Educator and member of the CPO Board of Directors and Phillip Swales (former Music Subject Advisor of the Western Cape Education Department). Their knowledge, support and dedication to this project over years has seen the growth of many successful musicians, who today are performing on local and international stages. The Youth Music Festival being amongst their first.


Cameron Williams (21) Clarinet, Lihle Mabhuta (20) Flute, Ian Bothma (22) Piano, Joshua Louis (21) Violin, Uliana Alekseev (20) Viola, Sinesipho Funo (23) Soprano & Lauren Wesley – Smith (21) Cello.


Shaheel Kooverjee (23) Piano, Chris Njapho (21) Cello, Eléna Monvoisin (8) Piano, Conductor Brandon Phillips & Keanan Lyle Mitchell (25) Tenor.

Photographer: Bronwyn Lloyd

This event is always sold out so it is suggested to book early.

Tickets cost R80. Pensioners and students R40 with valid ID, Scholars 5-18 R40. Block bookings of 10 or more less 10%. Book through Artscape Dial-a-Seat 021 421 7695, Computicket, Shoprite and Checkers outlets, call 0861 915 8000 or book online or

For more information contact Debbie Damons on 021 410 9915.

Who let the TAP DOGS out???

Who let the TAP DOGS out?
(tickety, tac, tickety, tac, tickety)
Who let the TAP DOGS out?
(doof, doof, doof, ping)
Who Who let the TAP DOGS out?
(tickety, tac, tickety, tac, tickety)

There are no words to describe how amazing this production is, with the tapping of their feet and some other surprises these talented individuals take you for an exhilarating journey that will set all your senses alight.

I really didn’t know what to expect, thought it is going to be like a rock concert but boy was I surprised…..every scene came with a new twist and the energy is heart-pounding. The show will definitely leave you with HAPPY FEET.

A cross between Billy Elliot, David Blaine and Stomp The Yard……it was jam packed with entertainment and enjoyable for the whole family. I would definitely recommend seeing this show wherever they may tour.

What I enjoyed most is that it looked like so much fun, reminding me of how I use to crush cans and put it under my shoes just to hear that tapping/scratching sound. A positively inspiring production showing that anything is possible – ofcourse it takes alot of hard work and dedication but in the end if we are having fun it will make things so much more easier (in my opinion.)

“I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards” – Abraham Lincoln

Whoever let the TAP DOGS out, I am thankful – Awesome, Unexpected, full of imagination and energy……

Who let the TAP DOGS out?
(tickety, tac, tickety, tac, tickety)
Who let the TAP DOGS out?
(doof, screech, doof, ping)
Who let the TAP DOGS out?
(tickety, tac, tickety, tac, tickety)

Who let the TAP DOGS out?
(tickety, tac, tickety, tac, SPLISH, SPLASH!!)

Back where we belong!!!

I am from Cape Town and excitement is in the air as it was announced that ULTRA South Africa will be back where it all started 6 years ago, people have been asking for this and it is happening…..





ULTRA South Africa , Africa’s largest electronic music festival, proudly announces its return to Cape Town and Johannesburg for the SIXTH edition.

After two years at the Cape Town Stadium, ULTRA South Africa organisers have decided to return the Cape Town event to where it all began — The Ostrich Farm. This open-air venue brings back a familiar festival feeling, larger dance floors and the party atmosphere that ULTRA is known for.

The Johannesburg event will continue its long-standing tradition at Expo Centre, Nasrec. The venue’s size, accessibility and infrastructure make it the best suited venue in the city to house this iconic electronic dance music brand.

Ticket registration is now open. Only those who register will have access to the lowest-cost tickets available.

Register now at
Tickets will be available for purchase beginning on Tuesday, August 28th at 12:00pm SAST exclusively at

TICKET PRICING (price excludes booking fee)
Cape Town–
General Admission:
R500 – Tier 1 (By Registration Only)
R650 – Tier 2
R900 – Tier 1 (By Registration Only)
R1250 – Tier 2
R1500 –

Johannesburg —
General Admission:
R600 – Tier 1 (By Registration Only)
R800 – Tier 2
R1000 – Tier 1 (By Registration Only)
R1500 – Tier 2
R3000 – Tier 1
R4000 – Tier 2


About ULTRA Worldwide™
The ULTRA brand in relation to live events was founded in 1997 in Miami by Executive Producer, President & CEO, Russell Faibisch, who began by producing electronic music events which led to the inaugural Ultra Music Festival® in 1999 on the sands of Miami Beach.

The internationally renowned festival, which has taken place every March since its inception, celebrated its twentieth anniversary on March 23-25, 2018 by bringing over 165,000 music enthusiasts to the sold out waterfront event in the heart of the City of Miami. Ultra Music Festival®, recently voted the world’s #1 Festival by DJ Mag for the second consecutive year, returns to Bayfront Park for its 21st annual edition on March 29-31, 2019.

Choosing to follow a unique and creative vision and a wholly organic growth focused on its true love for music, artists and fans alike, the ULTRA and ULTRA Worldwide™ brands represent not only the world’s biggest and most successful remaining INDEPENDENT electronic music festival brand, but also the most international festival brand in the world. Event organizers continue to transport the unrivaled experience from the Miami flagship festival to an ever-growing number of destinations and Ultranauts all over the globe.

Over the past twenty years, thousands of the world’s most iconic DJs, producers and live acts have mesmerized audiences with awe-inspiring sets at ULTRA festivals in ARGENTINA, BALI, BRASIL, CHILE, CHINA, CROATIA, IBIZA, JAPAN, KOREA, MEXICO, SINGAPORE, SOUTH AFRICA and of course MIAMI, as well as ROAD TO ULTRA® events in AUSTRALIA, BOLIVIA, CHILE, COLOMBIA, HONG KONG, INDIA, KOREA, MACAU, PARAGUAY, PERU, THE PHILIPPINES, PUERTO RICO, SINGAPORE, TAIWAN, THAILAND and the USA. Each new global edition has been founded on the same successful recipe that has been perfected over twenty years in Miami, combining the most diverse electronic talent with the most technologically advanced, large-scale festival productions in the world.

The ULTRA brands have pioneered the live stream experience with ‘ULTRA LIVE’ (with over 650 million live stream and recorded set views from Ultra Music Festival Miami since 2013) and the audio broadcasting platform ‘UMF RADIO’ (syndicated to FM Radio in over 62 countries and reaching more than 22 million listeners weekly). Also UMF FILMS’ collaboration with FINAL KID has seen some of the most visually breath-taking festival aftermovies in the music space, including a feature-length documentary exploring the explosion of dance music, entitled CAN U FEEL IT™, which was premiered on the red carpet at the Klipsch Amphitheater in Miami in 2012 and was exhibited in over 500 theaters across the Unites States.

2016 and 2017 saw the ULTRA and ULTRA WORLDWIDE™ brands continue to push the boundaries even further, bringing an unparalleled combination of cutting edge productions and the world’s best electronic acts back to previous strongholds and new frontiers across the globe. With the SOLD-OUT edition of ULTRA Brasil®, ULTRA Singapore™ having become a full scale two-day festival, RESISTANCE’s debut standalone South America Tour, and the debut of ROAD TO ULTRA®’s Hong Kong, 2016 was one of the brand’s most successful years to date. A RESISTANCE summer residency began at Privilege Ibiza in 2017, while ULTRA China debuted in Shanghai on September 9-10, 2017. Also in 2017, two ROAD TO ULTRA® events took place in New Delhi and India.

ULTRA® revealed further expansion into México October 6-7, 2017, Melbourne for Road to ULTRA Australia February 24, 2018, and a full-scale 2-day festival in Sydney in 2019. Road To ULTRA Taiwan was also upgraded to a full 2-day festival taking place September 8-9, 2018, and ULTRA Beijing has been confirmed for September 15 and 16 of 2018. RESISTANCE revealed brand new standalone dates throughout South America, with new editions set to take place in Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Panama for the very first time. In March 2018, the brand also announced its acquisition of Miami’s Winter Music Conference. The ULTRA brand will be present in at least TWENTY-SEVEN COUNTRIES across SIX CONTINENTS worldwide by the end of 2018.

Here comes the Pain…

After weeks of talk it was finally time to settle things in the middle of the Hexagon, that is where the real ACTION is…


It was an intense night of bone-crunching action, 9 fights on the card and a packed Grandwest Arena we really felt every punch, ducking and diving imitating the athletes in the Hexagon.

I was really looking forward to the women’s flyweight bout between Shana Power and Paulwethu Namba which got cancelled in an announcement during the pre-fight press conference and Luke Michaels’ bout against Armand Scheepers. Armand overshooting the welterweight limit by 9kg meant that the match got cancelled.

Despite the above it was still an awesome fight card, from Navy Diver to professional MMA fighter Dave Dove kicked off the prelim fights against Serge Kasanda. Kasanda striked his way to a victory in the second round spoiling the debut of Dove.

Another EFC debutant Hermie Drotschie took on Francois Kundari in a lightweight bout…Drotschie had some extra pressure as his brother Gideon Drotschie was also fighting later in the evening. The fight started off with some wild shots but quickly ended after Drotschie locked in the armbar submission hold. Kundari tapped out securing a victory for Drotschie 1:35 minutes into round 1.

Jones vs Mailer, this was an awesome stand up fight, powerful shots fired from both fighters. It was more of a technical boxing match and a knock to the jaw ended it for Jones in the second round. Mailer won on the night.

A fight of the night contender in my opinion was Muyambo vs Makulu…..this match up was intense going all 3 rounds. There were times when the referee could’ve ended it earlier but thankfully the crowd favourite Bruno Mukulu won by unanimous decision from the judges.

The heavyweight clash between Willem Smith and Matunga Dikasa went so fast I just blinked and boom there was a tap out….Smith could not hold the pain of the choke-hold it took just 28 seconds in round 1 and it was over.

In the sixth fight of the night, Justin Smith came with a wind-up punch in the first round and knocked out Giovanni Pretorius in their welterweight bout.

Another win by a crowd favourite, Faeez Jacobs beat Tumisang Madiba with a guillotine choke hold…..once locked in all you can do is Tap Out.

Gideon Drotschie versus Jenaid Ebanks, this was my fight of the night…it had everything, hard hits, saved by the bell moments and blood.

G. Drotschie showed his intent on conquering the middleweight division after dropping down in weight class, he never gave up, with blood running down his face from a cut above his eye he took it to the end. The judges decision was final….a double win the the Drotschie brothers at EFC 72 infront of their home town fans.

The final fight, the Light Heavyweight Championship on the line. Martin Van Staden defending his title against The Pain Train Dave Mazany from the USA, this was a tough match to call but if it were up to the crowd Van Staden should have won. Intense action, you could feel the tension between the fighters as they tried to end it within the allocated title fight 5 rounds. The deafening support from the crowd for Martin was amazing, BUT……

..the judges called a winner with a controversial split decision….the new EFC Light Heavyweight Champion – DAVE MAZANY.

…..lookout for a possible re-match soon tooot toooot The Pain Train will be back!!

The official EFC 72 results are:

Dave Mazany defeated Martin Van Staden to take the EFC light heavyweight championship by split decision.

Gideon Drotschie defeated Jenaid Ebanks via unanimous decision.

Faeez Jacobs defeated Tumisang Madiba via tapout (guillotine choke) 4:31 into round 1.

Justin Smith defeated Giovanni Pretorius via knockout 3:36 into round 1.

Matunga Djikasa defeated Willem Smith via tapout (guillotine choke) 0:28 into round 1.

Bruno Mukulu defeated Regis Muyambo via unanimous decision.

Anthony Mailer defeated Duane Jones via KO 0:27 into round 2.

Hermie Drotschie defeated Francois Kundari via tapout (armbar) 1:35 into round 1.

Serge Kasanda defeated Chris Dove via TKO (strikes) 2:15 into round 2.

All eyes now turn to EFC 73 Kalunda vs Da Rocha, Moyo vs Vanderaa is presented by and takes place on Saturday 8 September live from Sun City, Northwest. Tickets are on sale soon at, and the 5 main card bouts will be broadcast live on Kwesé Free Sports 1 (Kenya & Rwanda), Kwese TV (Sub-Saharan Africa), SABC 3 (South Africa), FIGHT SPORTS (Where available) & (Where available) starting at 21:30 (CAT). Full broadcast details available on Prelim fights will be available for free on the official EFC Facebook page.

About EFC® – The Extreme Fighting Championship®

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, EFC is a world leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organisation. The Extreme Fighting Championship produces 10 live events annually at sold out arenas. With over 150 athletes exclusively contracted to the organisation, EFC showcases the greatest warriors on the planet.

EFC events are broadcast live in over 120 countries around the world on numerous television networks in multiple languages. EFC programming is available weekly in 600+ million TV households worldwide, making it one of the most recognisable MMA brands on the planet.

For more information visit, or follow us at and