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Get ready for another incredible sunset experience brought to you by Corona.

The Corona Chasing Sunsets experiences featuring Sam Feldt. A magical tour of beautiful beaches and epic events spreading the beauty of the setting sun and an unforgettable musical experience.

Dutchman Sam Feldt has become quite the deep house tastemaker of his day. With amazing remix work as well as solid hits like the early 2015 release ‘Show Me Love’, which proved to be his definite claim to fame, he’s one of the DJs to watch when it comes to a new sound flooding the scene.

Experience the beauty of a perfect sunset at these spectacular venues:








Follow our event page at for more information.

Lets start the summer season off with a bang……show some love!!!


Five Years of Ultra South Africa

Ultra South Africa is back in March 2019 and about to drop their Phase 1 line-up. Aren’t you curious to find out which international DJ’s will be rocking the Ultra main stages next year?

The last FIVE years have seen some of the biggest DJs in the world visit the iconic Ultra stages, Spotify have put a throwback playlist together to celebrate Ultra SA’s massive line-ups showcasing the unbelievable talent they’ve had visit and spoil South Africans.

All of the favourites, and more, this playlist will stoke the nostalgia and fuel the excitement for 2019.

Who are U hoping will be coming?

I can already hear the bass drop and the lightshow…….5 year celebration going to be AWESOME – The Ostrich Farm in Cape Town is going to be lit intz intz intz intz.

Ultranauts Unite!!!!


There is just something phenomenal about live events, the lights, the sound, the atmosphere,everything coming together smoothly……this is probably the best feeling for an artist.

Daughtry set Grandwest alight (not literally although it looks like it in the picture – my bad, new phone sponsorship *hint*). 13 years in the industry and just released there 5th album they were awesome. The mixture of old and new songs flowed seamlessly and the best part of it all was that you could feel that they were enjoying themselves. Cape Town is amazing and we love good music.

The opening act, Jesse Clegg warmed the stage up nicely, wow this guy can sing…….I hope to see more of his live shows in future. We have great South African musicians doing well abroad which is inspiring. You can throw our people in the DEEP END and we will swim, we have real BACKBONE. South Africa has talent.

The song choice from Daughtry was cool and each member of the band had time to shine….but it was lead singer Chris Daughtry who held it all together. The Grand Arena felt like a Rattling Cage with the noise from the crowd singing together to each song. When we thought it was over they came out again and felt like they did not want to LEAVE THIS TOWN.

South Africa knows how to make people feel like they are HOME – I love this city and it’s people, I am sure the band felt the love too.

I have no regrets in attending this concert, it is all about living in the moment….WHAT ABOUT NOW, IT’S NOT OVER…..there is no time like the present unless YOU WAITING FOR SUPERMAN.

That’s it from me let me wave the WHITE FLAG, peace out….much love.

Thank you to everyone involved in bringing us these awesome live acts.

Open Street Fever

Have you noticed that the lady has stopped apologising for the delay in trains at Salt River Station…..this doesn’t mean there are no more delays uh OH NO NO NO, I think she just realised we are already gatvol.

I wonder if people know that October is Transport Month, with petrol prices skyrocketing….the Taxi industry soma confused with the calculation of fares daar is ‘n verskil tussen die prys in ‘n Bellville Taxi en ‘n Kensington Taxi maar ons almal gaan mos Kaap toe.

Are there even Golden Arrow Busses anymore?…..Gone are the golden days I guess dis nou MyCiti, I recently saw that they are expanding the routes maar daar is nog altyd mense wat strike.

Enough with this morose mood, I still enjoy taking public transport even with all it’s issues. Drastic action is need for a turn-around strategy and I hope to see improvement in the near future….the technology aspect is cool though twitter keep us up to date on the MyCiti busses and Metro Rail.

To end off this transport month the Streets of Woodstock will be Open on the 28 October 2018 between 09:00 – 14:00 stretching between Sir Lowry and Victoria Roads, between Russel Street and Roodebloem Road. As always alternative transport is encouraged….walk, skate, crawl, skip, cycle, run and laugh your way through an awesome vibe.

Open Streets are always a fun-filled day for the whole family, an integrated space to explore our city without the exhaust fumes, noise and dodging cars. There will be many activities and people to meet on the day so get out to Woodstock on Sunday and have some fun in the sun.

The 2018/19 Streets are finally OPEN.

For more info follow the streets…I mean link


Historic event takes place December 2018 at Time Square, Pretoria

Pretoria, South Africa – Cannabis is big business. The versatile cannabis plant, which has a huge variety of uses, is making waves globally in industries across the business spectrum. The last few years have seen a massive increase in the number of businesses and medical professionals in South Africa getting involved with cannabis-related products, and with attitudes and legislation changing globally around the plant, cannabis is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing industries to be in.

Today it was announced that The Cannabis Expo, a trade and consumer exhibition dedicated to the cannabis industry, has been launched in South Africa. The Cannabis Expo 2018 takes place at Time Square in Menlyn, Pretoria from 13 to 16 December. The historic event will be hosted annually around the country, moving to Cape Town, Durban and back to the capital city later in 2019.

“Internationally, every major country hosts annual cannabis expos that attract tens of thousands of people each, from the USA to Germany to Australia to name a few. Now The Cannabis Expo is heading to South Africa,” says expo director of sales, Sarah Howarth. “The cannabis industry is exploding, and The Cannabis Expo provides the perfect platform for international and local medical health professionals, agricultural providers and lifestyle brands to engage with industry experts and the public around this versatile plant.”

The Cannabis Expo includes an exhibitor hall, networking and entertainment spaces as well as featuring a convention stage and workshop hosting local and international experts from across the industry. It is the largest exhibition of its kind on the African continent, and due to a number of reasons, such as this country’s liberal laws, geographic climate, population demographic and the wide array of cultures, South Africa is expected to become one of the largest cannabis industry marketplaces in the world.

“The opportunities within the industry are endless, however up until now, there hasn’t been a central place for cannabis-related products to be marketed, and for education and information around cannabis to be shared. The Cannabis Expo provides a perfect platform and opportunity for businesses and interested parties within the industry,” states Howarth.
The cannabis industry has seen unrivalled interest and growth globally, with Africa already playing an integral part of the success. Now with the launch of The Cannabis Expo, and on the back of the recent High Court ruling regarding the use of cannabis in South Africa, Africa is bounding ahead with this global movement.

With such a variety of cannabis-related products and services already legally on the market, The Cannabis Expo will host businesses and professionals from all sectors of the industry: healthcare, medicinal, growing, harvesting and processing technologies, product retailers and innovators, legislation groups and government departments.

From the convention stage at The Cannabis Expo, experts will talk about healthcare, policy, legislation, and other cannabis-related topics. Medical talks will be aimed at healthcare providers and patients and cover a variety of topics like cannabis cultivation and extraction, as well as the endocannabinoid system, and its clinical and therapeutic implications. The Cannabis Expo offers a platform where people can access the industry and its products, and the public can learn about cannabis-based medicine and other cannabis products.

The Cannabis Expo 2018 takes place in the new and impressive The Maslow Time Square, in Menlyn, Pretoria. A top Sun International casino and entertainment destination, Time Square attracts thousands of people through its doors every day thanks to its central and easilyaccessible location and myriad entertainment, dining, hospitality and conferencing offerings.

Interested businesses and professionals can now book exhibitor space and confirm their participation in The Cannabis Expo 2018, taking place from 13-16 December 2018. Visit: for more information. Sarah Howarth can be reached on +27 79 557 1555


Who are you?

Where are you from?

What is your Identity?…..We all have an ID with information that would identify us as an entity called a Human Being.

These are the types of questions always posed as we celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa, we “braai” and chat about the ins and outs of the cultural diversity that we have in our amazing country. With the aromatic smell of the boerewors, chops and marinated chicken sizzling on the fire….nothing compliments it better that on a ice cold Castle Lager.

Our country has a rich history which is documented in various tv programmes and books….but there are many untold stories, the ones that are not documented on paper or the tv screen, these are the real South African stories and can only being experience through conversation. Sometimes this communication can get confused owing to the many official languages we have, but through mutual respect there is hope of bridging the gap and building a better solidified community for all – communication is the key that can unlocks our potential.

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” – Mahatma Gandhi

As I sit here and reflect on this past month I am thinking about the Cape Town City vs Kaizer Chiefs match played recently at the Cape Town Stadium, sport really does bring a nation together……matches like these gets me excited and brings back that 2010 World Cup gees. This will forever be part of our Heritage.

Another highlight of this month was watching the Ellen Pakkies movie, an emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish….it is a movie that deserves discussion like many of our other local productions. If we start openly discussing the issues in our country in a civilized manner I think it can drive a turn-around strategy towards a brighter future for our kids.

Lastly I look at the flower, the beautiful Protea….bringing colour to our lives and intensifying our diversity, in my family hometown of Elim we celebrate Blommefees every two years where families and friends come together marvelling at this beauty.

“My heritage has been my grounding, and it has brought me peace.” – Maureen O’ Hara

To my South African brothers and sister have an amazing Heritage Day and continue to protect and nurture your IDentity.

“A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational and economic legacies – all of the things that quite literally make us who we are.” – Steve Berry

Young and Talented

This past weekend The Artscape hosted the 47th annual Youth Music Festival, starting in 1971 with a vision from David Tidboald whereby young instrumental soloists and singers would be given the opportunity of performing annually with a professional orchestra.

The soloists were all under the age of 25 with the youngest performer being 8 year old Eléna Monvoisin, she played the piano as though she is made for the stage with such elegance and precision. She also plays the violin and oboe.

All the youngster were hand picked after having auditioned, the criteria included being classically trained, perform at a very high standard and resident or studying in the Western Cape. The appeal of the works presented, as well as good variety in the overall programme content played an important part in the final selection of these musicians.

Accompanied by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra these young musicians took the opportunity with both hands, their fingers and mouths working magic, I was particularly impressed in the hard work and dedication that was put into each piece.

Although it was not a competition I had my favourites:

Lauren Wesley-Smith (21), playing the cello since the age of 10. She has played in a number of orchestras, including sharing Principle for the Kwazulu-Natal Youth Orchestra, Co-Principle for the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra, Principal for UP 4 Strings, Principal for the South African National Youth Orchestra and is currently sharing Principal for the Stellenbosch University Symphony Orchestra.

Sinesipho Funo (23), she started singing in a school choir, participating in SASCE competitions. In 2016, as a chorus member of Cape Town Opera, Sinesipho travelled to Argentina where they performed.

Chris Njapha (21), started playing cello at the age of 17. Since then he has been completely drawn to its sound and is currently studying music at the University of Stellenbosch with Babette Roosenschoon.

Eléna Monvoisin (8), she won best violinist 10 years and under at the Cape Town Eisteddford in 2018 among other accolades.

Lihle Mabhula (20), she has played in the Eastern Cape Youth Orchestral Experience (Wind Band) for two years while in high school and for her Grade 6 Trinity exam received a medal for having attained the joint highest position in the Eastern Cape.

As mentioned before all of the young musicians were amazing and I know they will make the most of this stepping stone, read more from my previous blog post

You can also see the Artscape website: