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The devil is a liar…

We are two weeks into the new year and new decade…..this is a year of new beginnings, new experiences and shaking off the cobwebs that has held us back. Breaking the chains, letting go of the weights and focusing on moving forward… FAITH.

What have you learnt from the past decade? 10 years……wow saying it like that it seems like a long time, 10 years ago I went for an interview and I got my first official job in my field of study, I am grateful for the experience and the people I have met along the way…..In the interview they did not ask me where I see myself in 10 years time but if they did I don’t think I would have been able to answer that, do we really think that far ahead at that age? I think at that age I was thinking from day to day…..

10 years later I have had many experiences, been through the good, the bad and the ugly……I have broken down, faced my fears and was lifted up by the Grace of Our Father…….Nothing can hold me down I believe in the Holy Spirit and know that I can overcome anything the adversary has against me…..The devil is a liar!!!!

My pray for the next 10 years….yes I have learnt from the past and planning for the future….I am asking for love, prosperity, blessings in abundance for myself, my friends and my family…..I am praying for continual growth in the path that The Lord has intended for my life…..if you are reading this post I am thankful for your support in my shared experiences through my blog.

Let this year be a year of vision……a clear picture of what is ahead for the next decade….let us take heed of the Lords word and ponder on the theme for 2020’…

…..”I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”



2019…….What a year it has been, I woke up this morning and meditated on how thankful I am for waking up this morning….the last day of the decade.

As South Africans we can really say this was 20Shineteen….there were many highlights for our country….

  • We have all made our mark, our thumbs were inked as we voted and a new President was elected….and looking forward to a new era.
  • The Bokke are the Rugby World Cup Champions…..almal ken soma nou vir Siya….ek het teen hom gespeel toe ons nog op skool was, nah just kidding ofcourse you read that with a Kolbe sidestep……Oh Captain My Captain….thank you for uniting our Country through sport.
  • There was no mistake made, South Africa has the most beautiful woman in the Universe….she is beautiful inside and out, Zozibini Tunzi – Miss Universe 2019, lets continue to pray for the protection of our women and children and revel in their success.
  • Today is the wedding that received massive social media attention namely the #KFCProposal…..various corporates stieked uit and gooied the endorsements, my bru if you didn’t get an invite it’s oryt cos I also never got one….but we are still happy for the couple, weddings should be celebrated.
  • Sho Madjozi saw John Cena….she is sieka the first person to do this, not even Chuck Norris could achieve this feat…..South Africa is kwaai…..we made the invisible visible through music…..I am sure we gona skut into the new year screaming and dancing to the beat of that John Cena number.

There are many more highlights and ofcourse lowlights that left us in darkness…we continue to focus on the brightness that is ahead of us though, we should not be afraid to let our light shine.

Praying for peace and consolation for our beloved South Africa….there is so much to love.

I pray that all doubt and fear is released and the we go into the new year with 2020 vision….

Blessings in abundance to all reading this….PEACE.

Human Nature

Ken julle vir Benny Bushwhacker…yassis this oke is flippen funny, a save the earth, piss drinking good ole nature conservationist.

Now on at The Baxter Golden Arrow Studio, Benny Bushwhacker welcomes us to the Kalahari Desert or Sabie River or wherever his from I dunno it’s probably 4km from Athlone for all we know.. there is mos Lions there right??””’isssssa joke!!!

Sorry but this bloke is not here to save the Lions he is more about saving the Leopards…..the only Lions he is saving is a Lager, ya who drinks warm beer anyway…fokken Eskom…gooi maar vir die man ‘n Brannas met eish from his cooler box that can save global warming.

This a one man show with many characters….and Tarzan is not one of them. Benny Bushwhacker and his friends, yeah I think he knows Thys Die Bosveldklong and That Bear Grylls bra..anyway they will take you on a journey explaining the intricacies of Nature Conservation and how we as Humans can play our part…..

So Save Paper and purchase a ticket online…

Don’t waste plastic… a glass bottle of Lion Lager…..

And don’t waste time….go and see the show it’s only on till the 18 January 2020.


Unchained Melody

It’s been a while since I attended a Cape Cultural Collective event, tonight just reminded me once again how much amazing talent we have in our city. We were freed from mental slavery, emancipated from the blockages that enslave us on a daily basis….the music, dance and poetry flowed through my body bringing with it a mixed bag of emotions.

As I listened to the poems hearing phrases like “I Am Light”, “You the stuff legends are made of” and “Nothing to lose”, I closed my eyes and just took it all in floating away in the poetic flow, nodding in affirmation of the breaking of chains inside my mind.

The first half of the show Odwa Bongo and Diana Ferrus shared their interpretation of freeing ourselves through poetry…

..Elton Goslett, Thami Baba and The Rosa Choir took us on a musical journey….rhythm and blues, jazzy notes and groovy dance moves took us into a short intermission.

What a way to enter the festive season….the Rosa Choir never disappoints, this was their last gig for the year and it was on point as always.

After the break came the talented Vusu Dalisto I loved the way he interpreted the theme adding in the 16 Days of Activism against Woman and Child Abuse….we need to listen to the children when they speak and protect each other.

The headliners for the night were the dynamic duo of Didi and Jules, saying that they are amazing is an understatement. Words cannot describe the talent that these two possess as a duo they match each other perfectly, you can just close your eyes and be transported into another universe of positivity.

Catch Didi and Jules at the Baxter Theatre on 12-13 December you will not be disappointed.

Once again thank you to the organisers and artists for this great event wishing you all well over the festive season and will surely see you all in the new year……this was a cool Black Friday I did not even have to fight anyone to experience joy……

Keep on spreading those Positive Vibrations.

Boogie Woogie

Is ampe 2020 en ons Boogie nog altyd nah die music vannie 70’s en 80’s…..jaasis I am mos happy I was born when music was still leka ek mien ma jy hoor net daai eerste noot dan wil jy soma jou lyf ‘n leka tyd gee.

Best Of The Boogie, celebrating 10 years of sold out shows at The Atscape is mos a gevaarlike way to shake into the festive season….yoh my first time at the show this afternoon and it felt like a Kinky Afro parrrty, die anties gooi soma hulle tanne innie lug toe hulle daai ouens in hulle kort broekies sien.

From Sir Elton John, James Brown, Tina “Head” Turner and the Eccentric Queen accompanied by our very own ever popular Rosa Choir……to name but a few of the amazing covers, oh ya Uncle Bob Marley was oek daar…en Abba…..and ofcourse a leka South African mix of Brenda Fassie.

The king of POPular also made an appearance.

This show is high energy, lights and costumes, laughing till you cry, get up and dance till ur hips hurt……it is sugar and spice and all things nice, it is AWESOME!!

It is cool that the shows are sold out with the support of charity organisations, religious institutions and various other groups, the Maitland Moravians het mos vanmiddag gedance ek dink ons gaan nog weke van die dag praat, miskien ‘n bietjie Gwarra Gwarra byrie next Bazaar…..een ding dit was ‘n leka show.

Thank you to all who brought this show to life julle is almal…..


Back to our Roots

“Traditions are our roots and a profile of who we are as individuals and who we are as a family. They are our roots, which give us stability and a sense of belonging – they ground us.” Lidia Bastianich

The end of September which was also Heritage Month in South Africa we celebrated how diverse our country is with it’s rich history and culture.

The last weekend of September the community of Elim celebrated with the bi-annual Erfenis Fees, a festival that brings the Moravian community from far and wide back to their roots. This year was interesting to me as I heard that their were members of the Khoe-Sān tribe going to walk from The Castle Of Goodhope in Cape Town all the way to Elim, a journey of over 200km this was definitely the embodying the the saying “Taking it back to our Roots”.

Walking is the great adventure, the first meditation, a practice of heartiness and soul primary to humankind. Walking is the exact balance between spirit and humility. -Gary Snyder

Elim for many Moravians is a place of solice and peace, the smell of fresh air in the morning, looking out your door and greeting the person that walks past your house with a smile, a big hello or a wave is what makes this place special.

“A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.” – Denis Waitley

There are many traditions that are religiously upheld in the community, yes things have changed over the years but the core values have and will always prevail….love for your neighbour, keeping God and the Church at the centre of it all will remain the drawcard that brings us all back.

“Those who walk with God, always reach their destination.” ― Henry Ford

It was a festive atmosphere with various acts, from the community and local well-known artists entertaining the crowd, we all enjoyed ourselves and look forward to these festivals each year.

“Don’t worry God has gone before you and prepared the way. Just keep walking.” – Unknown

Flying High

Round 1 of the 2019 Rugby World Cup is complete we saw all the teams compete….it went according to prediction until Uruguay provided the upset against Fiji.

Wales started their campaign off with an impressive win over Georgia winning 43-14.

“We showed the typical Georgian fighting spirit that we’re known for”. The Georgian head coach Milton Haig takes positives away from a strong second half performance from his side against Wales.

Next up was Samoa vs Russia, I am sure The Rock will be proud of his Samoan brothers as they melted the icy Russian defence in an intensely physical battle which featured three yellow cards.

A 25 point victory of Russia meant that the Siva Tau must’ve striked fear into the Russian Team. Final score 09-34.

The Uruguayan camp must be on a high after an incredible win over Fiji, this being their third ever win at a Rugby World Cup.

Only 3% of the Superbru Fans predicted this result, it is fair to say this was the first upset victory. Final score 30-27 to Uruguay.

Can they keep up the momentum and continue to…

Fly High!!