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Eminem: Rap legend

From “Infinite -1996” to the “Marshall Mathers LP 2” -2013, we went through one hell of a ride with this guy….he went to rehab only to recover…people were shouting “Encore” when the last song was sung and the curtains were dropped on “The Eminem Show” He just turned 41 and still going strong.

With his latest album dropping soon we are all excited to see what he has lined up:

The song list of the new album Marshall Mathers LP 2 was released lets go through it together:

“Parking log (skit)” – after so many years he still struggling to reverse park haha

Don’t worry we all know you “rhyme or reason”. and with every album you get “so much better”.

Eminem is a hustler since walking over that 8 mile track it has been all about “Survival” and in the end he will leave a “legacy” as a rap legend.

So all you “A-hole”‘s can stop going “Berzerk” because the new long awaited album from the “Rap god” will be dropping soon.

It will leave you “brainless”.

“Stronger than I was” because I released this “monster” inside me.

“So far”…it was all a “love game” and love is blind so watch out for those “headlights”…before you get knocked over by my “evil twin”.


Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? – he back haha

The Dark Knight

The Batman -Keep Calm and Call Shaun


What makes batman real is that he has no super powers – just a super cool suit and gadgets. He can be anyone – Who is the man behind the mask?

He works alone, the caped crusader. The Dark Knight – vigilante:

Lt. James Gordon: “Because he’s
the hero Gotham deserves, but not
the one it needs right now. So
we’ll hunt him. Because he can
take it. Because he’s not our hero.
He’s a silent guardian, a watchful
protector. A dark knight.”

Just like Batman, I do not want to live forever….but I do want to be remembered forever.

With a new game coming soon in the Arkham range and Batman featuring in the new Man of Steel movie – The legend lives on. The DARK KNIGHT will always RISE again.

To me Joker is the best villain, as portrayed in the movie Batman:The Dark Knight.

The Joker: “Oh, you. You just
couldn’t let me go, could you? This
is what happens when an
unstoppable force meets an
immovable object. You truly are
incorruptible, aren’t you? You
won’t kill me out of some
misplaced sense of self-
righteousness. And I won’t kill you
because you’re just too much fun.
I think you and I are destined to
do this forever. ”


The Dark Knight Rises.

signed by:
Shaun “The Joker” Engel.

Zombie Walk 2013

With Halloween around the corner minions gather to take over the streets of Cape Town for what we like to call…



An annual event for Charity to help raise funds for the Lucky Lucy Foundation….what an exciting concept, I mean who doesn’t like brainsssssssss ryt….if you don’t, you don’t know what you missing out on o_O.

This is my 4th year doing the walk and it just gets bigger and more exciting each year Welldone to the organisers Thank you.


ugggghhh uggghhh is all you hear and shouts of Braiiiiins as the Zombie Apocolypes takes over Cape Town…from Zombie Brides to a Zombie Mario


….but unfortunately no Luigi he ate the wrong mushroom haha….O yes and not forgetting the Zombie Dogs, this year we even had a rat. WOW


To end it all off, this year they had an awesome after party at The Side Show…why??, because besides their love of Brains, Zombies love to move their undead limbs to some filthy Dub and psytrance beats


picture courtesy of Side Show twitter profile, follow them @TheSideShowCT

If you would like to see more pictures and more details about this amazing event visit there facebook page.

Till next year Happy Halloween and feast on, Minions

BRAIIINS….nom nom nom crunch crunch


Some say just like Chuck Norris, I was born with a Moustache

Some say just like the Stig, I listen to Movember blues when driving…

…but all I know is everyone gona wana look like me in November hahaha

Right guys its that time of the year to grow some hair on that upper lip…luckily its not winter uh eating soup with a moustache can be tricky especially……


…if u this guy hahaha

Here are a few ideas to keep it stylish:


choose your style and stick with it, my favourite…the sanchez haha.

For those who do not want to go the moustache route check out the next idea


Hahaha waar gaan die bra met daai los kyf o_O


I moustache u a question….how does growing a scratch patch help with prostate cancer though. o_O – all about awareness 😀

On a serious note its all for a good cause, that is why I rock mine all year long.

Movember – rock on

idees vol vrees – comedy in pictures

Kobus Galloway jou doring

This is one crazy book if you haven’t gotten a copy, do yourself a favour and get it soon – laugh a minute even after you turn the last page.

Here a some of the crazy pictures you’ll see just as a teaser :-D.


“Hierdie is Kakkerlak” – hahahaha


Fruit for thought 😀


lol and he drew these images himself – Wat gaan aan in die man se kop.


Vir al die petrolkoppe hahahaha….Kilpdrift premium ekse.


Daar is Die Antwoord hahahaha


This one killed me haha *may contain traces of nuts* Yoh yoh yoh

Hahaha share this book with your friends sure to put a smile on your dial 😀

Dankie Kobus Galloway check out his website

Proudly South African 😀

Bond..Shaun Bond

Yes Will Smith said he wanted to be the first black James Bond. I think it should be me and it should be made in South Africa.

Gadget of choice a Nokia 3310 if I lose my gun I can use it as a weapon to throw at my enemy, sure to kill him instantaneously hahaha. A watch who needs a fancy one, James Bond doesn’t need time anyway so one from the Grand Parade is fine.

Protecting queen and country…Say What??? Im here to protect JZ and his Queens.

Ok if there is one thing that I want it is the car but not an Aston martin …..huh uh give me an Audi R8 yes that is my car of choice.

“Three measures
of Gordon’s , one of vodka, half a
measure of Kina Lillet . Shake it
very well until it’s ice-cold, then
add a large thin slice of lemon
peel. Got it?”-…/
Oz_and_ James_Drin .. – Casino Royale

Nah too complicated, Give me a Brandy and Coke…and make that a double..Got it?

To be honest I just want to be bond for the girls….because once you go black you never go back…uh or you end up in a wheelchair o_O…sic joke hahahaha

If the extract below don’t convince you that I am the right person to be Bond then nothing will.

“Dr No”, I’m not “From Russia with Love” – Oh Mr Bond stop poking me with your “GoldFinger”, please, call it a “Thunderball”. – Forget Yolo…with me baby “You only live twice” don’t believe me…fine im here “on her majesty’s secret service”. They say “Diamonds are Forever”..but between me and you lets “live or let die”.

Is it true that they call you “The Man with the Golden Gun”…No the names Bond, Shaun Bond but you already knew that because you “the spy who loved me”.

Codename: “Moonraker” – “For your eyes only”…yes with a name like “Octopussy” it damn right should be o_O.

Oh Mr Bond don’t be so modest…”Never say Never again”

I see “a view to a kill” in “the living daylights” I hope I have “licence to kill”….ahhh the sun, it’s hurting my “Goldeneye”

Luckily “Tomorrow never dies”…yes thats right the “World is not enough”, I will live to “Die another Day”

Thank you im off to “Casino Royale” to find my “Quantum of Solace” if anyone needs me and it’s urgent the password to my PC is :”Skyfall”

The names Bond, Shaun Bond. 😉

Moravians Got Talent

Songs of FAITH and PRAISE – this was the theme of the 2013 combined Moravian Chior Festival.

What a beautiful afternoon, the Cape Town weather played along nicely, sunshine and blues skies. Stepping into the auditorium all you see are angels dressed in white on stage and one of them is my mom :-D.

13 pieces of music all dedicated to praising OUR FATHER above, beautifully rendered by the combined Moravian Chior. Hard work and dedication really paid off Thank you.

Not only were we entertained by the voices of angels but we got some brass fever in there too, I mean what is a Moravian music festival without the brass band right. When you hear them play you just want to jump up and move your feet to the beat of the music flowing through your body.

Every piece of music made you smile and feel thankful with joyous praise.

You gotta love the conductors without them the chior would be lost, they lead them with so much passion…love what you do and you will never work a day 😀

And not to forget the beautifully talented Coleta Wesso – Welldone I say this again Moravians got talent – great violin solo

Noya Na – an african traditional song had me in stitches smiling from ear to ear, gotta love the rythym and spirit of music that moves you.

Dum dumdum dummm dumm 😀

“Now Thank We All Our God”


For the love of the game:Man United

Sir Alex Ferguson got a road leading to the “Theatre of Dreams” – Old Trafford named after him this past week.

Finally a blog about sport and its about my favourite soccer team :-D…Man United.
I do not know when or how I started enjoying football, maybe it was just the hype of everyone around me.

I remember having my whole room covered in posters of my favourite players. The legends Beckham, Veron, Scholes, Giggs, van Nistlerooy…yes this was the year when I was really into the team.

I have come to pay less attention now though but still follow them especially the derby’s and the liverpool games. I love the rivalry.

If I were to choose a game to watch live at Old Trafford it would be either United against, Liverpool, Chelsea ,Tottenham or ofcourse a United Derby. They don’t call it the Theatre of Dreams for nothing, lets make mine come true 😀

Ok ok im from South Africa it would not be appropriate without mentioning Bafana, why because we had a legend play at United too Quinton Fortune 😀

Seeing that Fergie is retired, i will say this again please come and coach Bafana.

Here is too the new generation, Rooney, van Persie, Kagawa and team – lets take the team to new heights. 

In Moyes we trust.

Glory Glory Man United.

The Secret

What is the secret? – The secret is the law of attraction, what you portray is what you will receive ie. Negative breeds negative and positive breed positive.

What does this mean to me?

After watching the movie and reading the book, I realised that we all knew the secret and are possibly practising it in our daily lives without really knowing it. While watching it there were moments where I smiled because it opened my eyes to the possibilities of what the world has to offer.

Yes life can be hard at times and you feel like giving up but put that aside and realise that you are the architect of your own life, so put a smile on your face and appreciate all the good things that happen in your life.  Being happy with who you are is the start of the whole process.

I liked the explanation of the creative process, which contains three simple steps, yet it is so hard for us to take that first and most important step which is:

1. Ask – to me this is the most important step as the saying goes; there is no such thing as a stupid question.

2. Believe – with belief comes action, so if you really believe in something you have to put your mind to it and it will happen. THE MIND IS A POWERFUL TOOL

3. Receive – be willing to open your hands and receive whatever is coming your way, as this is yours, remember the first step, you ASKED for it.

What do I do now?

This is not a question one can answer after just watching this movie once, what I can say is that it opened my eyes and made me think and possibly reassess what is important in my life. Focus on being positive and not dwell on the negativity, yes it will always come across your path but GOOD CONQUERS EVIL.

Realise that it is up to me and no one else to believe in what I want and go out there and get it. Visualize my dreams as visualization eventually leads to materiality.

In saying all this, I am starting the whole process by believing and visualization by signing this post.


Mzoli’s – ‘Chesanyama’

My first time at Mzoli’s was amazing,

For all the readers overseas coming to Cape Town make sure to add a township tour into your package and ask the tour guide to take you to Mzoli’s for sunday lunch – alternativaly I would not mind escorting the ladies around town haha 😉

Enjoy some ‘braai vlies’ and ‘pap en wors’, while you wait have a drink bought  from across the road, if you not sure where ask the locals, engage in conversation with your friends or meet some new friends.

It gets pretty crowded so book a table and go early.

There is a DJ that will play perfect tunes to get you in the mood for a party, just don’t dance on a full stomach.

When I went we saw David Guetta….ok not really, we saw his double hahaha only in Cape Town. 😀

When the DJ played Bob Marley the crowd went wild…music brings all cultures together no matter where you from – One Love

WARNING be patient when leaving it gets  hectic outside, the party overflows  to the streets….people watching to much movies – STEP UP 2:The Steets haha

I know you will have a good time…because – ‘Meat is Meat and a man’s gotta eat’ 😀

Chesanyama – don’t know what that means, forgive me it just sounded cool to say o_O – google is your friend. 
– I do know Nyama means meat in IsiZulu though.

And you learnt something new today too. 😀