Career Guidance Available!!!!

The aftermath of the Covid-19 has left many South Africans without jobs and without any hope. The recent release of the unemployment statistics from Stats SA has revealed the high unemployment rate amongst the youth.

The official unemployment rate has marginally increased, growing to a record high of 32.6%, data from Stats SA shows

This has promoted Imbewu and Letho-kuhle foundation to take matters into their own hands.
Imbewu and Letho-Kuhle foundation will be hosting an event to assist Grade 12 students with online university applications for 2022.

The aim of the event is to ensure that an opportunity to succeed is available to disadvantaged Grade 12 students . Assisting the students with university applications will grant them access to the possibility of receiving higher tertiary education hereby reducing their chances of falling victim to the high unemployment rate.

Imbewu Foundation is an NGO that is aimed at the development of young girls in disadvantaged communities.
Letho-Kuhle Foundation is an NGO that is aimed at the development of youth in disadvantaged communities. The collaboration between the two foundations is befitting as they share a common goal to develop and empower the youth of this country.

Career guidance will be available, Graduates and industry professionals from various fields, they will be sharing their experiences from through university to the professions they specialise in.

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it.” —George Lucas


This Saturday Igeu Kabesa puts it all on the line against Brazil’s Reinaldo Ekson

Johannesburg, South Africa – EFC featherweight king, Igeu Kabesa returns to the Hexagon this Saturday for the first time in over two years. The wrestling powerhouse, turned knock-out artist puts his 145 pound title on the hook against the Brazilian warrior, Reinaldo Ekson.

Brazil’s Ekson, entered EFC submitting Tumisang Madiba in an incredible debut performance and is looking to claim his fifth straight win and EFC gold in the process.

The dominant champion with goals to gather titles from the biggest organisations in the world has recently come off emphatic wins against opponents from across the globe; South Africa, Brazil, Scotland and Croatia. He now faces another South American threat and another threat to his global aspirations.

The challenger enters the bout with 50% more MMA fight experience behind him than the champion and after last competing on the same fight card as Kabesa, he now competes in the same fight.

In the highly anticipated co-main event, Alain Ilunga goes head-to-head with Anicet Kanyeba for the interim lightweight title. With the champion, Joe Cummins unable to travel freely due to COVID 19 restrictions he’s been forced to decline a fight at this time, but with two challengers holding a combined 12 fight win streak between them, the divisional hierarchy continues.

Igeu Kabesa vs Ronaldo Ekson – Featherweight Championship
Alain Ilunga vs Anicet Kanyeba – Interim Lightweight Championship
Matunga Djikasa vs Ricky Misholas – Heavyweight
Luthando Biko vs Gian Souza – Flyweight
Robert Simbowe vs Rocky Ilunga – Lightweight

August Kayambala vs Warren Richards – Featherweight
Francois Cundari vs Khulekani Hlongwa – Light Heavyweight
Adrian Sanchez vs Rodrique Kena – Lightweight
Elvis Ngwalangwala vs Tapiwa Katikati – Lightweight
Amisi Kabeya vs Shannon van Tonder – Featherweight

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EFC 86, Kabesa vs Ekson, is presented by Restonic and takes place on Saturday 12 June 2021 live from the EFC Performance Institute in JHB, South Africa (No spectators due to COVID 19 government restrictions). Broadcast information at

About EFC® – The Extreme Fighting Championship®
Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, EFC is a world leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organisation. EFC produces 10 live events annually at sold out arenas. With over 200 athletes exclusively contracted to the organisation, EFC showcases the greatest warriors on the planet. 

EFC events are broadcast in over 120 countries around the world on numerous television networks in multiple languages. EFC programming is available weekly in 600+ million TV households globally, making it one of the most recognisable MMA brands in the world.

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Rain down on me

PENTECOST – The Christian festival celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension, held on the seventh Sunday after Easter.

As we celebrate the decent of the Holy Spirit I sit here thinking wow, My God is perfect, He is the Alpha and The Omega…..the All Loving Father who protects and has Our Lives in his hands.

HIS GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS….(cue koorkie…), His got the whole world in HIS hands….

The world is changing, we are in transition, the vaccinations are being administered, but we should still be vigilant and learn from how the virus has affected our lives….let’s continue to live our lives with love for our neighbors, for the protection of our families and our “brothers and sisters”. Let this day, the symbolism of the Holy Spirit be a moving force that drives our bodies into the direction Our Father intends.

Dear Lord, would you shower my pain
Let it rain, let it rain on me
While I cherish the air I breathe
I’m an angel, that can’t soar, can’t fly
And I, mastered it Lord knows why

Be blessed and continue to live each day realising that it is a gift. You are a gift, I am a gift, we all our gifts that should be shared. We are wrapped in the Holy Spirit and just like the celebration of Pentecost let us unwrap ourselves and spread the LOVE that will only make this world a better place for all.

I feel like an angel, mend my broken wings
So I can soar again, Lord let me in
And through all the passion, the pain and the hurt
I feel like I’m fallin’ (Yeah)
Makin’ promises of love to those that spread love
And for those that can’t take it, stand up
Baby we gon’ make it
In the words of Marvin Gaye
War is not the answer…

Keep smiling and spreading those positive vibes always…

Smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile
‘Til the sun shines
Just smile for me
Just smile for me, just smile at me
Know in your heart, that we are free
Free to believe, whatever we feel
So feel somethin’ real, baby

2 HUGE FIGHTS TO INVEST IN Faeez Jacobs vs. Sylvester Chipfumbu for EFC gold.Boyd Allen returns to the Hexagon to face Bruno Mukulu.

Johannesburg, South Africa – EFC is back and ready to shake up the sports world with massive fight news and ground breaking revolutionary changes. It is now official, EFC 85 is set to take place on Saturday 8 May headlined by champion Faeez Jacobs as he puts his EFC 135 pound division title on the line for the first time, against Zimbabwean former title contender, Sylvester Chipfumbu. EFC 85 will also herald the highly anticipated return of former featherweight champion Boyd Allen as he takes on welterweight veteran, Bruno Mukulu, in the lightweight division.

Cape Town’s Jacobs realised a life long dream on 10 August 2019 when he claimed the EFC title over the notorious Nkazimulo Zulu. Long heralded as one of the most exhilarating athletes on the EFC roster, Jacobs proclaimed “dreams do come true” to the thousands of fans in attendance on that fateful night. With a new champ upon the throne, a scramble emerged amongst the top contenders; all vying for the prized official No.1 contender spot. One man stood above them all, Zimbabwe’s Sylvester Chipfumbu. A lethal striker who came close to capturing gold previously, is determined to manifest Jacobs’ own words.

Former champion Boyd Allen makes his long awaited return to the sport of MMA when he faces the powerful Bruno Mukulu. The last time fans saw Allen in EFC was November 2017, where he defeated Scottish contender Calum Murrie in clinical fashion. Allen took his unorthodox striking to boxing where he had incredible success, claiming various titles. The thrill of an EFC fight is large, and the legend has returned. Mukulu is renowned for his explosivity and athleticism. He has faced many EFC middle and welterweight champions, and is now taking his strengths down to the lightweight division.

“It’s been a long time since we have been in action,” started VP of Talent, Graeme Cartmell. “We are putting on the biggest fight card possible and this is just the beginning!”

In a unique and strategic move, it has recently been disclosed that EFC, the continent’s largest and leading MMA organisation, will be making 20% of equity in the business available to athletes and supporters within the next few weeks.

“We are looking forward to being the first African sports property owned by the athletes themselves,” said EFC president Cairo Howarth. “Supporters will also have the opportunity to invest alongside the athletes in the EFC organisation.”

Howarth concluded, “After a few quieter months due to the government COVID restrictions around sport, EFC has seen a resurgence of interest with the announcement of the return to live action, the EFC 85 fight card and the unique investment offering. We are excited for a busy second quarter of 2021.”

EFC 85, Jacobs vs. Chipfumbu, is presented by World Sports Betting and takes place on Saturday 8 May 2021. Broadcast information at

About EFC® – The Extreme Fighting Championship®
Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, EFC is a world leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organisation. EFC produces 10 live events annually at sold out arenas. With over 200 athletes exclusively contracted to the organisation, EFC showcases the greatest warriors on the planet. 

EFC events are broadcast in over 120 countries around the world on numerous television networks in multiple languages. EFC programming is available weekly in 600+ million TV households globally, making it one of the most recognisable MMA brands in the world.

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SEA – Home to up to 80% of all life on Earth

STAIN – our ocean is being stained/ tainted by over fishing, “unnecessary” killings of marine life and plastic pollution

ABILITY – what do we as humans do? What abilities do we have to help protect our ocean and the future of our planet.

I am a lover of the ocean, you could call me a water baby…..a cool dip in the sea is refreshing for the body and mind that is why I love living in Cape Town, South Africa.

The ocean has so many benefits to healthy living:

7 Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

1. It boosts your immune system

2. It gives you a natural high

3. It improves your circulation

4. It increases your libido

5. It burns calories

6. It reduces stress

7. It is a great way of socialising and making new friends

I just watched the new documentary on Netflix, Seaspiracy and was shocked at what is happening to our sea life. At first I thought it was a documentary how pollution is killing OUR ocean life, but on a deeper level it was more disturbing than that.

I learnt that plastic pollution is not the only thing that is killing our ocean life, it is but a miniscule element to the bigger picture….the documentary unravels the various other factors that are damaging our beautiful ocean and planet. The various interviews within the documentary are shocking and the footage cringe-worthy to say the least but it is a real eye opener. It seemed to me like the love for money is the real evil.

There are some drastic step that can be taken and are needed to avoid the ocean being depleted of its natural resources and in effect destroying our beautiful planet…it all starts with small steps by you and I.

“Most of the positive and negative things that bring about change in human civilization start with someone….some “one”, and no one can do everything, but everyone can do something and sometimes big ideas make a big difference. That is what we can do, that is what YOU can do right now. Look in the mirror, figure it out…..GO FOR IT!” – Sylvia Earle – Seaspiracy

It is the small things that make the big differences, imagine a world where we cannot enjoy a swim in the sea because of pollution or people who depend on fish for food cannot eat because of over-fishing….it is a bleak reality but if we work together educate ourselves we can all enjoy what this world has to offer properly.

LIVE EFC FIGHTS ARE BACK!First event scheduled for 8 May

Johannesburg, South Africa – EFC is set to make a massive return to form in just under 8 weeks time with it’s first event since the South African national lockdown, set for 8 May. Mega fights, ground breaking revolutionary changes to MMA and more to be revealed over the next few days.

During the lockdown EFC continued to sign additional broadcast deals with the most popular television channels across Africa, so although for the upcoming months EFC events won’t have fans in attendance in the actual arena, EFC partner brands and athletes will now get more value and promotion across the continent than ever before; with many millions more watching on TV.

Going forward there are over 30 of the largest TV channels in Africa that live EFC events and other EFC programming will be broadcast on. All heavily integrated with EFC partner branding and showcasing EFC athletes. In the next 12 months EFC will be one of the most watched sport and entertainment properties in Africa, promoting partner brands and EFC athletes to tens of millions of viewers; joining the current millions of fans across the globe. EFC provides the best value TV marketing in Africa right now.

“We are excited about the future of EFC,” stated EFC President Cairo Howarth. “With this massive new audience that we are gaining, our athletes are really eager to get back in action and compete for the top spot.” He added, “EFC has adapted to this situation, and will be producing the highest quality product.”

EFC will host the first live bouts at EFC 85 on 8 May 2021, with 7 further events planned over the remainder of the year.

EFC 2021 Schedule:

EFC 85: Sat, 8 May 2021

EFC 86: Sat, 12 June 2021

EFC 87: Sat, 3 July 2021

EFC 88: Sat, 14 August 2021

EFC 89: Sat, 11 September 2021

EFC 90: Sat, 9 October 2021

EFC 91: Sat, 6 November 2021

EFC 92: Sat, 4 December 2021

“Thanks so much to all our partners, athletes, coaches and the fans for all the support over the years.” Howarth concluded, “With more people watching sport on TV, now is the best time to capitalise on the platform and reach and the following that we have built over the years.”

Bout announcements coming soon.

About EFC® – The Extreme Fighting Championship®
Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, EFC is a world leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organisation. EFC produces 10 live events annually at sold out arenas. With over 200 athletes exclusively contracted to the organisation, EFC showcases the greatest warriors on the planet. 

EFC events are broadcast in over 120 countries around the world on numerous television networks in multiple languages. EFC programming is available weekly in 600+ million TV households globally, making it one of the most recognisable MMA brands in the world.

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Walk, run or cycle it!

The International Public Arts Festival (IPAF) – one of Africa’s largest and most anticipated public arts festivals – is set to entrance visitors from 10-14 February 2021. Attracting top talent from South Africa and overseas, the fifth edition of the IPAF promises a dazzling array of captivating art installations.

The five-day event is hosted by Baz-Art, a street art platform that uses painted murals to create conversations and dialogues. “For this special fifth edition of the IPAF, our motto is: walk, run or cycle it! We have designed 6 tours of various lengths from 3km for our walking families, up to 30 km for our sportsmen and women”, says Baz-Art co-founder, Alexandre Tilmans. Each itinerary has been carefully crafted so that you may discover the best street and public art pieces the city has to offer. The tour routes are exploring prominent neighbourhoods in Cape Town such as Salt River, Woodstock, East City District, City Bowl, Waterfront precinct and Sea Point. Visitors can anticipate immersive guided or self-guided walking and cycling tours, with stringent Covid-19 protocols in place.

Festival organiser Lauren Fletcher says, “The IPAF showcases our homegrown talent such as Bazil BaxterElizabeth Kruger and Njabulo Hlophe and other exceptional street artists from overseas. Our focus is on family-friendly walking and cycling tours this year. These are a safe, exciting way to explore the city in a time when many are seeking new, novel ways to get out and about. Tours vary in length and include new and existing murals that paint a fascinating picture of Cape Town and Africa at large.

“Tour guides will be available should you wish to benefit from their profound professional knowledge. We will also be offering virtual tours for the first time to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the art.”

Fletcher adds that there’s a strong focus on sustainability and promoting Cape Town as a creative force in the global arena. “We are proud to partner with the City to showcase Cape Town as an art and touristic hub. In keeping with our sustainability commitment, we’ve partnered with Viva con Agua, an NGO that promotes water and sanitation conservation. Our project will see seven local and international artists depict a health superhero through wall murals and comic books. These stories will educate children on the importance of preserving our precious resources, and foster an awareness for global issues around water, sanitation, and hygiene.”

Community is another major focus of the IPAF. The Salt River community is one of the main beneficiaries of the event. Nur Meyer, a Salt River resident and renowned gardener, says, “The art makes Salt River look and feel positive. The IPAF is great, it keeps the area alive and the community together. Everyone enjoys the art on the walls as it makes the area more interesting.”

Mogamat Moosa Stellenboom, another Salt River resident who facilitates the IPAF’s logistics, adds, “The IPAF helps create more jobs for our young people and attracts tourists here. It gives us a chance to show people that there’s more to Salt River than meets the eye.”

Baz-Art co-founder, Alexandre Tilmans, says the event will rigorously adhere to strict Covid-19 protocols to prioritise the safety of the public, participating creatives and the Baz-Art team. 

“The team will be tested before the event and we will continue with current best-practice protocols such as daily temperature checking. 

“At the IPAF, masks will be mandatory, and viewings will be limited to small, distanced groups between installations. Sanitiser stations will be strategically positioned to maximise availability. Brochures will also be appropriately distributed and downloadable maps will be accessible. All government recommendations will be incorporated to keep South Africans and international guests safe. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.”

Read up more about IPAF 2021 here

We are Gaurdians

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa or Sandy aka “Klaas Vaakie”….or has your world turned upside down creating nightmares brought about by The Boogeyman?

I recently watched Rise Of The Gaurdians and to be honest I didn’t know who Jack Frost was so I also would not have seen him like the kids in the movie until now….my eyes have been opened and I believe.

I love animation movies because they bring with them such wonder and excitement opening our eyes to magical themes….from this movie Jack Frosts journey to finding his centre got me thinking about life in general and how we all are born trying to be seen and finding ourselves.

The Man in The Moon is our God whom we pray to, whom we seek in our everyday lives….the one who is our True Gaurdian.

When we are scared and the Pitch Black darkness befalls our lives it becomes hard to continue believing and the wonder of our lives are sucked away….life has many ups and downs it is important to find our centre, the flame that keeps us going, I realized the importance of these Gaurdians (these dreams as a kid) believing in something unseen like the Easter Bunny and Santa is a way of creating excitement and wonder in our kids and helping them live magical lives….as a kid our minds are so absorbent and should be nurtured with good images. – This morning I woke up and listened to some Hillsongs music and this song resonated with me…probably because it plays into the them of the movie as I saw it.

Who am I that the highest King would welcome me?
I was lost, but He brought me in
Oh His love for me
Oh His love for me

God is our Gaurdian and we are chosen to live our best lives as He has planned it….He wants us to protect and love each other as He loves us….so if that means believing in magic and wonder I am all for it….

Jamie Bennett : You’re leaving? But what if Pitch comes back? What if we stop believing again? If I can’t see you…

Jack Frost : Hey, slow down, slow down! Are you telling me you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up?

Jamie Bennett : No.

Jack Frost : Okay. Well, do you stop believing in the sun when clouds block it out?

Jamie Bennett : No.

Jack Frost : We’ll always be there, Jamie. And now, we’ll always be here.

[points to Jamie’s heart] 

Jack Frost : Which kind of makes you a Guardian too.

YOU and ME….we are Gaurdians too…We are Chosen People….We Are Meant To Be A Blessing!!!

I am chosen, not forsaken
I am who You say I am
You are for me, not against me
I am who You say I am
I am chosen, not forsaken
I am who You say I am
You are for me, not against me
I am who You say I am
I am who You say I am

My fellow South Africans

2020 The start of a new decade, a year ago we were all looking forward to new vision and clear goals but nothing prepared us for what was to come….

In South Africa the year started off normal with excitement in the air…..we hosted two tennis legends, a billionaire and our funniest export in what was dubbed The Match in Africa.

A month later and boom with Immediate Effect we were locked down in our homes….a new normal began, the Corona Virus entangled its way into our lives…..each day our President gave us new regulations to work through –

– no more “entjies” – because when people zol….

– Easter was cancelled – because when people dop…

– Events were cancelled – because when people Stokvel…

The army was deployed to help with the new normal, the school year was in uproar….everything changed in an instant….it is like someone turned a switch and we were in darkness…oh wait Eskom did that too.

We laughed when we got a tutorial on how to put a mask on properly (you cannot wear it over your eyes to blind you from the truth)….although large gatherings were not allowed many were gathering in Crowd 1 at a time to get the social grants offered by government some were in TERS (tears) at the application process involved and we were all confused at the levels to this new normal.

Hugo het die polisie gebel vir Karen wat oppie Beach draf…..and we all danced our way to Jerusalema in hopes of a summer body by December….there was hope….

…..until that movie Contagion came on our TVs and across the world it was said that drinking disinfectant would Trump the virus….jirre klink my soes Hoax Wyn.

My Fellow South Africans this has been a tough year…. A mission impossible (without the cinema)…..but as I look forward to 2021 with new eyes focused…..

….on what is important to me I am thankful for my sense of humour as it got me this far, I am not blinded by the reality and seriousness of the situation we find ourselves in, I have FAITH that we will get through it and that the new year will bring with it NEW BEGINNINGS!!!!

Who the Fuck am I, though?

“Who the Fuck am I, though?” – The Power Of Purpose, Richard Wright…Chapter 8, page 88

If you haven’t heard of Richard Wright the “billionaire” (read his book till the end and you’ll know why), Cancer defeating, mutli-dimensional optimistic character who has a passion for sport and delivering his story to anyone who is willing to take the time and experience his life story through The Power Of Passion….and his story is by no means over….

Earlier this year I got the opportunity to listen to Richards story through a Webinar presented by him at my workplace (via Zoom ofcourse….aka new normal)….his enthusiasm and infectious positivity during a period of the year when South Africa was in the middle of the Lockdown was so much needed. When the webinar was over I immediately sought to look him up and found out more about his book that he was promoting…..I needed to get my hands on a copy and delve deeper into his story.

Finally I got my copy couriered and signed….hmmmm I could call this a RICH reward a valuable piece of evidence of a man who has made it his lifes purpose to obliterate obstacles and triumph over impossible adversity.

I started reading and as I turned the pages I could feel the energy of himself pouring through the words as my memory of the webinar was still fresh it was like he was presenting the story all over again….obviously the book has a more detailed account which is awesome….during the first couple of chapters I think I could have earned a honourary doctorate degree with all the medical terms learnt…but that is why I love reading it opens up your mind to different possibilities.

I do not want to give away much of Richards story as it is impossible to re-tell….ok fine it is possible but then we would need a long night around a campfire and a good whiskey (yip I am hinting as I ran out and there is a ban on alcohol at the moment haha)…on a serious note, nope I want you to get a copy of the book and read for yourself…all I can say it is really well written, witty and takes you on an emotional journey of triumph over fear.

It is not a self-help book but there are snippets that will make you think and take out a pen and paper and evaluate your own life choices or decisions……the power of positivity has always been a draw card for me this is most probably why when I heard Richards story earlier in the year that I immediately needed to hear more….the mind is a powerful tool and can get us through any situation.

As 2020 draws to an end and yes it has been one helluva year full of adjustments, uphills and downhills…like a Triathlon/Ironman Challenge we swam through difficulties allowing a wave to push us to the shore only to get on a bicycle and push through the wind into the transition changing into our running shoes for the run of our lives…no matter if you walked abit at the end you will get your medal……I pray that we all receive a finishers medal and can say that 2020 has been a year of change and adaptation and that the new year brings a fresh new beginning.

Thank you Richard Wright for sharing your story and yes….being able to write this post is has inspired a purpose filled journey ahead.