PANDA pusha Play

The world of animation is pushing the boundaries and delivering real world messages….these are great to open up discussions between children and their parents. COMMUNICATION IS AFTER ALL THE KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP!!!

Turning Red is turning heads in a good way, at first I was confused as to what the movie was really about or how many themes there really are but I think in the end everything is pulled together perfectly and we are all left rooting for the fluffy Panda….cos……isssssssss sooooooo FLUFFY!!!

The teenage years are scary, exciting, enticing, nerve-wracking and there are probably many other words that can be added….these are the years where we go through growing pains, we learn who we truly are (some take a little longer than others) but eventually we’ll become the person we are meant to be.

“People Have All Kinds Of Sides To Them, Mei, And Some Of Them Are Messy.” – Mei’s Father

The movie focuses on the changes within a young girl which is so relevant in the times that we live, woman are the pillars of our communities and if we as men learn to embrace and try and understand the complexities which we will never fully comprehend, but if we try we’ll learn to respect, cherish and love them fully. A world with LOVE is an amazing place to live in.

“Nothing Stays The Same Forever.” – Mei

The world is constantly changing, new ways of communication, technology taking over our lives, family time is lost to screen time…..but if we learn to incorporate and embrace these changes we do not have to let go of the Panda inside us.


You are the Gift

Encanto means “the allure of something or someone is the pleasing or exciting quality they have.”

I love Disney movies as there are always deep rooted themes hidden within the colourful pictures…or dark messages (Google will give you many theories)….anyway, so I watched Encanto and it was amazing and I finally know why “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” ( the song is stuck in my head now)

There is music, colourful characters, funny moments and magic that will keep your eyes glued and your feet tapping till the credits roll.

We all have gifts and talents to offer this world, sometimes the outside pressure can influence our lives in a way that these gifts are diminished.

The constant pressure of being perfect, sticking to traditions, pleasing your family and other social media influences have taken away joys of living.

If we realise that we have been given the greatest gift of all and that is the gift of LOVE…..

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (NIV, John 3:16)

….and that no matter what our gift or talent is, if we do not have love in our hearts, are we even truly living.

If you feel like you don’t not have any talent or gift to offer, don’t let anyone put you down REMEMBER that YOU ARE THE GIFT!!!!

Everything about you is special, beautiful, amazing and bountiful….

Your attention, time and energy are the greatest gifts you can give someone that money can’t buy.

YOU ARE THE GIFT and YOU are made PERFECT in the image of THE LORD.


I have a belief that everything happens for a reason…..actually every problem is an opportunity for someone to seize the moment and make a difference. (ok this last line just came because I watched the Super Bowl Halftime show and Eminem sang the 8 Mile song.)

Love….brings hope and as today is Valentine’s Day we are all experiencing this beautiful thing called love even if it is just for one day this expression in all it’s forms makes us feel safe and hopeful right?

So as I mentioned everything happens for a reason… my girlfriend and I were walking through Imhoff Farm in search of Sushi we came across this curious little shop called HopeTown…..there was a bargain box and I looked through and found a cool sweater and what a coincidence that is was red…ok fine my girlfriend would argue that it was berry…. it’s Valentine’s Day so i’ll agree with her plus she is a Fashion Designer so hey who am I to argue.

As we looked around inside I noticed a picture on the wall that sparked my curiosity….

….this is when I started asking the assistant questions and learnt that HopeTown is an organisation that serves the youth of Ocean View, through their love for God and people they create opportunities for holistic development through education, skills training and mentoring.

They offer a full-time internship program for local young people who are coming out of unemployment and lack structure, helping them to grow in their journey and empowering them to become active members of our economy as well as strengthening themselves to be sustainable financially and avoid unhealthy dependencies.

Aside from the full-time internship they also offer other part time programs for kids and teens at risk…..I liked the fact that the programs incorporates every aspect of life focusing on a holistic approach which can impact the young people positively, this can create a snowball effect and if done with love the world would be a much brighter happier place.


HopeTown believes that the Holy Spirit is busy changing the hearts of young people through the programs from the inside out. They believe unconventional LOVE means to accept that people are on a journey to find a true identity. They invest with a long- term perspective and support in a holistic way.

With the words of Eddie Grants song “Gimme Hope Jo’anna” – let’s all do our part to bring HOPE in our beautiful country and let’s not wait till the morning comes.

Gimme hope Jo’anna
Hope Jo’anna
Gimme hope Jo’anna
‘Fore the morning come
Gimme hope Jo’anna
Hope Jo’anna
Hope before the morning come

For more info check out their website

Far From Home

“The Multiverse Is A Concept About Which We Know Frighteningly Little.” – Dr Strange

Spiderman: Far From Home is like a mind-blowing rollercoaster without any breaks, and when it does slow down to give you time to breath the overwhelming emotions hit you even harder.

It is like we are transported through time, the past, present and future harmoniously blended giving us wisdom and insight into the possibilities of an alternate universe even though there is still much to be learnt to fully understand the concept… is madness I tell you.

With great powers, come great responsibility, every Spiderman fan knows this line….in order to fully live out this responsibility you need to be a servant. If you feel like you are Far From Home, or like there is No Way Home….you will eventually find that a HomeComing is found in the service of others.

“If you help someone, you help everyone.” – Aunt May

The Marvel Universe has many lessons and in the time that we are living we can take away a few to help make the world a better place for all, I mean we can all be a superhero to someone by a simple kind gesture each day……

…..who knows this simple act of kindness might lead to the perfect symbiosis between two loving souls because this is what the world needs….LOVE in all it’s glory!!

“I Want You To Tell Me When You See Me Again.” – MJ

After all this time…

“Mysterious thing, TIME.” – Albus Dumbledore

20 years ago the Magic of Harry Potter enchanted our screens for the first time…A reunion of note, back where it all began at Hogwarts Castle. The avid Harry Potter Fans will say it began at no. 4 Privet Drive but we all know Hogwarts Castle is where the bulk of the amazement was created.

Taking us back 20 years a beautiful, mesmerising and emotional reunion show for the anniversary was streamed on HBO Max….ohhhhh how the memories came flooding back, definitely some teary eyed moments.

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” – Albus Dumbledore

To Harry Potter, The Boy who Lived

I wrote a post in 2013 about Harry Potter, this was probably the time I completed the series of books I think. My letter to Hogwarts came late due to the postal service…owls and magic are not used anymore so we have to make due with muggle services, anyway I am happy to have read these encapsulating stories and living in my imagination of the events that were portrayed through the pages.

You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!Albus Dumbledore

As you may have noticed I am more a fan of the books than the movies but watching the anniversary show and seeing the images and memories played back, it was still majestic at how brilliantly the directors, actors and all the production team brought what was written between the pages of the 7 books to life. Taking the trip down memory lane was a special experience and made me appreciate reading the books even more…..there is just something about reading and creating your own images that is magical in itself.

Seeing the actors going through their experiences of 20 years ago feels surreal, my eyes lit up when I saw scenes of Cho Chang the girl who gave Harry Potter his first ever kiss…..the three main characters are the familiar household names but ofcourse Neville Longbottom’s (Matthew Lewis) physical transformation 20 years later is impressive.

You are protected, in short, by your ability to love!” said Dum-bledore loudly. “The only protection that can possibly work against the lure of power like Voldemort’s! In spite of all the temptation you have endured, all the suffering, you remain pure of heart,” – Albus Dumbledore

The love that the actors have for each other is dazzling, the anniversary really brings out an emotion that I am sure everyone who watches and is a fan of the series will feel. The behind the scenes and hearing the first-hand experiences from the cast were both entertaining and heart-warming.

Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.Albus Dumbledore

We grew up with theses characters and through their acting have become emotionally attached after 8 movies over a span of 10 years, a moving tribute to those who have passed on, seeing them on screen brought back some touching memories.

The measures they have taken to protect their families made him realize more than anything else had done that they really were going to come with him and that they knew exactly how dangerous that would be. He wanted to tell them what that meant to him but he simply could not find words important enoughHarry Potter The Deathly Hallows

Words are not enough to explain how these books and movies have impacted our lives, even if you haven’t watched or read the books you are impacted through social media that is how crazy and magical the experience is…..

After all this time? – Albus Dumbledore

….we can only thank the vivid mind of J.K. Rowling for putting pen to paper and creating this extraordinary and beautiful world and the cast for bringing it to life. The Magic Will Live On….

ALWAYS! – Severus Snape

Basket Case

Happy New Year to one and all, may this new year bring with it all the joy and happiness we deserve.

To kick off the new year why not make a conscious effort to support local this year or at least show appreciation to the hard working individuals applying their talents and check out the beautiful awe-inspiring detail of weaving.

The 100 Beautiful Basket exhibition is now on at The V&A Waterfront. As you meander through the various items on display you’ll see the world’s smallest basket and one of the biggest, all these beautiful pieces are hand-woven by master weavers from over 20 African Countries – from Rwanda, Eswatini and Morocco to Madagascar, Niger, Ghana and our very own magestic South Africa.

Each piece has a story to tell, with the painstaking hours it takes to weave a basket or a hat their must be some chatter about and it is through these chit-chats that a beautiful piece of art is born….”Baskets Literally Weave Stories”.

The colours and designs are breath-taking, coming to this first-of-a-kind 100 beautiful basket exhibition you will be left inspired, amazed and intranced in the magestic quality of the woven patterns and colours. “Weaving is a wonderful craft that it’s so accessible and women-orientated. It allows people of all skill levels to make an income, but also highlights those with true artistry.”

So don’t be a “nut-case” bring your chommies and come and enjoy what Africa has to offer…..bringing Joy to the New Year.

May the New Year bring you all new opportunities, upliftment and pursuing dreams that are endless.

Don’t Look Down

Kykie issit waar???? Did Uncle Cyril Lift The Curfew??

After almost 2 years or if you look at the top right hand corner of any news channel in South Africa you’ll see the accurate number of days we have been in Lockdown, last count was sieka Six hundred, twenty urg I wish we had that other President to read the numbers woulda been way more funnier….anyway we are moving towards freedom I hope.

So 2021 is almost over let’s look at some of the highlights:

America got a new President, the oldest ever and The White House was stormed by people wearing fur ….I don’t think it was fake either. Comedians were out of material because I mean most of their jokes was sponsored by Mr Orange Soda himself….uh who loves Orange Soda? I love Orange Soda….I do I do ooooo!!!

The 2020 Olympics was finally held in Tokyo… In 2021 ya confused much but ok uh I don’t even think we were that interested…….sport is just not the same without fans eish. I stayed up to watch some of the new sports like Skateboarding and Surfing which is cool, at least when South Africa finally gets to host those sports will be well represented, I mean we have some awesome surf spots and petrol so expensive investing in a skateboard might be a good idea.

Covid changed variants I couldn’t keep up anymore, it so confusing like pledging to one of those frat houses – Delta, Alpha Theta….Omicron.

Closer to home Port Elizabeth (PE) had a name change, it now starts with a G……uh imagine the Sevens is held in PE again what will it be called uh wait this name change did happen in 2021 right??

Ofcourse there were many other highlights but if I list them all I won’t have any more jokes left for 2022 so I’ll leave you with some advice DON’T LOOK UP…or Down for that matter – Look forward because even though things were bad the past two years there are lots to be grateful and thankful for.

May 2022 Be a Great Year with New Beginning and New Adventures…..oh ya South Africa is off the Red Lists that also happened.

ORANGE is the new Black

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls. The campaign runs every year from 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day. –

This year marks 30 years, for 30 years nations have been fighting and working to eradicate the violence against woman and children and this year 2021 under the theme “Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now!”, The fight continues!!!

Campaigns are only effective if people come together and act accordingly, violence against women and children may be a greater pandemic than the current virus affecting the world, it happens each and every day under our noses, women and children are scared, they live in fear sometimes in isolation unable to stand up for themselves because of their circumstances.

It is the responsibility of each and every person, MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN to look after each other, protect each other, stand up for each other…..even though we are not blood relatives – we should all love and protect each other like Family.

Orange is a symbol of light and hope during these dark times that we live in, anyone can make a difference it just takes a little spark, like the lighting of a candle to light the path and bring hope to those affected…..a symbol of awareness eradicating the darkness by exposing the evils that flourish in the black of the night.

As we start the Advent period, remembering and spiritually preparing ourselves for the coming of THE KING….and looking forward to spending time with friends and family we think of those women and children affected by violence and I pray that during this time of reflection our hearts will be softened and that we may ACT on exposing and bringing to light those perpetrators in order for the Law to take its course and those affected may live in PEACE.

Gender Based Violence against women and Children affects us all –

Women are the one’s who bring life into this world, they are the unselfish lovers who will do anything for thier families.

Children are the future leaders, the future generation who need to be nurtured, protected and educated with love.

Let us “Orange (Light up) the World: End Violence against Women Now!”

Stan Lee: The Infinity Saga

The man, the myth, the Legend… an IRON MAN you gave us an INCREDIBLE HULK of awesome characters, sharing your amazing imagination and daring us to always dream further.

Like the Thunder from THOR’s hammer we were struck by the news three years ago of your passing but the protection from CAPTAIN AMERICA’s shield will keep you in our hearts forever.

You have given us THE AVENGERS who were assembled to defeat evil, life is a constant battle between good and evil, light and darkness and with your imagination we can relive this battle through the comics and movies.

May The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY always be with you, you reminded us the the universe is a huge place filled with splendour, even if we sometimes feel as small as ANT-MAN AND THE WASP.

As we remember your legacy, I am sure DOCTOR STRANGE would recommend a re-watch of the INFINITY SAGA……your memory lives on through the strength of the BLACK PANTHER and will continue to swing through our minds like SPIDERMAN.

Thank you STAN LEE, our own CAPTAIN MARVEL, yes your death cast a shadow like a BLACK WIDOW over our lives but like SHANG CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS…..we remember you as an ETERNAL.

PS: Like the name of the family run business Timely Publications every event in the Marvel Saga is timed perfectly…. coincidence hmmmmm I think not!!!!!


It is said that imagination is the highest kite one can fly, there is no limit to the possibilities of kite making……and anyone can do it because #EveryOneDeservesToFly.

With yesterday being World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2021, the Cape Mental Health hosted a pop-up kite flying event at Dolphin Beach as part of 27th Cape Town International Kite Festival, my girlfriend and I were excited to get out creative skills going, we jumped onto Pinterest for some ideas (more me than her as I only discovered the potential now, late bloomer.) After abit of a struggle between a Batman Kite or a more Traditional Kite we opted for the latter but the result was actually pretty impressive if I must say so myself and in celebrating the importance of sound Mental Health we added all the love in the form of hearts.

According to Dr Ingrid Daniels, CEO of Cape Mental Health and President of the World Federation for Mental Health, “Mental health is regarded as the third highest burden of disease in South Africa, but remains the most neglected aspect of health care, competing with other medical conditions including the health costs of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine roll-out. Naturally, this underinvestment in mental health has a significant impact on access to mental health in poor and under-resourced communities and rural areas. We call for equality in mental health care – our people deserve nothing less.”

Our people deserve nothing less….and they deserve all the love they can get, we all deserve LOVE, it does not cost anything to love one another and it will make the world a better place.

This was us in the process of making our kite…. I was the self proclaimed glue guy.

The Hybrid 27th Cape Town International Kite Festival promises to be an uplifting mix of magical, carefree fun. In South Africa, October is on the cusp of summer and an ideal time to get outdoors, fly a kite, laugh and enjoy a sense of play and freedom. Hold onto your kite line and let go of anxiety, stress and – most importantly – help raise awareness and funds for Cape Mental Health, because #EveryoneDeservesToFly.

Yesterday the weather was perfect for a day out in the sun, and the beach is a great place to test out your new creation ….. unfortunately we did not make it in time to see the exhibition but this did not deter us from our first flight test, we flight like the Wright brothers and learnt alot to improve but most importantly we had all the fun in the sun and that is what it is all about.


The Cape Town International Kite Festival is the oldest kiting event in Africa and has been proudly hosted by Cape Mental Health since 1994, to raise funds and promote mental wellness. It is traditionally one of the biggest kite festivals on the African continent and attracts professional kiters from around the world who fund their way to Cape Town in support of Cape Mental Health (unlike other international festivals where the kiters’ travel is usually sponsored by the organisers). For more information on the Hybrid 27th Cape Town International Kite Festival, please visit:

Let the organisers know when and where you will be flying if you’d like them to share your pop-up on social media. Contact @CTKiteFest on social media or email Remember to share your photos, videos and messages of hope on social media, tagging #EveryoneDeservesToFly and @CTKiteFest to feature on the official CTKiteFest social feeds.