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Gracefully Broken

Today is a special day on the Moravian Calender for all youth, where the Young People lead the congregation in service for the Lord. It is a joyous celebration of song and dance, prayer, meditation and all praise to The Lord.

Psalm 27:7 Hear, O LORD, my voice when I call; be merciful and answer me.

Exaudi Sunday is an opportunity for the Future Leaders of our Church to showcase their talents and a platform for the youth to embrace the calling…..God has a plan for us all..

God will break you to position YOU
Break you to promote you
And break you to put you in your right place.. Gracefully Broken – Song by Tasha Cobbs

This year we are all experiencing church in a different way, I am happy that we have embraced the use of technology even amidst the regulations of lockdown we have brought the church into the home.

Thank You for handling us with grace
Just lift your worship right there in this moment All I have in these hands and multiply
God, all that I am and find my heart
On the altar again set me on fire, set me on fire
Take all I have in these hands and multiply – Gracefully Broken – Song by Tasha Cobbs

This afternoon saw the first collaborative Exaudi Service, 3 Districts came together sharing various talents in praising the Lord. We have been Gracefully Broken, The Lord took us by our hands and led us to this point, with His vision and guidance the team has produced an amazing video, all praises to The Almighty for handling us with Grace.

You want to tell Him right where you are (I surrender)Your power at work in me
(Oh) I’m broken gracefully
(Oh) I’m strong when I am weak
(Oh, ooh-oh) I will be free
(Oh, ooh-oh) Your power at work in me
(Oh, ooh-oh) I’m broken gracefully
(Oh, ooh-oh) I’m strong when I am weak
(Oh, ooh-oh) I will be free
(Oh, ooh-oh) Your power at work in me
(Oh, ooh-oh) I’m broken gracefully
(Oh, ooh-oh) I’m strong when I am weak
(Oh, ooh-oh) I will be free
(Oh, ooh-oh) Your power at work in me
(Oh, ooh-oh) I’m broken gracefully
(Oh, ooh-oh) I’m strong, I’m strong
(Oh, ooh-oh) I will be free, yeah
Oh ohHere I am, God
Arms wide open
I’m right here
Pouring out my life – Gracefully Broken – Song by Tasha Cobbs

The great thing about these videos are that they are available to view as much as you like, these are new memories being made and will be talked about for many years to come, we thank the team for taking up the initiative during these trying times and I pray that they get the continued support needed to keep it going.

To view the Exaudi service you can follow the link below: – MYN – MYUSA Working for my G/Algoa – MYUSA CTS – MYUSA AT  – Maitland Moravian

Hello Nurse!!!

Today we celebrate International Nurses Day, amidst the pandemic they are crucial in the fight for survival of our country.

From my personal experience when I was in hospital last year, a nurse has to endure the most, they have to keep you calm when you feeling uneasy, they are there to explain the gibberish you hear from Doctors in simple language. Often times we disrespect or look down on a nurse in our impatience to see a Doctor not knowing that it is the nurse’s duty to prepare us adequately in order for the Doctor to do his/her job efficiently to move onto the next patient swiftly.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest accomplishment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo Buscaglia

Nurturing and caring this is one of the fundamental qualities these human beings possess.

Unselfishly giving their time and energy to keep us safe and comfortable.

Ready for any challenge in the workplace.

Superheroes do not necessarily wear capes; we have come to learn that they wear scrubs and surgical masks.

Executing their tasks with efficiency and care in order to keep their patients healthy.

“Nurses are the hospitality of the hospital.” – Anonymous

Today and every day we salute the healthcare workers on the front-line who work tirelessly keeping us healthy, let us listen to their instructions and stay safe.