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Jamaica me crazy

One Love
One Heart
Lets get together and

Ok before we get there let me tell you what a mission it was finding this place…either I was not good at geography (which I did not do by the way), or my friends are bad with directions haha but I found the place eventually. Not faster than Usain Bolt though but in the words of Shaggy – ‘It Wasn’t Me’ – When I finally got to the place I walked through the door with the swag of Chris Gayle.

Ok this might sound foreign to you so let me fill you in, we went to a restaurant called Jamaica me Crazy for my friends crown birthday and we had a JAMMIN time, amazing company, good food and ofcourse rum…


…nah just kidding but we did have a Tester Tray 10 Shots ok make that 20 Shots of craft beer because it is a Tuesday and we are thirsty.

An awesome place, an IRIE atmosphere just to JOOKS and SKANK if you want, just make sure it is with a LONG BELLY and not a BISCUIT o_O. Always remember to relax and SKIN YOUR TEETH.

I am glad we did this otherwise I would’ve just been upset watching Bafana lose to Ghana, I hope they have a COOL RUNNINGS back to South Africa with no trophy. They JAMAICA ME CRAZY man, I was hoping they would at least make it to the final and MASH IT UP…but


I will rather leave you with these parting words of the legendary BOB MARLEY

“Love the life you live, Live the life you love”


Irish Whip


The second match I watched it was time for the boys or let me say men to come out and play – it was Team SA vs Ireland.

With the formalities of two Irish players getting awarded their 50th and 100th international caps and an epic national anthem we were in for an exciting game indeed as both teams came off a 2-2 draw in thier previous game.

The sun starting to set, floodlights on and the wind picking up things on the field were about to get heated up. It was Team SA who scored first in a tough first quarter not easy to call.
The second quarter was all Ireland as they equalised and added a second to make the score 2-1. The Irish team were playing some good  crossfield balls in the air, I think this was their gameplan. In the third quarter all you heard were sticks clanking against each other as the game got more physical, it was like a mixture of basketball and tennis o_O. The score ended 2-2.


The fourth and final qaurter was the most exciting as the crowd got anxious with Ireland adding 2 goals making the scoreline 4-2 – only minutes left in the game SA took off their goalie to give them more outfield players this tactic worked as they came back making the score 4-4 but a lapse in concentration at the back with  literally 10 seconds left in the match they were IRISH whipped and lost 5-4.

What a night of action packed International hockey, not everyday that you get to see the best compete right infront of your doorstep. ๐Ÿ˜€

Summer Series


A bumper season of International Hockey has graced our beautiful city of Cape Town and as you know by now I’m always game for sports ๐Ÿ˜€

It was the ladies from SA who took on the ladies from Chile on a rather overcast summers day. I’m not really that clued up on hockey but I do know alittle bit so it was not totally foreign to me except for the language of the players from Chile :-D.


The first quarter saw both teams competing but no one breaking the deadlock leaving the score 0-0, after a short break I think the coach’s words stung hard on the SA team as they came into the half guns blazing scoring in the first minute of the second quarter. It got more exciting as the crowd got behind the girls they added another 2 goals to end the half at 3-0.

Sides changed and the second half got underway, the SA girls were not holding anything back giving the Chillian goalkeeper a hardtime, Candice Manuel adding her second of the match coming on as a substitute to score with her first touch at this point the score was 5-0. Erin Hunter added to the score line to end the third quarter at 6-0.

The fourth and last quarter saw fatigue set in but with a 6 goal cushion I think they were safe the final score ended 6-0 to team SA – Weldone ladies :-D.

One thing I must mention is that those ladies from Chile are hot reminding me of that pick up line in Bakgat – “Is jou pa se toti ‘n CHILE want jy is fokken hot” o_O hahaha only in South Africa

I am Somebody because…

I Am – Somebody
by Reverend William H. Borders,

I Am Somebody
I Am Somebody
I May Be Poor
But I Am Somebody
I May Be Young
But I Am Somebody
I May Be On Welfare
But I Am Somebody
I May Be Small
But I Am Somebody
I May Make A Mistake
But I Am Somebody
My Clothes Are Different
My Face Is Different
My Hair Is Different
But I Am Somebody
I Am Black,
Brown, White
I Speak A Different Language
But I Must Be Respected
Protected Never Rejected
I Am God’s Child
I Am Somebody

I attended a the Annual Storytelling Gathering of I am Somebody this past weekend, a Non-profit Organisation that aims to help people achieve their potential through  different methods, storytelling being one of them…


We all gathered in a circle around a centre piece of objects to be used as talking sticks – a circle representing life, there is no end, you are put on this earth as a vessel to prepare yourself for the afterlife – finding your purpose should be the main objective through pray and gratitude will this be revealed.

“Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart larger” – Ben Okri

I had no idea what to expect at first I was under the impression it would be like stories around a campfire but to my welcoming surprise it was an eyeopener and an emotional experience. I realised that each and everyone has a story to tell and that sharing stories with strangers can not only heal old wounds but also help as a motivation to move on and overcome new challenges.

Like a compass we move from the SOUTH which is represented by the feeling of being a child free and playful to the WEST which becomes darker and more serious, this is where you really open up and release all your fears. The NORTH represents gratitude and thankfulness also an opportunity to reflect on the hardships and using this to give back to someone who may be in a similiar situation. Finally we come to the EAST where the sun rises, a new day – new challenges but also seen as opportunities to change the world. Each new day is like a blank page for you to create your own story.

I really enjoyed this experience it helped me a lot in my journey of self discovery – one step at a time we learn new things as we  take ourselves out of our comfort zones and by just showing up we grow as individuals and hopefully through sharing our stories we are able to help another.

I am Somebody because…I am an individual strong and greatful for life and thankful for opportunities like this to meet new people and share in their experiences in a mutually benificial exchange of stories.

I am Somebody because…I am on a road of self discovery, a road travelled by many but also by none – a straight but also winding path through valleys and hills but..

Even though I
walk through
the darkest valley,
I will fear no
evil, for you are
with me;.your rod and
your staff,
they comfort mePsalm 23 v 4

For more information on this organisation follow the link below:

Drawing Board

So it was Bafana vs Senegal the hopes were high, I even invited friends over to my place thinking this is the game we going to win and give us a fighting chance to go through to the next round.

It was a tightly contested first half nothing really to talk about a couple of free kicks here and shot at goals there but stats don’t win you games GOALS do so a disappointing  0-0 first half was not on – Why is Parker not in the startibg line up?

I am no football pundit but I want Bafana to win this tournament – I believe we have the team and coach to take us to greater heights. The second half started with a bang as Oupa Manyisa put Bafana in the lead with a goal worthy of Fifa 15 credentials ๐Ÿ˜€ it was his first international goal too, it is not only the Proteas who can break records hahaha. Just like in the first game we as South Africans went crazy even the commentators were jumping the gun but then BOOM….

a Senegal free-kick and Mbodji heads Senegal level 1-1 o_O – sadness abound.

After Ghana won Algeria we knew that we had to win this game for a real chance at progressing without the help of another team but now the final score ending 1-1 it gives us a slight chance mathematically – (im talking pure maths, angles and graphs included). I remember a mix up with the maths in qaulification for the last Afcon, I hope the OBE system don’t mess us up again this time round but with Gyan back in action the last game against Ghana will be the death of us – Group Of Death for Bafana – Ask yourself do you believe, would you put money on Bafana winning my heart says yes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Look Bafana is not bad the improvements in qaulity are there but they are not listening to the sideline coaches (that is me and you reading this post) – finish the chances created GOALS WIN GAMES as simple as that. Ok fine says the guy drinking a draught beer but it all comes together with a Castle right :-D.

Am I happy with a draw….nope but I am even more upset with United drawing to Cambridge in the FA Cup 4th round really now maak kla die game en bring vir ons ‘n trophy before we shout Van Gaal out and Moyes in o_O

Shaken not Stirred

A nation in tears this has become synonymous  with South African Football but after an unbeaten qualifying run-up to the AFCON 2015 tournament I was hoping for change.

30 games – 18 wins and 2 losses before tonight an impressive record by our coach bra Shakes who has restored hope in our football. His choice of players impressed me with the players hungry to compete only 5 international stars proving that we have homegrown talent.
An example being Rivaldo Coetzee who was forced to call curtains on his game as he cames off with a knock. The tears flowing as he came off showing his passion for Bafana.

After not qualifying for the last tounament it was just our luck to be drawn in the ‘Group of Death’ and our first game being against the number 1 ranked African team and 18th in the World Algeria. Bafana can be proud of their performance as they outplayed Algeria but as usual it was a game of missed chances in the 23rd minute Furman striked the crossbar from range, this after Algeria dominated for the first 15 minutes. In the 42nd minute it was Vilakazi who almost puts Bafana Bafana in front with a cheeky backheel saved by MB’oli.ย Halftime scored ended 0-0 with Bafana creating the more clear cut chances.

Bafana came into the second half guns blazing with a well worked goal scored by Phala in the 51st minute.ย  Minutes later it as the turning point of the match a penalty for Bafana which in my opinion would’ve killed off the match but a strike against the pole from Rantie saw us hold our hands in disbelief. The misery continued as we scored an own goal in the 67th minute to make it 1-1 to Algeria. Ghoulam scored the second and finally they showed why they are No.1 with a near post goal from Slimani poorly handled by Keets to make the final score 3-1 to Algeria.

They say form is temporary but class is forever and this is what tonights game proved, Algeria were outplayed but all they needed were a few chances and they made the most of it.

Bafana were SHAKEN and now they go on to meet Ghana and Senegal in their next games hopefully they can STIR up enough confidence and get results.

To be the best you have to beat the best – take this as a stumbling block to learn from and improve we are still in this – South Africa is behind you.

Open Streets

Today Cape Town took back the streets from pollution and made it walker friendly…


Walk, jog, crawl any means of transport from a bicycle to longboard is welcome as long as it is not a car – I’m sure if there was a river a canoe would be welcome too haha :-D. This is an awesome way to get people active and also a way for capetonians and foreigners to interact in an open environment showcasing freedom. Feel free to…


..Walk among Giants ๐Ÿ˜‰

Many different activities were displayed some interactive an some just for your viewing pleasure from Yoga, Capoeira to Pole Dancing (No pictures posted for obvious reasons – kids might be reading o_O). Chiors soothing your souls with their beautiful voices and for the brainiacs there was even some Chess – yes Chess is Life.

I found a interesting new game think beach frizby and soccer mixed – you get Cape Town Ulitimate yip I’m sure many of you are like me and confused well this looks cool and definitely something you want to try if you like different, normal is so mainstream right ๐Ÿ˜€


Some people even took a stand to have there voices heard against abortion and the dreadful scenes in Boko Haram, with so many foot traffic people are bound to notice a good cause – I also like the graffiti artist bringing their own canvas to have their say too.


Kid: “It’s so cool here, Mommy can we come back tomorrow” – I agree with this kid it is a cool initiative and I hope it is not the last..

Thank You Cape Town you are awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

Klopse Koppe

Today was the day that the Klopse finally got their chance to take to the streets of Cape Town in the annual “tweede nuwejaar”march. The walk was postponed twice due to certain issues which I would not go into as this would put a sour taste on this post.


The Klopse has a rich history in Cape Town, to be honest I’m sad to say that this was my first time watching them march…my excuse Tweede Nuwejaar is not a good time, you know the babbelas recovery and Klopse beats are not a good combination haha I should thank The City Of Cape Town for postponing right.

I enjoyed the experience seeing all the colourful characters, with groups names ranging from Woodstock Starlights to the Philadelphia’s (correct me if I’m wrong), maar ek is van Kensington so dis ‘n Ken-Fac ding.

If you know anything about the Klopse you will know that they have a small child to walk infront this is called the “voorloepertjie”…


…then there is the crazy character always a guy with a bald head, whole head covered in glitters and colours die bra sรฉ tong stiek altyd uit, is hy wat die crowd entertain.


Without the band the Klopse would not be what it is, the beat of the drums and the brass instruments make for an entertaining ensemble of classic to modern tunes.


This is a whole day event, a family outing, people wait whole year for this some even sleeping over for the best spot. Snacks, kamp stoele, opblaas beddens the works alles om ma en pa se dag comfortable te maak want al die kinnes is innie klopse is yaaaaaa.


Well to summarize I had a good time maar ek dinkie ek het die energie om ‘n voorloepe te wees nie het te veel gehardloop vandag was ek tot in Bo Kaap for that perfect picture – guess you can call me a…

Klopse Kop hahaha

*pictures taken off twitter, will add link to my pictures at a later stage – bear with a brother djy wiet mos technology/wifi en soe aan.


The warriors from Cape Town, Ajax took on Wolfsburg currently second in the Bundesliga in Germany. On a sweltering summers night it was the Wolves who came out tops making Cape Town Stadium their hunting ground.

Ajax looked like they were able to compete in the first half equalizing in the 14th minute after Wolfsburg opened the scoring in the 5th minute. On the stroke of halftime a simple tap in from inside the small box by Ivica Olic, from my angle it looked like the Ajax goalkeeper saved it off the line but the halftime score stood at 2-1.

In the second half it was like a full moon the wolves came out to play giving Ajax no chance on the ball adding a further 2 goals in the 59th and 67th minutes respectively. The scoreline did not deter the crowd from cheering on the home side giving Keagan Dolly a warm applause when he came on as a substitute and it was well deserved, this guy has a bright future ahead of him speedy and skillful. Granwald Scott also had some good crossfield balls but I don’t think that game plan worked against the more physical Wolfsburg side those guys are huge o_O.

Ek het gehoop dat die poppe sal dans maar dit was die Wolwe wat honger was, I think this game was poorly advertised though preventing the stadium from being filled more but a decent crowd enjoyed some good football anyway :-D.

On a more happier note Bafana ended there Afcon warm up with a 3-0 thrashing of Mali, their fans screaming ‘Give Back our Mali’ hahaha – The Proteas also avoided a T20 whitewash only because the Wind was quiet no Gayleforce wind predicted ;-). The One Day series looking to provide some good cricket ahead of the Worldcup.

Downward Dog

——- Breath In ——-
They say nothing in life is free, I say just open your eyes and you will be surprised by what you will find look no further than facebook follow the link for some amazing things to do in and around Cape Town

——- Breath Out ———–

2015 is the year of balance and I was excited to see no. 9 – FREE yoga. Off I went to try it out asking around where it takes place I got abit dispondent as no one knew what I was talking about. I decided to wait it out by buying me a banana and an apple thats what Yogatarians eat right (made that word up no offence)

——-Breath In———-

18:30 and I found more people who heard about this, a smile on my face I joined the session Yoga mat on the floor lets begin, my second time doing Yoga and I must say it is intense but enjoyable. After a session you are amazed at how good you feel from the downward dog to the cobra position your body is capable of anything all you have to do is breath.

——-Breath out———-

2015 is represented by the number 8, doing Yoga after a few sessions I’m sure you will be able to twist your body into a figure 8. If you are looking for a fun way to keep fit and meet new people this is definitely recommended – remember to keep smiling and do not drift too far away at the relaxation phase.