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This is Langa

My first time in Langa (yes I am ashamed – blame the media and my ignorance), today the streets of Langa came alive with possibility.


Building on the success of Open
Streets on Bree (Sunday 18 January 2015), we were taken to Langa where skaters, cyclists, walkers, joggers, kids,adults, artists, musicians and others to enjoy car-free space together.

With over 30 different activities along Jungle Walk to Rubusana Avenue, a safe and free environment for all to enjoy. The Rosa Chior practice…


to the ever popular Capoeira


Superheroes on bicycles, skateboarders and when last did you see a “waentjie” in the street yes this is South Africa where kids are free to play in the streets and be children.


Laughter, chatter and a festive atmosphere allows for bridging the gap between people from different backgrounds, we even got the opportunity to watch a moving documentary in one of the residents houses about Remebering Marikana. Ever wanted to ask a scientist a question, anything from Why is the sky blue? to Why is the earth a square o_O uh I mean round but I’m sure they would be able to answer that too :-D. It is amazing and moving to see so many children enjoying themselves high-fiving you with smiles on their faces as you walk past, my friend even got to see some real street magic where the kid disappeared  after the show hahaha.

With the cricket World Cup just ended and SA needing to build for 2019 why not get someone from the streets of Langa.


and there is always hope for Bafana too, street soccer is popular in all parts of Cape Town ;-).

Events like this are important in getting people active in all parts of Cape Town where the media always focuses on the bad side we should rear our energy to more positive initiatives like the Real Phandaz – An Association of South Africa’s best minds and bodies defined not by academic merit but by strong intuition, talent, skill and a strong drive to succeed – #RealPhandaz

The Micro Galleries were also cool, meeting an artist who uses sea sand, giving us an in-depth explanation of his amazing work.

Thank you to the City of Cape Town and the organisers of Open Streets for taking us from Colombia to the Mother Township 😀

World Champions

With a record breaking crowd of over 93 000 people who filled the MCG in Melbourne Australia to witness World Cup Cricket final between neighbours and co-hosts Australia and New Zealand.

It was a case of Hey Neighbour can I borrow some brown sugar with New Zealand winning the toss and opting to bat first. The Australian bowling was on point as always and a brilliant partnership between Taylor and Elliot could only help New Zealand secure 183 runs as the rest of the batsman faltered under the pressure of the Australian bowling attack. Both Faulkner and Johnson getting 3 wickets a piece 184 in 50 overs was more than attainable for this Australian side.


Michael Clarke scored 74 in his final ODI innings & Steve Smith added 56(not out) to guide Australia past the 184 target with 16.5 overs to spare, it felt like vengence as New Zealand beat Australia in the group stages. What a way to get revenge on the grandest stage of them all the World Cup Final.

Australia’s 5th World Cup win they are like the Brazil of cricket guess its the colour yellow o_O an emphatic 7 wicket haul made them deserving of the title World Champions – Welldone


Be Smart

With electricity prices increasing and the petrol price soaring in coming months it is time for us to BE SMART and join the Renewable Energy revolution.

God gaves us the sun and wind – best we use them!

The is one of the slogans on a pamphlet from the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Intstitute – Did you know that the government are in talks for a nuclear programme priced at R1 trillion, where is this money coming from is the question. With so many benefits from renewable energy why do we need Nuclear power stations why not invest in the Earth rather than destroying it. For more info:

The important choices we make today will determine the future that emerges for our country.

At the renewable energy festival your eyes are opened to the amazing possibilities that the world has to offer, it does not need to be expensive all you need is to look for an opportunity/gap and take it.

Like Tsidi Ramofolo who started her company “NewCo” about 3 years ago operating in Landsdowne. If you are eating Lays right now what are you going to do with the packet, throw it away right. Tsidi takes these packets and other waste material to create these useful items..


Those are pencil bags made out of Lays, Simba or Fritos packets.


That is a wallet – now you can have Simba be the King of your money o_O. – mail her for more on this amazibg initiative.

With many exhibitions helping to educate and inform people on what is out there in terms of alternative energy I think this is an eye opening and enriching event. Fun-filled for the whole family with Cape Town Science Centre offering a variety of activities for the kids to enjoy – Maths and Science is essential in creating a sustainable future for all why not visit the science centre in Obz to expose yourself to a World of new experiences with more than 280 Interactive Displays.

We all need food right, so why not start your own garden fresh and healthy living. There is an exhibition on the rights of Farm Workers with Human rights day just passed it is important for us all to KNOW OUR RIGHTS. Another cool product is the WonderBag follow the link to join the revolution

This is an interactive event with foodstalls, many exhibitions and ofcourse LIVE entertainment – The ENERGETIC Gang of Instumentals, Afrotropica – who make music out of recyclable material and the Father Son duo Jesse and Johnny Clegg to name but a few. All well presented by the crazy Siv Ngesi and Katlego Maboe as MC.

What you waiting for get down to Greenpoint Cricket Oval to join in the excitement that is Renewable Energy also do not forget EARTH HOUR tonight – peace 😉

Make Each Day Count

Think drive through ok now stop thinking and look to the sky you see those stars that is what you will be under while watching one of your favourite classics :-D.


The Galileo open air cinema’s are a relaxed way to enjoy a great summer’s night out, a comfy backrest, (gets abit unformfortable if you watching a 3 hour movie though haha), and blanket to keep the chill away, helps you get lost in the movies on offer.

Tonights movie was Titanic and I was surprised at the amount of people who came out for the experience, the cool thing about this is that you get to buy whatever food and drinks are on offer not just popcorn. A picnic vibe this is how movies are suppose to be enjoyed 😀

There are 3 unique locations across Cape Town for you to enjoy a variety of movies from Tuesday – Thursday, a great place for a date or just a movie night with friends and family.


If it wasn’t for Galileo we would not have had the idea for this ok he’s got nothing to do with this but his name and maybe the stars o_O –  It also gives one the opportunity to see how the earth moves as the moon moves from one side to the other.

Jack: Well, yes, ma’am, I do… I
mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.

Clash of Champions

It was the clash of the Champions both teams former winners of the cricket World Cup, would India have it in them to beat an in-form Austalian side on their home turf?


It was the Australians who won the toss and opted to bat first with 6 batsman all getting a strike rate of over 100 they cruised to a comfortable score of 328/7 in their alotted 50 overs. Smith was so comfortable he didn’t even need a helmet o_O…ok that was only against the spinners of India. Finch 81(116), S Smith 105 (93) and a late cameo by Johnson 27(9) not out, giving Australia the upperhand as India came out to bat.

India were looking good, but  lost their 1st wicket after Dhawan was caught. They were 76/1 after 12.5 overs. Against Australia 329 to win was tough on a normal day the Indian batsman had it in them but this is the World Cup o_O. In the 41st over India were 204/5. They needed 125 runs off 54 balls at 13.88 runs per over.

This was the fall of wickets for the last few overs.
6   208 41.5 R Jadeja
7   231 44.3 Dhoni
8   232 45.4 Ashwin
9   232 45.5 Mohit Sharma   
10 233 46.5 Umesh


India were reduced to 233 all out after 46.5 overs to set up a clash of old foes in the Final on Sunday.


New Zealand beat Australia in the group stages will this be enough for the underdogs to lift the trophy. Should be exciting as the co-hosts look to entertain the crowd.

Glow in the Dark

If Ultra and the Colour Run had a baby it would be called the Neon Run o_O

A 5km run, cycle, skate, walk, skip, hop or even balance an egg on a spoon your choice :-D, along the way there are Glow Stations I have no idea what these are probably to fill our tanks with some much needed vitamins 😉

At the end of the 5km it all culminates into one crazy party  lazer lights neon colours all lighting up the night sky as we GLOW and shine I bet the Aliens from outer space will be jealous of us having such an amazing party.

18th April Cape Town will light up Kenilworth Racecourse with a stellar line up of SA’s top artists to entertain us, you do not want to miss this.

Line up
Nick Hamman
Vic Naidoo
Roger Goode
DJ Fresh
Chris Taylor
and many more of your local acts thrown in the mix 🙂


I have no idea how that guy is breathing through that outfit o_O – Wear at your own risk hahaha these are just some of the characters you’ll meet along the way so don’t delay and get your tickets now.

For more info follow the details below and don’t worry it is happening in other parts of South Africa as well, I’m from Cape Town gotta represent the Mother City 😛

Website :
Facebook : NeonRunSA
Twitter: NeonRunSA

Ready, steady GLOW

Take The Lead

Inspired by movies like Take The Lead and the obvious  favourite classic Dirty Dancing after much debate with myself I decided to join a Salsa beginner class to see what it is like.


To my surprise I have rhythm haha :-D..1 2 3 – 5 6 7 yeah I know what happened to 4 right, uh I’m not sure once the beats became faster I got lost too o_O.

The class is fun and social with a nice warm up getting you in the groove then its on to the basic movements basically Jazz with a lift…yip I need to remember the lift. Men on one side ladies on the other – Ladies time to pick your partner and off we go moving those hips 5 minutes and the ladies move to the next partner like speeding dating adding dance into it.

I enjoyed the experience and it is a great boost of confidence when you start getting those movements even got some twists into it hmmmmm who  knows Strictly Come Dancing might see me soon ;-).


A great way to meet people, lots of laughter but also serious enough to learn something new to use when you want to woo that lady in the red dress on the dancefloor.

So I guess its safe to say, ladies… Shall We Dance? 😀