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Bonds that Bind us

Bind us together Lord

Bind us together Lord

Bind us together with love…

January is almost over, almal is alwee byrie werk en die kinders is innie skool. After a welcome break we look forward to getting back into the hustle and bustle of a new year, it’s crazy how the cycle works but before we get there we should stop and reflect, giving thanks and asking for strength and protection.

As part of our Moravian Calender we start the year off with “Nuwe Jaar Bidure”, this year the theme is: Lord, Wipe away all my doubts and fears in 2020.

This evening we prayed and pondered on the bonds that bind us, Family Bonds. The Lord provided us with a family, parents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbours…we are all family in the eyes of Christ and we should protect each other. There are many evils in this day and age that threaten to break the bonds of family but if we seek The Lord He will provide the answers needed to drive us into action and bind the strings that have broken and bring us back together.

We are not meant to live in fear of one another, we are meant to live in unity and be protective of each other….no matter the relationship you have with someone they are your brother or sister in Christ, let us continue to pray for each other and share the blessings for everyone to enjoy….

Psalm 133

How good and pleasant it is

when brothers live together

in unity!

It is like precious oil

poured on the head,

running down to the beard,

running down on Aaron’s beard,

down upon the collar of his robes.

It is as if the dew of Hermon

were falling on Mount Zion.

For there the LORD bestows

his blessings,

even life for evermore.

Lord, Wipe away all my doubts and fears in 2020.

The devil is a liar…

We are two weeks into the new year and new decade…..this is a year of new beginnings, new experiences and shaking off the cobwebs that has held us back. Breaking the chains, letting go of the weights and focusing on moving forward… FAITH.

What have you learnt from the past decade? 10 years……wow saying it like that it seems like a long time, 10 years ago I went for an interview and I got my first official job in my field of study, I am grateful for the experience and the people I have met along the way…..In the interview they did not ask me where I see myself in 10 years time but if they did I don’t think I would have been able to answer that, do we really think that far ahead at that age? I think at that age I was thinking from day to day…..

10 years later I have had many experiences, been through the good, the bad and the ugly……I have broken down, faced my fears and was lifted up by the Grace of Our Father…….Nothing can hold me down I believe in the Holy Spirit and know that I can overcome anything the adversary has against me…..The devil is a liar!!!!

My pray for the next 10 years….yes I have learnt from the past and planning for the future….I am asking for love, prosperity, blessings in abundance for myself, my friends and my family…..I am praying for continual growth in the path that The Lord has intended for my life…..if you are reading this post I am thankful for your support in my shared experiences through my blog.

Let this year be a year of vision……a clear picture of what is ahead for the next decade….let us take heed of the Lords word and ponder on the theme for 2020’…

…..”I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”