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Eye of the “White” Tiger


The countdown has begun, the Rocky themesong playing in my head it is one week to go when EFC returns to Cape Town and this time they going WORLDWIDE.

The fightcard looking action packed just look at those pictures, all fighters serious to bring on the beating and prove they have the potential to either win or be in the running for a title shot.

Drotschie vs Wessels scheduled for EFC30 was postponed due to an injury to the lower back of Drotschie…

On hearing the news of Drotschie’s injury, Wessels responded with the phrase “more time to prepare, to do
more damage,” which was released on Twitter.

I hope Wessels was serious when he said he was preparing, judging by the exchange of words we are in for a massive  Light Heavyweight Title fight…Cape Town might even see the title change hands.

“As soon as I’m healed, I’m ready,” replied Drotschie. “I’ve heard that he [Wessels] was saying that I’m ducking the fight. He better stay in shape. Our fight’s coming. I’m happy
to take him on, or anyone from FFM [Fight Fit Militia, Wessels’ fight team] while we’re at it.”

I tried getting info on the Heavyweight clash between Walravens and Groenewald but I’m guessing the silence is adding to the suspense as Heavyweight bouts are meant to be epic – Clash of the Titans lets see who comes out hand raised inside the hexagon come the 6th November.

The fight I’m most excited about is Sayed vs Hassan, at EFC 30 I saw Sayed fight and instantly knew that this guy was one to watch, Cape Town born fighter training in Singapore with UFC athletes -seeing that EFC just went Worldwide I hope the “White” Tiger gets his claws into Hassan and prove that he deserves a title shot against the Undefeated Bantamweight Champ – Demarte Pena.

With Kabulu on a five fight winning streak he is penned against EFC’s first international signing the Irishman Queally, knowing the Irish they love to fight plus he would not want to disappoint by losing on debut – this should be an awesome fight for the Cape Town crowd.

De Lange vs Mukulu – both fighters from Cape Town who will have the most home support, according to Gordon “Rage” Roodman who fought both men, losing and drawing respectively, he reckons the fight will be won or lost on the ground. Mukulu having preference in the ground game De Lange has to keep him standing I guess. All will be revealed once the two meet in the Hexagon.

So thats it the MainCard bouts are set, now to get your tickets Cape Town….cos HERE COMES THE PAIN.

Hear our plea


This a letter from the Kensington/Factreton Ratepayers Association asking the people who live in the community to stand together and ask the question, Why have we not been consulted in the relocation of Danoon residents into our area?

Many residents are upset that there are many living in “unpopular” conditions why is the City Of Cape Town and Transnet who owns the land earmarked not offering the opportunity to us as ratepayers of the community first. With new people coming into our community, already riddled with gang violence and other social ills this will only add to an already dire situation – Should the City not work for its people and uplift communities, sitting in on the meeting I felt a sence of breakdown with emotions running wild as expected. The community cheering with words like “gatvol” “over my dead body” “human rubbish” being heard if the City continues in this manner people are bound to take the law into their own hands.

I feel a meeting needs to be organised whereby all parties concerned attend ie. Ken/Fac Ratepayers, City Of Cape and Transnet in order for us all to come to a mutual agreement like the motto of Kenmere Primary – “Knowledge is Power”


Politics, Race and Respect for the voice of another is concerning to me in an era where we should have moved past this, but it is understandable that in a heated topic such as this that these issues would be brought up, all we ask for is that the City respect our right to transparency of information and we be consulted in any developments concerning our community.

If push comes to shove sal ons march vir ons regte – we have a voice and we want to be heard.

Inner Peace

Mr Miyagi: “Ah. Only root
karate come from Miyagi.
Just like bonsai choose
own way grow because root
strong you choose own way
do karate same reason.

So I went to the Company Gardens yesterday for a different event when I stumbled upon this…the Cape Town Bonsai Festival, being the random person that I am I took out my book and pen and asked some questions…thats what normal people do right 😀

What is this Festival about? – showcasing the art form of training a Bonsai yip you heard right you train these trees to become the creation you see before you…


The owner is called an Artist this was something I did not know but if you look at the different creations you will realise this is an art form which takes delicate skill and time to perfect. On some of the trees they reflected the training age which could be 10 years but then the trees actual age could be like 60 years old…ok don’t qoute me on that I’m just trying to prove the point of time – speaking to one of the ‘artists’, she mentioned that this is a 4 dimensional artform just think about it you see the 3D image in front of you


…the 4th Dimension would be TIME as the tree is alive and constantly growing you need to prune it to perfection each time. This is also why these trees can go for as much as R15000 on auction if not more.

For more info on this artform and its history click on the link below because the above is probably all greek to you right….uh nope it actually from Japan get with it 😉


“Many people associate bonsai trees with inner peace, serenity and contentment, and while its true that most of the people who successfully rear bonsais have these qualities they are earned over time.” Unknown quotes


“As the twig is bent the tree
inclines.” Virgil

Doodle Alert


Red bull not only gives you wings but it also quenches your thirst on a blistering Cape Town day….but that is besides the point they actually brought us the best doodles from across the world how extreme is that 😀


A chilled Sunday looking at the doodles being inspired by this artform brought on by ‘bored students’, this shows you that anything you dream can become reality. Reading the inspiration behind some of the artists many of them are overwhelmed by the fact that doodling brought them to South Africa, Cape Town being abstract in its own way definitely enjoyed this experience.

From the Trojan horse, a fooseball table, origami crane, an egyptian pyramid to this….


Yip Brazil is in Africa these are all iconic symbols of each country being depicted but do not let this take away from the real work of art, which is the doodle.


For the gamers at heart you will recognise this character from…..uh i don’t know Doodle, i mean Google it hahaha 😉

Cape Town being the 2014 Design Capital of the world all art forms are being embraced and this is definitely one of the most exciting event I’ve seen thus far – Thank You

Santa’s Little Elf

GoodHope Fm and Pick n Pay turned the Canal Walk centre court into a place of giving for the past couple of months in the hope of filling 1000 Shoeboxes with goodies to give to the less fortunate over this festive season.


The Santa Shoebox campaign is nothing new but was mostly aimed at corporates but with the convenience of the Little Elves Pop Up shop anyone can fill up a box for under R200, one person can make a difference and just think about that little boy or girls face when they open up the box with them goodies :-D.


The feeling of giving is always an overwhelming experience and when you know that what you are giving is put to good use it just makes it extra special, this initiative should not be your last gift of giving but should be aimed as a starting point for us to open our hearts and be Santa’s little helpers and spread the festive cheer.

With the age group of 2 – 7 these children are at the beginning of a bright future ahead of them, our little helping hand has the potential to impact millions of lives just think about, today you gave a little boy a shoebox full of goodies 20 years down the line that little boy could be graduating as a doctor who will save lives and it all started with you :-D.

I am thankful and blessed that I could offer something small in helping grow our future leaders, today is the last day to fill a shoebox at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre so grab your Santa Hat….leave the suit though I think the heat is too much…..hohoho is ampe Christmas.

Do you believe in Magic -because I do 😉

Bazaar Tafel

The Maitland Moravian Church held their annual Bazaar this weekend kicking it off with a night market vibe, dancing and singing was the order of the night….en ons almal wiet Moravians got talent right ;-).

The Saturday saw the hall being transformed into a jungle it was like you were taken back into the wild, until I was informed that the theme for the tables was “Animals of the Ark”.

There was music to keep the people entertained and a variety of things to buy, van groente tot colouring books en brood pudding, massage goetes en homemade ‘Gemmerbier’ you name it you will find it at one of the Bazaar Tafels :-D.

For the kids they had face painting ek het ‘n Cheetah en Spiderman gesien, is ok maar goed daar was nie ‘n Leeu nie want innie Kaap issit ‘n WP ding hoyaaaaaaaaaa.

The garage was turned into a fish den waar jy lekker middagete kan geniet fish and chips Ma bring jou koepons want die snoek is oppie kole :-D.

At the end of the day, the best themed table was announced and then it was down to the serious business, counting coupons and cash, feedback will be given in the coming weeks.

Our worldly successes
cannot be guaranteed, but
our ability to achieve
spiritual success is entirely
up to us, thanks to the
grace of God. The best
advice I know is to give is to
give those worldly things
your best but never your all
– reserve the ultimate hope
for the only one who can
grant it. – Mitt Romney

At the end of the day all the success comes from above and the weekend will be ended off with a thanksgiving service the Sunday morning – a great weekend of sunshine and laughter was had by all :-D.

Boost your run

Cape Town is one beautiful place and what better way than to experience the scenery than to run.

This morning I did my first Park Run, organised by volunteers these runs take place across the world, I found out about it by accident as Adidas were one of the sponsers today so I’m not sure if I’m suppose to be writing this, the organiser’s could want it to be exclusive but hey if you find something awesome and healthy why not share it with everyone right 😀

A quick and easy registration process on the parkrun website and you ready to go, all you have yo do is print your barcode and lace up your running shoes for a 5km run around Greenpoint park, did I mention it is timed so every week you can track your performance and yes you will definitely get better 😉

With Adidas on board today you got to test their new shoes pity they never had my size…ahhh you know what they say about guys with big feet :-O….they run fast hau cmon guys get your minds out the gutters hahaha. There were also great prizes to be won and a grand prize of an entry to the 21km Two Oceans Marathon next year. If you had an extra boost from feeling the comfort of their new shoes you had an option of doing an extra mile for a R200 voucher…its obvious I didn’t do that because of my big feet right. To end things off everyone got a free smoothie and muffin how awesome is that :-D.

This is a great way to get active and meet like minded people at the same time and did I mention it is FREE….they say nothing in life is free so get on the bandwagon while the opportunity is here, just have to say that it is not this big every week, I’m guessing, but it is all in the name of fun and active energy.

Cape Town is the friendliest City after all and today proved it :-D.

Be the Change…

Are you a maker or a thinker?


Currently on at the Cape Town Stadium are the Makers +Thinkers exhibition part of the World Design Capital project that has taken Cape Town by storm over the last year. It is an interactive experience showcasing the different projects going on in and around Cape Town. As you walk into the stadium you are transformed into a designers mind, as a thinker I was in awe at the process of how they did what they did, but like the sayings go…

“If you can dream it you can achieve it.” – unknown

“If everyone is thinking alike,
then somebody isn’t
thinking”. – George S. Patton

With the world changing at a rapid pace we have to move with the times and educate ourselves with what is happening in the world around us in order to provide a sustainable future for our children.

This exhibition is also an opportunity to see the Cape Town Stadium, from a different perspective as you get to explore areas you would not normally get to see when there are major events happening.

With 2014 almost at an end I encourage people to make use of the last few opportunties to explore our beautiful city and see the developments that have taken place through the World Design Capital brand and that are aimed at bringing awareness to sustainability and growth for all.


We must stop thinking of
the individual and start
thinking about what is best
for society. – Hillary Clinton

Live, Design, Transform Life.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

“Water is the source of life, no water, no life” – Wafiqah

Visited the Aquarium at the Waterfront after, I can’t even remember how many years…I felt like a little kid all over again and guess who I found…


“Water is the driving force of all nature” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Almost 70% of our planet consist of water there is a whole other world under the sea and I don’t mean Atlantis unless that is true hmmmm need to check facts. I liked the way the Aquarium is set up as there are interactive sections where you get to touch a starfish and other sea creatures and get up close and personal with a penguin.


If you arrive at a certain time you’ll get to see them feed the penguins and the sharks, get your diving license and you might even join them…I don’t know if I’ll do that though, I was getting seasick by just watching them behind the glass. You feel like you are submerged under the ocean, only that you can breath I guess I was that guy with the gills in WaterWorld – Kevin Costner :-D.


“This land, this water, this air, this planet – this is our legacy to our young” – Paul Tsongas

We need to preserve our ocean take care of our planet, stop dumping your waste as this kills the sealife, there are pictures of birds with plastic bags in their stomach – sad and disgusting at the same time.


It is a fun experience for the whole family, puppet shows for the kids in the Frog Cave and informative too as there are explanations of each fish you see.


….Did you know, about 20 million seahorse are caught every year around the world for medicine or for sale as curios. Some people believe that eating dead seahorses will cure asthma, skin problems and even baldness.

On my next visit I’m in search of Dory….

Ready, Set…..BOOM


If you look closely you’ll find Wally, wait no im kidding :-D. This was the scene in Cape Town yesterday morning as a history making 20,080 runners laced up and took part in the 22nd Kfm Gun Run. This was the biggest crowd to date.


On a misty morning the runners ran through the Seapoint promenade and surrounding areas in either the 21km, 10km or 5km fun run….I opted for the 10km run and for the first time got to wear a disposable time chip thing on my laces, I’m kinda excited to see what my final time is apparently it is official :-D, now I can work on a personal best and go for the 21km next year.


The mens WINNER was William Kaptein in 01:03:20,  2nd was David Manya & 3rd Xolisa Tyali. Congratulations to these elite runners 21km in an hour yislaakit toe ek begin is hulle al klaar.


According to the First Lady across the finish line, Kim Laxton! “The most beautiful race I’ve ever run!”, in a time of 01:18:00, don’t think she had much time to look at the scenery though 😀 Welldone

The Gun Run always attracts thousands of runners my 2nd run and I felt it was abit easier than the first felt like a big walk at the beginning though with the congestion then a trail run with the developments on the Seapoint promanade, awesome experience overall great atmosphere from fellow runners.

I will definitely be back and this time I will be there when the Gun goes off…

..Ready, Set…BOOM