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Memory lane

1001 South African Stories, our country is full of rich history and what better way to explore this than by listening to one of its people share their experience.

The Book Lounge in Cape Town creates the perfect backdrop for the interviewees to share their story. The aim of the project is to contribute to a more cohesive and inclusive understanding of South African History.

My first time attending the event and I am already excited for next months stories, this months theme was music.

The two interviewees had different but similar stories to share, I loved the common themes that came out and how they both showed their love and passion for music through their experiences.

Luvuyo Kakasa – founder of Jazz in the Native Yard shared his love of Jazz music and the many memories of his days as a journalist in Johannesburg before joining the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra in 2008. He seems like a man with countless stories to share and his energetic spirit is infectious, this is all attributed to the music which keeps him young and happy.

Jazz is not only about the music, it is also a voice for the people, a liberator of freedom and through the music you’ll even make friends with strangers.

The second interviewee was the Director of The Rosa Choir Project Tersia Harley, she shared her love for the way music unites people. The Rosa Choir helps to bridge gaps and divides we so often see in our society, no matter your language, religion, colour everyone is welcome to join and find a safe space to share your voice. The Choir gives people a sense of belonging and when you reach the level of harmony it creates a magical experience – English, Afrikaans and Xhosa all coming together to create unity amongst the people of South Africa and the world.

This is an awesome initiative which will help us understand and learn from each other……all you have to ask yourself is…

Who are you?

What is your story?

If you had 3 wishes what would they be?

Simple questions which can have a different meaning for all.

Some stories ask us to glance back, others to explore the present and some inspire dreams of a brighter future..

Check out the 1001 South African Stories facebook page for more info on upcoming stories.