Career Guidance Available!!!!

The aftermath of the Covid-19 has left many South Africans without jobs and without any hope. The recent release of the unemployment statistics from Stats SA has revealed the high unemployment rate amongst the youth.

The official unemployment rate has marginally increased, growing to a record high of 32.6%, data from Stats SA shows

This has promoted Imbewu and Letho-kuhle foundation to take matters into their own hands.
Imbewu and Letho-Kuhle foundation will be hosting an event to assist Grade 12 students with online university applications for 2022.

The aim of the event is to ensure that an opportunity to succeed is available to disadvantaged Grade 12 students . Assisting the students with university applications will grant them access to the possibility of receiving higher tertiary education hereby reducing their chances of falling victim to the high unemployment rate.

Imbewu Foundation is an NGO that is aimed at the development of young girls in disadvantaged communities.
Letho-Kuhle Foundation is an NGO that is aimed at the development of youth in disadvantaged communities. The collaboration between the two foundations is befitting as they share a common goal to develop and empower the youth of this country.

Career guidance will be available, Graduates and industry professionals from various fields, they will be sharing their experiences from through university to the professions they specialise in.

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it.” —George Lucas

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