SEA – Home to up to 80% of all life on Earth

STAIN – our ocean is being stained/ tainted by over fishing, “unnecessary” killings of marine life and plastic pollution

ABILITY – what do we as humans do? What abilities do we have to help protect our ocean and the future of our planet.

I am a lover of the ocean, you could call me a water baby…..a cool dip in the sea is refreshing for the body and mind that is why I love living in Cape Town, South Africa.

The ocean has so many benefits to healthy living:

7 Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

1. It boosts your immune system

2. It gives you a natural high

3. It improves your circulation

4. It increases your libido

5. It burns calories

6. It reduces stress

7. It is a great way of socialising and making new friends

I just watched the new documentary on Netflix, Seaspiracy and was shocked at what is happening to our sea life. At first I thought it was a documentary how pollution is killing OUR ocean life, but on a deeper level it was more disturbing than that.

I learnt that plastic pollution is not the only thing that is killing our ocean life, it is but a miniscule element to the bigger picture….the documentary unravels the various other factors that are damaging our beautiful ocean and planet. The various interviews within the documentary are shocking and the footage cringe-worthy to say the least but it is a real eye opener. It seemed to me like the love for money is the real evil.

There are some drastic step that can be taken and are needed to avoid the ocean being depleted of its natural resources and in effect destroying our beautiful planet…it all starts with small steps by you and I.

“Most of the positive and negative things that bring about change in human civilization start with someone….some “one”, and no one can do everything, but everyone can do something and sometimes big ideas make a big difference. That is what we can do, that is what YOU can do right now. Look in the mirror, figure it out…..GO FOR IT!” – Sylvia Earle – Seaspiracy

It is the small things that make the big differences, imagine a world where we cannot enjoy a swim in the sea because of pollution or people who depend on fish for food cannot eat because of over-fishing….it is a bleak reality but if we work together educate ourselves we can all enjoy what this world has to offer properly.

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