My fellow South Africans

2020 The start of a new decade, a year ago we were all looking forward to new vision and clear goals but nothing prepared us for what was to come….

In South Africa the year started off normal with excitement in the air…..we hosted two tennis legends, a billionaire and our funniest export in what was dubbed The Match in Africa.

A month later and boom with Immediate Effect we were locked down in our homes….a new normal began, the Corona Virus entangled its way into our lives…..each day our President gave us new regulations to work through –

– no more “entjies” – because when people zol….

– Easter was cancelled – because when people dop…

– Events were cancelled – because when people Stokvel…

The army was deployed to help with the new normal, the school year was in uproar….everything changed in an instant….it is like someone turned a switch and we were in darkness…oh wait Eskom did that too.

We laughed when we got a tutorial on how to put a mask on properly (you cannot wear it over your eyes to blind you from the truth)….although large gatherings were not allowed many were gathering in Crowd 1 at a time to get the social grants offered by government some were in TERS (tears) at the application process involved and we were all confused at the levels to this new normal.

Hugo het die polisie gebel vir Karen wat oppie Beach draf…..and we all danced our way to Jerusalema in hopes of a summer body by December….there was hope….

…..until that movie Contagion came on our TVs and across the world it was said that drinking disinfectant would Trump the virus….jirre klink my soes Hoax Wyn.

My Fellow South Africans this has been a tough year…. A mission impossible (without the cinema)…..but as I look forward to 2021 with new eyes focused…..

….on what is important to me I am thankful for my sense of humour as it got me this far, I am not blinded by the reality and seriousness of the situation we find ourselves in, I have FAITH that we will get through it and that the new year will bring with it NEW BEGINNINGS!!!!

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