Skin Deep

Lockdown but not locked out of reality….todays feature is another interview, this time I delve skin deep into the mind of a tattoo artist…Jean-Paul Gray – artist, ink-morphing, creative mind – owner of Grays Ink based in Kensington, Cape Town.

Getting inked is a personal decision and almost always has a story to it, trusting the artist is one of the main elements that is why I decided to give you a little glimpse into the workings of Jean-Paul Gray.

  • How long have you been in the tattoo industry?

I’ve been in the Industry for 5 years, this year.

  • What made you decide to venture into this industry?

Art always use to be my thing, graffiti, painting, sketching and tattoos always interested me, since high school. So doing tattoos was like taking it to the next level and it stuck, it was no longer an interest, it became something I love to do.

  • What was your best piece and why?

The half lion, half eagle. I don’t have a best, I do have ones that I enjoy doing, like that one for example, took me about 30 – 45 mins but I enjoyed the session. Plus it looks cool.

  • If you could tattoo a celebrity who would it be and why? If they gave you free reign what would you tattoo on them?

I already did a tattoo on one of my favorite singers, from cape town. Her name is Crushanda Forbes, she was one of the Top 3 Idols SA finalists, I was so excited, because I’m a huge fan and I told her I was, she said, we friends now. I was like a little girl, (giggle). I didn’t ask her to pay, I did it cos I wanted too but she sang for me and I didn’t know how to handle myself – it was a great day! If she gave me free reign, I would do a lady portrait with some flowers, because it looks cool, (laughing), no actual reason, it just looks cool!

There you have it, a little insight into the mind of a local talent. If you are not afraid of a little sting check out his social media pages for updates and prices.

Facebook –

Instagram –

If you are interested in purchasing a digital voucher they are available and can be used once the lockdown is lifted. Let’s support our people, a little goes a long way.

Stay Safe.

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