Wakanda Forever

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the opening of AFRICA FASHION INTERNATIONAL (AFI) fashion week, a three day opportunity to celebrate the beauty of clothing and the accessories that go with them.

It was always going to be an interesting experience for me as I feel like my fashion sense comes from the Flintstones era yabba dabba doo….and my knowledge of Fashion Shows are limited to the Victoria Secret show (cmon I am a guy and we all at some point want to find out what her secret is).

I like the topics that were to be discussed at the Master Class sessions over the 3 day event, Fashion and Sustainability, Creatives Corner and Fashion and Technology. This gave the audience an opportunity to engage with experts in the field and tap into the knowledge creating a spotlight on our African talent.

This event is more than just fashion but an opportunity to address various issues affecting our country and the world, the opening show by Gavin Rajah joined forces with UNICEF in South Africa to highlight the scourge of violence against children in our country.

The designer market place offered the opportunity to view the process of how the models got their hair and make-up applied while browsing through some of the designer clothing and accessories on display.

Obviously most attendees are there for the fashion shows and they did not disappoint…

What is a Fashion Week without headlining acts, Ricky Rick and AKA closed the shows with some banging beats, unfortunately the Fashion Week was cut short due to the Carona Virus, the responsible call was made it an effort to curb the spread…let us continue to help where we can in an effort to minimize the effects of the virus on our beautiful country and the world.
AFI Fashion Week, aims to redesign Africa’s future by positioning African creatives as leaders in narrating African stories.

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