The Gin Journey

Today is World Compliment Day….and what better compliment for a Gin than Tonic….add a paar blare en berries, stukkie cucumber and ice then you have the perfect drink for a chilled summers day in Cape Town.

The annual Gin & Tonic Festival takes you on a local and international journey, the festival goer is spoilt for choice….even BEEFEATERS are welcome (That is an actual Gin brand). I feel like if my drink doesn’t look like a vegetarian’s dream then it won’t be lekker….so my Gin Journey leads me straight to something with lots of greenery added to it.

The Woodstock Gin Company ticked off all the boxes even the description mentioned grassy taste…..

The cool thing about festivals like this is that you get to see the barman in action, mixing your drink to perfection and you can engage with the makers not only are you receiving a great tasting drink but you’ll also learn something new…..oh and you’ll definitely feel abit tipsy afterwards.

Food trucks, Gin & Tonic, two different music stages and a perfect summers day what more do you need but to gather your friends and enjoy what this festival has to offer…..skut jou hare en drink jou blare.

I had an fun-filled Gin Journey discovering my taste…

All good things must come to an end so for now I am hopping on the hot-air balloon and Ginning my way through to a new month filled with great opportunities and blessings.

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