Match on African Soil

Cape Town was spoilt for choice tonight not only did we set a record for the most attendance in a tennis match, but the fans got to witness four icons on the court…..The Match Of Africa seemed like it was an amazing exhibition and all for a good cause…..unfortunately I was not lucky enough to get a ticket…..maar ek hoefie FEDERER te kyk nie because just a stones throw away from the GATES of the Cape Town Stadium was the perfect antidote…..or should I say ANECNOTE for the disappointment.

The Silo Summer Sunset concert was an entertaining way to spend the evening, 2017 SA Got Talent winners ANECNOTE opened up with amazing vocals keeping the crowd Happier….their voices are like a tidal wave vibrating through your body.

It was the perfect opening for the much anticipated acapella group whose music originates straight from the african soil….the earth literally shook as the bass line vibrates from the mouths of these amazing vocalists…THE SOIL is a group whose music is both soothing and grooving, they will make you stand still and just breath and the next minute you will be jiving away…..

….under a beautiful Cape Town night sky.

Even though I never got to see one of my favourite tennis players live, I still had a great evening rolling in the African SOIL…


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