Hasta el fuego

Bad Boys, Bad Boys what you gona do when they come for you….

…you gonna ride along and enjoy the speed, comedic timing, action, explosions and the new additions to the team.

The original Bad Boys are still badder than ever maybe abit out of tune with the gadgets and shit but the old school ways of taking down the bad guys definitely still working…..ain’t nobody got time for the Good Men song even if you singing it with enthusiasm.

I grew up with these guys, love the first movie and can probably mimic every word…..I still wanna be like Mike Lowry with his cool suits and fancy cars, the second movie got me falling inlove with Gabrielle Union, and the third installment got me appreciating family.

From the beginning Bad Boys was about family, we all have that one friend, family member or partner who we’ll do anything to protect no matter what and that is what this franchise is about, behind all the action there is a heart. This movie penetrates the soul, that is if you grew up with the characters…..haha ok enough with the sentimental shit…..the movie has everything you’d expect and more and brings back the nostalgia from the original….we waited long enough and still the tagline is relevant..

We ride together, we die together….


Hasta el fuego – Until the fire burnsout……

PS: Now that’s how you write a review, from now on THAT’S HOW YOU WRITE A REVIEW!!!

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