Unchained Melody

It’s been a while since I attended a Cape Cultural Collective event, tonight just reminded me once again how much amazing talent we have in our city. We were freed from mental slavery, emancipated from the blockages that enslave us on a daily basis….the music, dance and poetry flowed through my body bringing with it a mixed bag of emotions.

As I listened to the poems hearing phrases like “I Am Light”, “You the stuff legends are made of” and “Nothing to lose”, I closed my eyes and just took it all in floating away in the poetic flow, nodding in affirmation of the breaking of chains inside my mind.

The first half of the show Odwa Bongo and Diana Ferrus shared their interpretation of freeing ourselves through poetry…

..Elton Goslett, Thami Baba and The Rosa Choir took us on a musical journey….rhythm and blues, jazzy notes and groovy dance moves took us into a short intermission.

What a way to enter the festive season….the Rosa Choir never disappoints, this was their last gig for the year and it was on point as always.

After the break came the talented Vusu Dalisto I loved the way he interpreted the theme adding in the 16 Days of Activism against Woman and Child Abuse….we need to listen to the children when they speak and protect each other.

The headliners for the night were the dynamic duo of Didi and Jules, saying that they are amazing is an understatement. Words cannot describe the talent that these two possess as a duo they match each other perfectly, you can just close your eyes and be transported into another universe of positivity.

Catch Didi and Jules at the Baxter Theatre on 12-13 December you will not be disappointed.

Once again thank you to the organisers and artists for this great event wishing you all well over the festive season and will surely see you all in the new year……this was a cool Black Friday I did not even have to fight anyone to experience joy……

Keep on spreading those Positive Vibrations.

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