Boogie Woogie

Is ampe 2020 en ons Boogie nog altyd nah die music vannie 70’s en 80’s…..jaasis I am mos happy I was born when music was still leka ek mien ma jy hoor net daai eerste noot dan wil jy soma jou lyf ‘n leka tyd gee.

Best Of The Boogie, celebrating 10 years of sold out shows at The Atscape is mos a gevaarlike way to shake into the festive season….yoh my first time at the show this afternoon and it felt like a Kinky Afro parrrty, die anties gooi soma hulle tanne innie lug toe hulle daai ouens in hulle kort broekies sien.

From Sir Elton John, James Brown, Tina “Head” Turner and the Eccentric Queen accompanied by our very own ever popular Rosa Choir……to name but a few of the amazing covers, oh ya Uncle Bob Marley was oek daar…en Abba…..and ofcourse a leka South African mix of Brenda Fassie.

The king of POPular also made an appearance.

This show is high energy, lights and costumes, laughing till you cry, get up and dance till ur hips hurt……it is sugar and spice and all things nice, it is AWESOME!!

It is cool that the shows are sold out with the support of charity organisations, religious institutions and various other groups, the Maitland Moravians het mos vanmiddag gedance ek dink ons gaan nog weke van die dag praat, miskien ‘n bietjie Gwarra Gwarra byrie next Bazaar…..een ding dit was ‘n leka show.

Thank you to all who brought this show to life julle is almal…..


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