Come & Let Us Praise The Lord

Another beautiful evening of song and praise presented by the Moravian Choir Union Of South Africa in the form of the combined music festival at the Cape Town City Hall.

LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY this was the theme and vision of this years festival, without LOVE there cannot be PEACE, only then can we live in HARMONY. With each musical piece we were massaged by the voices of angels taking us into a peaceful trance which is much needed in the this moment.

I enjoyed the afternoon, you could feel the hard work and dedication paying off through the smiles on the choir members faces as they completed a piece. The accompanying Organ Solo, Violin Solo, Piano Solo and Trumpet Solo’s were also a welcome add displaying the vast array of talent we have within our Moravian Community.

I love how these festivals bring out the best in our people.The highlight for me was the performance of Praise the Lord, Alla Afrika and Harmony arranged and composed by our very own Br. A. R. Lawack and H.O.C Smith.

The words of “Harmony”:” Grant us love and peace in this land, O Lord. Let us live in HARMONY and thus fullfill God’s will.”…these words had a powerful message especially for our country at the moment, in my trancelike state I meditated on these words and asked The Lord to protect our people and country.

When they sang the afrikaans version of God and God alone it transported me back to Indonesia when I joined the choir (by default as I was a volunteer and tried to experience as much as I can), singing the english version….this brought a smile to my face and love in my heart a happy memory indeed.

Did I mention that one of the angels that sang today is my Mom… het mos die stem van ‘n Engel.

“Come and Praise The Lord! Let us Praise the Mighty Lord!

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