STOMP the Artscape

From London and Paris to Las Vegas and New York……and now SOUTH AFRICA!!

What an exhilarating experience this is, WOW……non-stop thrills and spills, laughter, clapping and stepping, shouting and coughing, this show had everything you can imagine and more.

They literally make beats with anything…..yes there are many surprises that you would need to see with your own ears….I mean eyes. I guess it is the bang of the trashcan that got me confused, sorry.

There were moments where I didn’t know where to look, so much happening at once. I was in total awe at the energy, precision and sheer enjoyment of the performers. I loved how they never took themselves too seriously and engaged with the audience on various occasions.

This is definitely a show not to be missed, follow the sound of the beat of a paint can and the flicker of a zippo lighter straight to The Artscape for Non- STOMPING action.

Where rhythm speaks every language …

*clap* *clap*………*DOEF*

Computicket by calling 0861 915 8000, visit or visit your nearest Computicket outlet.

Twitter: @stompworldwide
Instagram @stompworldwide.

*clap* *clap*………*DOEF*……..*Swishhhhhhhh*

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