Mother Trucking Mayhem

8 Monster trucks just caused a Traffic Jam in Cape Town….

To be honest I was expecting these Monster Trucks to cause destruction but Monster Jam is actually a organized competition where the drivers get points and there is a winner hmmm interesting.

This event is a sandblast of note, the sound of these machines are deafening and the energy given off from the crowd gets the drivers amped to manoeuvre these monsters by defying gravity.

With names like Megladon, El Toro Loco, Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Grave Digger…if this was a movie it’ll be a cross between Sharknado, Desperado, 101 Dalmatians and a Wrestlemania match featuring The Undertaker. Just to explain myself uhhhh a movie mash-up like that would be totally confusing but hella fun to watch.

The first event was a high octane race around a mirror-image track, I didn’t know where the finish line was but seeing these trucks fly is super cool.

Next up was the Two-wheel challenge, to be honest this part was abit boring but to think how difficult and the skill it takes to get a huge truck on two-wheels makes it worth seeing.

When the Monster Trucks did donuts you realise just how loud they can get, dust storms inside the stadium and the crowd amping up the drivers was awesome.

The freestyle motorcross section gave the mechanics some time to monkey-wrench the engines and re-fuel the thirsty monsters for the final event.

If you look closely in the distance you’ll see a Monster Truck upside down doing a back-flip….now that is insane right….seeing that live is mind-boggling.

This was a cool family friendly event, lots of noise and high-octane energy….it is also cool that the audience get to participate in who wins the event.

For more info check out my previous post. –

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