Generation NEXT

Give an artist a wall, some paint, spray cans and time and you’ll be amazed at what they bring to life.

We all have a story to tell and through art people are able to tap into the minds of talented individuals as they beautify a space using colourful images.

The International Public Art Festival creates a platform for artist from all over the world to add sugar and spice to a bare canvass, collaborating with the community, empowering and educating young people this is an amazing initiative to create a positive image of our beautiful country.

It is up to us to take these opportunities and share the experience.

Working together with the community we are able to learn from each other and create a safe space for the future generations.

I liked the fact that one of the murals incorporated the young kids to make their mark by using their thumb prints which will spell out the words HUMAN CONTACT when completed, this is amazing.

“Never forget that the strongest connection is a human one” – Investec

You are beautiful, remember that and share it with someone else….when you offer someone a compliment it might just make their day the happiest one.

There are many murals to check out so take your time and walk through Salt River, the event ends tomorrow so if you lucky you might still be able to meet some of the artists and tap into their inspiring minds….Art has the opportunity to bring together all people, creating a space for conversation and learning if we just listen to…

HERSTORY we might be able to change the World for the better.


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