There is just something phenomenal about live events, the lights, the sound, the atmosphere,everything coming together smoothly……this is probably the best feeling for an artist.

Daughtry set Grandwest alight (not literally although it looks like it in the picture – my bad, new phone sponsorship *hint*). 13 years in the industry and just released there 5th album they were awesome. The mixture of old and new songs flowed seamlessly and the best part of it all was that you could feel that they were enjoying themselves. Cape Town is amazing and we love good music.

The opening act, Jesse Clegg warmed the stage up nicely, wow this guy can sing…….I hope to see more of his live shows in future. We have great South African musicians doing well abroad which is inspiring. You can throw our people in the DEEP END and we will swim, we have real BACKBONE. South Africa has talent.

The song choice from Daughtry was cool and each member of the band had time to shine….but it was lead singer Chris Daughtry who held it all together. The Grand Arena felt like a Rattling Cage with the noise from the crowd singing together to each song. When we thought it was over they came out again and felt like they did not want to LEAVE THIS TOWN.

South Africa knows how to make people feel like they are HOME – I love this city and it’s people, I am sure the band felt the love too.

I have no regrets in attending this concert, it is all about living in the moment….WHAT ABOUT NOW, IT’S NOT OVER…..there is no time like the present unless YOU WAITING FOR SUPERMAN.

That’s it from me let me wave the WHITE FLAG, peace out….much love.

Thank you to everyone involved in bringing us these awesome live acts.

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