Open Street Fever

Have you noticed that the lady has stopped apologising for the delay in trains at Salt River Station…..this doesn’t mean there are no more delays uh OH NO NO NO, I think she just realised we are already gatvol.

I wonder if people know that October is Transport Month, with petrol prices skyrocketing….the Taxi industry soma confused with the calculation of fares daar is ‘n verskil tussen die prys in ‘n Bellville Taxi en ‘n Kensington Taxi maar ons almal gaan mos Kaap toe.

Are there even Golden Arrow Busses anymore?…..Gone are the golden days I guess dis nou MyCiti, I recently saw that they are expanding the routes maar daar is nog altyd mense wat strike.

Enough with this morose mood, I still enjoy taking public transport even with all it’s issues. Drastic action is need for a turn-around strategy and I hope to see improvement in the near future….the technology aspect is cool though twitter keep us up to date on the MyCiti busses and Metro Rail.

To end off this transport month the Streets of Woodstock will be Open on the 28 October 2018 between 09:00 – 14:00 stretching between Sir Lowry and Victoria Roads, between Russel Street and Roodebloem Road. As always alternative transport is encouraged….walk, skate, crawl, skip, cycle, run and laugh your way through an awesome vibe.

Open Streets are always a fun-filled day for the whole family, an integrated space to explore our city without the exhaust fumes, noise and dodging cars. There will be many activities and people to meet on the day so get out to Woodstock on Sunday and have some fun in the sun.

The 2018/19 Streets are finally OPEN.

For more info follow the streets…I mean link

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