Historic event takes place December 2018 at Time Square, Pretoria

Pretoria, South Africa – Cannabis is big business. The versatile cannabis plant, which has a huge variety of uses, is making waves globally in industries across the business spectrum. The last few years have seen a massive increase in the number of businesses and medical professionals in South Africa getting involved with cannabis-related products, and with attitudes and legislation changing globally around the plant, cannabis is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing industries to be in.

Today it was announced that The Cannabis Expo, a trade and consumer exhibition dedicated to the cannabis industry, has been launched in South Africa. The Cannabis Expo 2018 takes place at Time Square in Menlyn, Pretoria from 13 to 16 December. The historic event will be hosted annually around the country, moving to Cape Town, Durban and back to the capital city later in 2019.

“Internationally, every major country hosts annual cannabis expos that attract tens of thousands of people each, from the USA to Germany to Australia to name a few. Now The Cannabis Expo is heading to South Africa,” says expo director of sales, Sarah Howarth. “The cannabis industry is exploding, and The Cannabis Expo provides the perfect platform for international and local medical health professionals, agricultural providers and lifestyle brands to engage with industry experts and the public around this versatile plant.”

The Cannabis Expo includes an exhibitor hall, networking and entertainment spaces as well as featuring a convention stage and workshop hosting local and international experts from across the industry. It is the largest exhibition of its kind on the African continent, and due to a number of reasons, such as this country’s liberal laws, geographic climate, population demographic and the wide array of cultures, South Africa is expected to become one of the largest cannabis industry marketplaces in the world.

“The opportunities within the industry are endless, however up until now, there hasn’t been a central place for cannabis-related products to be marketed, and for education and information around cannabis to be shared. The Cannabis Expo provides a perfect platform and opportunity for businesses and interested parties within the industry,” states Howarth.
The cannabis industry has seen unrivalled interest and growth globally, with Africa already playing an integral part of the success. Now with the launch of The Cannabis Expo, and on the back of the recent High Court ruling regarding the use of cannabis in South Africa, Africa is bounding ahead with this global movement.

With such a variety of cannabis-related products and services already legally on the market, The Cannabis Expo will host businesses and professionals from all sectors of the industry: healthcare, medicinal, growing, harvesting and processing technologies, product retailers and innovators, legislation groups and government departments.

From the convention stage at The Cannabis Expo, experts will talk about healthcare, policy, legislation, and other cannabis-related topics. Medical talks will be aimed at healthcare providers and patients and cover a variety of topics like cannabis cultivation and extraction, as well as the endocannabinoid system, and its clinical and therapeutic implications. The Cannabis Expo offers a platform where people can access the industry and its products, and the public can learn about cannabis-based medicine and other cannabis products.

The Cannabis Expo 2018 takes place in the new and impressive The Maslow Time Square, in Menlyn, Pretoria. A top Sun International casino and entertainment destination, Time Square attracts thousands of people through its doors every day thanks to its central and easilyaccessible location and myriad entertainment, dining, hospitality and conferencing offerings.

Interested businesses and professionals can now book exhibitor space and confirm their participation in The Cannabis Expo 2018, taking place from 13-16 December 2018. Visit: for more information. Sarah Howarth can be reached on +27 79 557 1555

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