And then there were four…

Four teams left…we could call them the fantastic four as they played their way through the best teams who qualified for this years soccer World Cup to reach this point, a win here and they are one game away from being crowned 2018 World Champions.

First up were neighbours France vs Belgium, both teams were unbeaten on their road to the semi-finals. They are so close they even share previous legends of the beautiful game. Thierry Henry the French superstar is on the coaching team of Belgium, I thought he might be the trump card for the Red Devils.

It seemed like it was going to be Hazard running the show, there were some interesting midfield match-ups to be seen. Fellaini having to hold off his United Teammate Pogba, I think he did a good job. I really wanted the Belgians to win but it was one of those games where one goal is all it takes…..Umtiti, who signed a new 5-year deal with Barcelona scored and his celebratory jiggle was something to make Mick Jagger proud…..we could say he has got the moves like Jagger. Young French sensation Kylian Mbappé also showing off his skills frustrating the opponents, the World Cup always produces new superstars to be talked about for years to come.

Impossible n’est pas français – The literal meaning Impossible is not French….this is how the French team played never giving up showing that nothing is impossible. Can this French team emulate the 1998 team – 20 years later.

Coach Didier Deschamps could become a player coach after he lifted the World Cup trophy when he captained the 98 team in their triumph.

France 1 – 0 Belgium

In the other match it was England vs Croatia…..the English Fans were already screaming It’s coming home all over social media, I also thought this might finally be their year with a young team unbeaten in qualification and a good road to the semi-final…some would say rather easy compared to Croatia.

The first half was open flowing football, Trippier opening the scoring in the 5th minute, a stunning free-kick leaving the Croatian goalkeeper standing watching the ball like he on a shroom trip…but Croatia always looked likely for a comeback.

Their comeback came in the form of an Ivan Perišić goal in the 67th minute and from there onwards it was all downhill for England, Croatia were hungry and eager to win. The English goalkeeper Pickford was the busier of the two keepers on the night.

The game went into extra-time, it would be the third time for Croatia in this years World Cup and lucky for them they managed to avoid the lottery of penalties when Mandžukić, Juventus player, broke the English hearts and Southgate’s chance of becoming a Sir. Juventus might just have a World Cup winner in their team next season and………Ronaldo.

Croatia 2 – 1 England

I suck at World Cup predictions but I think the best teams are in the finals……1998 Winners (France) and Third placed (Croatia)

Which team will better the Class of 98′????

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