World(Euro) Cup

Almost time to crown the Football champs, the quarter-finals are over….and we know the cup will be going to Europe.

The French team knocked out Uruguay…..after winning the World Cup 20 years ago in France 1998 they look hungry to repeat that epic feat.

France 2 – 0 Uruguay

A game I was looking forward to was the Belgium vs Brazil, I wanted Belgium to win. They have a really good team on paper and during this World Cup I think they have proved their worth even after the scare from the Japanese. The Goalkeeper reminded me of the German goalkeeping legend….I think you guys know who I’m talking about. The flags are similar and both countries have good beer hmmmm interesting. The 5 times champions were sent packing after going down 2-0 to the Belgians…’s ok though 6 does not look that cool when showing it to the camera so the Brazilians will have to stick to a high 5 for another 4 years.

Belgium 2 – 1 Brazil

England are moving in the right direction….I think even if they do not win the Cup, the commentary in the English Premier League will be raving about Harry Kane and the team for a couple of months. They secured their spot in the semi-finals by beating Sweden…I wonder what King Zlatan had to say about that.

England 2 – 0 Sweden

The surprise package of the tournament, Russia definitely did not disappoint at this years World Cup. They can hold their heads up high as they fought till the end pushing Croatia to penalties where unfortunately they lost…..I guess that is the lottery. Croatia reaching the semi-finals for the first time since 1998…hmmm could we see France vs Croatia in the final.

Russia 2 (3) – 2 (4) Croatia

At least after the quarter-final round I do not have to change my prediction….

Iceland Colombia England vs Panama, Belgium – 2018 Russia World cup Final(Prediction)

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