Live it up

After a month of football(soccer) across Russia it finally came to a breath-taking conclusion last night at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow..

The final World Cup final was contested between France and Croatia. The French team last won the World Cup 20 years ago on home soil and this was the coaches opportunity to have his name in the record books to win it as coach and player so the pressure was on them as favourites.

Croatia started their World Cup journey in 1998 where they came third….20 years later and they could become World Champions, they have however become the Peoples favourites already.

On Saturday Belgium met England for the second time at this years World Cup after beating them in the group stages, this time was however for a chance to win a 3rd place medal…..unfortunately for England all that is coming home a a team that came fourth at the 2018 World Cup as they were beaten 2-0.

Belgium 2-0 England

Belgium 3rd placed winners.

One life, one dream
One moment, one team
One you, lights high
Thousand road blocks, one shot
One truth, no fears
One flag, oh yeah

We’ve been waiting for this all year
Where y’all at? We right here!

63 matches completed…..the only one that really matters is the last game….the one that when you win you are crowned Champions….match no. 64.

The game had everything, an own goal, penalty, VAR decision and some beautiful goals by both teams…..oh and a crazy moment by the French goalkeeper hmmmm feels like I am missing something……oh yes there were fans that breached security to run on the field too.

It was the French who got the upper hand and showed their dominance over Croatia scoring 4 goals on the night…..the Croatians fought hard till the end for a comeback but it was too late.

5 years ago Manchester United Fan, Usain Bolt smashed a 100m record at the Luzhniki Stadium….

10 years ago Manchester United won a Champion league final against Chelsea in Moscow and…

Last night Manchester United Midfielder Paul Pogba helped France lift the World Cup for the second time (I am a United Fan too if it not obvious yet).

Only one life to live, got so much to give
Fighting for the nation now, that is my gift
Run like a champion and win like a king
That’s my only goal, my everything
Live it up now, now

I am sure The French will be living it up for a while – CONGRATULATIONS!!

France 4 -2 Croatia


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