Dreams to Reality

The cards have been dealt, you can either fold or roll the dice and play on….if you not having fun then there is no point, right!!

These two are definitely having fun on their journey together, and they are willing to take us with them……if you have not seen them perform I urge you to check out one of their gigs before they embark on their dream of taking over Europe…..25 000 people screaming for King Julian and Queen Didi, yip this can become a reality.

Last night I ventured into their world, I amazed at the talent…WOW, they brought some friends along before the main act too. Daaaaamn!!!! Each of these artists are able to pull in a crowd of thousands on their own, I am sure. They were super amazing. We need to be supporting local, working together to create a vibe.

Ruby Trutter and her band, with a voice like a diamond she shone brightly and her dream of changing the world through her passion for music is inspiring….keep on dreaming, there is no limit to your possibility.

Cheslyn Cupido, aka Gizmo from Kensington, leka to see people you went to school with showing positive signs, yoh his lyrics hit hard to the core…keep on flowing….There was a question in one of his songs “Where do we begin?” – I say we begin now, each and everyday is a new day to pursue our dreams.

The Blaze Band ZA, these guys can turn a room upside down, they’ve got the right mixture to get the crowd moving, jy wil net dance….you can definitely see they enjoying what they doing.

The evening flowed leka with the MC skills of Kristen aka Lady K Soul on the mic…and the shop had all the right snacks too. Craft Beer (made by Jules) and Popcorn is a thing – watch this space.

Last but not least was the amazingly talented duo of Jules and Didi….

Everything about them works perfectly, they are in sync….Everytime I hear their music I am taken away on a magical carpet ride. I am sure they can make music with anything they find….there was a guitar, violin, drums, that thing with the beans inside, a mouth piano en ek wietie wat noggie but I was amazed. Really if you reading this go and see their show you will not be disappointed.

Catch them on the following dates:

26 July – Mitchells Plain, 18 Wall Street, Portlands 9pm

28 July – Kensington Community Hall 7h30pm

29 July – Kuils river, The Daily coffee cafe (ESK) 4h30pm

I am always thankful when I can help support our local artist, this is where the real magic lives….

Blessings to you all.

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