Tata ma chance..

There is something about this World Cup that makes me feel like it is different, like Leicester winning the English Premier League this could finally be England’s year after knocking out Colombia on penalties in the final Round of 16 match-up.

Definitely not according to the script, after the dramatic group stages where we saw some intense emotion from fans and players….I thought Argentina were going to run rampant but it was the youngsters of France who came out on-top in a thrilling 7 goal encounter. Argentina almost pushing for a comeback in the end.

France 4 – 3 Argentina

The upsets kept on coming as Uruguay knocked out Portugal on the same day…..as expected the meme train ran riot after these games, some people depicting Messi and Ronaldo calling each other to wait at the airport.

Uruguay 2 – 1 Portugal

Little did we know that the 2010 World Cup winners would soon join the plane home….both of the next days matches ended with the lottery of Penalties to decide a winner. Penalties are worse than waiting for a VAR decision in my opinion…

Spain 1 (3) – 1 (4) Russia

Croatia 1 (3) – 1 (2) Denmark

The Russian party was still going strong…more vodka please!!

Next up Brazil, first things first where did Neymar buy that dye?….after 3 matches it was out (not really good product placement), let’s see his hairstyle in the Quarter Final because Brazil finally looked like a contentious team against Mexico beating them 2-0.

Brazil 2 – 0 Mexico

Possibly the best game of the tournament so far was Belgium vs Japan, I don’t think anyone expected the Japanese to dominate and go 2-0 up before an amazing comeback where Belgium scored their third goal in extra-time breaking the hearts of the Japanese players. This was nail-biting stuff.

Belgium 3 – 2 Japan

On the last day of the Round of 16 it was Sweden who beat Switzerland and England going to Penalties against Colombia to secure their place in the Quarter Finals……Definitely not your story book ending for most of these teams but still exciting stuff and goals galore.

Sweden 1 – 0 Switzerland

England 1 (4) – 1 (3) Colombia

And again I have to change my prediction…

Iceland Colombia England vs Panama, Belgium – 2018 Russia World cup Final(Prediction)

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