Turning Tables

The final round of group matches at the Fifa World cup are complete…..we finally about to reach the business end of the tournament, The Road to the Final begins now.

The third round of matches started with abit of a shake up for the hosts Russia. The match between Uruguay and Russia was to see who would finish top of Group A and no respect was shown as the hosts were thumped 3-0….Uruguay are still to concede in this years tournament.

In the other Group A match it was all about pride….Saudi Arabia coming out tops against Egypt.

Group A

Uruguay 3 – Russia 0

Saudi Arabia 2 – Egypt 1

Group B as it stood before the match, Spain and Portugal needed to avoid defeats against Morocco and Iran to both advance. However, Iran could qualify if they beat Portugal, or if they drew and Spain lose by more than 1 goal. This is exactly why the last round matches are played simultaneously, no favours.

Both games ended in a draw, Ronaldo missing a penalty and The VAR system again calling the shots as we have become accustomed to during this World Cup.

Group B

Spain 2 – Morocco 2

Iran 1 – Portugal 1

Group C saw France make some changes resting some of their key players as they were already through to the Round of 16…their match against Denmark produced the first goalless draw of the tournament, both teams already qualified.

In the other match Peru scored their first two World Cup goals by beating the Socceroooos.

Group C

Denmark 0 – France 0

Australia 0 – Peru 2

With everything at stake, Argentina’s match against Nigeria was one of the most important games for both teams over the last few years. Could Lionel Messi man be Argentina’s saviour once again?

2 Days after his 31st Birthday he scored a brilliant goal…this was the 100th goal of this years tournament. Saint Petersburg Stadium is the 100th stadium where Leo Messi has scored a goal for Argentina or Barcelona.

Nigeria were not gonna sit back as they still had a chance, another day that you had to watch both games simultaneously. The permutations would make your stomach turn, in the space of 4 minutes the tables turned more than a wrestling match…..so intense that their was blood in the Argentina game and a broken nose in the Iceland game.

In the end the viking clap was not loud enough for Iceland and the prayers of Maradona were answered.

Group D

Nigeria 1 – Argentina 2

Iceland 1 – Croatia 2

Possibly the biggest shock of the tournament so far was the Germany vs South Korea match, the defending champions were in cruise control this whole tournament never really changing gears and the Koreans held their own until extra-time when they scored two goals what a crazy turn of events. The curse of the Champion still stands. In the other match Sweden won against Mexico…so no tequila for me.

Group F

South Korea 2 – Germany 0

Mexico 0 – Sweden 3

Brazil showed some championship form in their last group game, they played well as a team…Could this be number 6??

Group E

Serbia 0 – Brazil 2

Switzerland 2 – Costa Rica 2

Our last African hope Senegal needed a point to qualify against Columbia but our hearts were crushed by one goal and the result in the other game. No more hope for Africa in the 2018 World Cup.

Group H

Japan 0 – Poland 1

Senegal 0 – Colombia 1

Both Belgium and England already through so another formality on the last day of group games….People tipping this English team to win the tournament(as always), they lost on the night though but still have a chance on the road to the final.

Group G

England 0 – Belgium 1

Panama 1 – Tunisia 2

So now that we know who are all through to the knockout round….I again have to change my final prediction….lets see if I can get it right third time lucky…

Iceland Columbia vs Panama, Belgium – 2018 Russia World cup Final(Prediction)

Enjoy the next round!!!

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