Something Meaty

16 B-Boys, Four 1 vs 1 Battle Rounds is all it takes to be crowned the South Africa’s Red Bull™ BC One Champion and a chance to represent at the Red Bull™ BC One World Championship in Zurich, Switzerland.

The stage is set, DJ on the decks the culmination of Four regional cyphers into one final Championship round…so these guys are all already winners Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Kwa-zulu Natal and Jozi in the house to break in down.

Taking the streets to the World, Hip-Hop has so many elements to it and has a rich history of entertainment and Respect….watching a bra do a headspin, a Graffiti artist create a masterpiece, a DJ gooing some wakker beats or a MC flipping the dictionary over, you gotta show some respect to this craft.

I enjoy the close contact vibe of these events where the crowd are literally on the stage with the B-Boys as they feed off the energy in the room, the louder the applause the more high-flying, energetic moves are pulled out of their bag of tricks.

The event flowed, once it began we never had a chance to catch our breath as the battles kept things heated on a cool winter evening here in the Mother City. Between Battle rounds there were special acts too.

Puma also celebrated 50 years of suede with a National Battle made up from the 16 B-Boys on the spot….Cape Town bounced their way to the title.

I love the creativity from the B-Boys not only in the moves but also in their names….

In the Semi final round we had:

  • Shorty vs Defending champ B-Boy Meaty
  • Lyanking vs Bax

I thought the final would see the Lyanking eat up something Meaty, he looked hungry for battle roaring in the circle but it was not to be as the judges decided that it would be..

  • B-Boy Bax vs B-Boy Meaty – Final battle

In the end their can be only one and defending his championship B-Boy Meaty took home the title and will represent South Africa in Switzerland….we also had a Junior Olympics hopeful competing, Jordan, All the best to these guys and to everyone for bringing their best.

Respect the Cypher.

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