Tears and Cheers


Yip round two of The Fifa World Cup is over, we now have a clearer view of some of the groups. There are already 8 teams knocked out, two of them from Africa and one was my final prediction……guess I’m allowed to change that, right?

Iceland vs Panama, Belgium – 2018 Russia World cup Final

So the second round started just like the first with Russia continuing their goal scoring prowess, home ground advantage working – A 3-1 win against Egypt effectively crushed the Pharaohs hopes of going through to the next round.

The goals kept on coming throughout the second round of matches….

For the first time since 1954, there’s not been a single 0-0 draw in the opening 20 matches.

We have seen Tears and huge Cheers, there is no lack of emotion even the VAR system getting its fair share of flack from the players, commentators and supporters.

South American favourites Argentina have to be at their best to qualify for the next round as they were thumped 3-0 against Croatia, Messi still failing to light up the Argentinean campaign. Ronaldo on the other end has scored all Portugal’s goals thus far…and Neymar got a haircut.

As Africans we still have the best dressed team at the World Cup, Nigeria and The Lions of Teranga (Senegal) with a chance to make it to the round of 16.

Defending Champions Germany left it late to hopefully deflect The Curse of the Champions by winning Sweden 2-1.

The Curse of The Champions

Below is a round up of the 2nd group games:

Group A

Russia 3 – Egypt 1
Uruguay 1 – Saudi Arabia 0

Group B

Portugal 1 – Morocco 0
Iran 0 – Spain 1

Group C

Denmark 1 – Australia 1
France 1 – Peru 0

Group D

Argentina 0 – Croatia 3
Nigeria 2 – Iceland 0

Group E

Brazil 2 – Costa Rica 0
Serbia 1 – Switzerland 2

Group F

Germany 2 – Sweden 1

South Korea 1 – Mexico 2

Group G

Belgium 5 – Tunisia 2

England 6 – Panama 1

Group H

Japan 2 – Senegal 2
Poland 0 – Colombia 3

That’s a wrap, after a Super Sunday producing 14 goals, we’ve seen teams lose their hopes, some with a mathematical chance to get through to the round of 16 and teams already securing of a spot.

The last round of matches before the knockout round will be interesting….


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