Round 1 – Thrills and Spills

So we have seen all 32 teams play, we’ve seen the thrills and spills and I am sure there are even Final Predictions already…..after the first round I’ll put my head on the block and say –

Iceland vs Panama – 2018 Russia World cup Final

Yip that’s right we are in Russia for the Soccer World Cup and not once have I seen snow on the field…I saw players swat a helluva lot of miggies on the field during the England vs Tunisia match though. I thought it was cold all year round in Russia hmmm guess not, at least they drink vodka, right?

So that Opening Ceremony though….As a South African I’ll remember our 2010 Opening Ceremony for the Timeless Anthem ‘Waka-Waka‘, this years Ceremony I’ll remember a certain middle finger being shown at the camera yip I know you saw it too.

The first game did not really impress me on paper but delivered with 5 goals from hosts Russia….and that was my downfall because I made a bet with myself that everytime Russia scores during this World Cup I am drinking a shot of Vodka, I’ll let you guess what the bet is for Mexico.

With 5 goals in the opening match it set a tone for what’s to come and after the first round an average of 2 goals per match was scored… nil-nil draws as yet.

We have seen some upsets, big name players not performing as yet, missed penalties, hairstyles, injury worries and the much talked about VAR system but then we also had some interesting upsets like Mexico beating The Germans and Iceland holding Argentina to a 1-1 draw.

Below is a round up of all the results for the first round:

Group A

Russia 5 – Saudi Arabia 0
Egypt 0 – Uruguay 1

Group B

Morocco 0 – Iran 1
Portugal 3 – Spain 3

Group C

France 2 – Australia 1

Peru 0 – Denmark 1

Group D

Argentina 1 – Iceland 1

Croatia 2 – Nigeria 0

Group E

Costa Rica 0 – Serbia 1

Brazil 1 – Switzerland 1

Group F

Germany 0 – Mexico 1

Sweden 1 – South Korea 0

Group G

Belgium 3 – Panama 0
Tunisia 1 – England 2

Group H

Colombia 1 – Japan 2
Poland 1 – Senegal 2

There you go, now you can make your own predictions…are you supporting the One-Man TeaIms or the underdog story it’s up to you….me I’m sticking to my prediction (I think that was after I finished the vodka though).

Did you know: When Panama qualified for the World Cup the next day was a public holiday…..I only know about Panama from Survivor never knew people actually stay there (ignorance is bliss apologies).

As an African I am glad that at least one of our teams won, The Lions of Teranga (Senegal) flying the flag lets hope the next round brings us more glory…


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