Live It. Love It.

There is a saying that goes if you Live It, you’ll Love It…ok I just made that up with the words from The President Hotels motto. I was lucky enough to be invited for a culinary experience where we would reconnect from farm to fork. I mentioned lucky because the invite came from a friend whom I haven’t seen in a while, in saying that I think you should take this post with a pinch of salt and hop on over to The Unsponsored Foodie (TUF) for the real review.

When I heard The President Hotel, first thing I thought was uhhh Will The President Be There? Nah just kidding I know the name suggests that the Hotel sets a precedent (read President) for other hotels right!! You should visit and see for yourself.

The New Executive Chef, Philip Alcock prepared a menu featuring some of the dishes you can expect once launched. He is a Sassi Trailblazer, lover of keeping things simple and sustainability in his sourcing of free range products….first off was a taste of what’s to come:

Fish, Chicken and Veggies a taste sensation inspired by his travels and like most Chefs each dish has a story behind it. This dish was paired with a craft beer.

Next up we had a starter of Marinated Line Fish and spiced cucumber, the cool thing about this experience is that we got to see first hand how everything is prepared, in the end it is all about visual presentation and plating….when I saw the end product I felt like a Dinosaur walking through a jungle about to devour my meal hmmmmm

Fun Fact: Fish caught with a hook are firmer than Fish caught in a net. (I suggest you google or consult an expert for verification because at this point more wine was paired with the food).

After a palate cleanser, Virgin Mary Consommé, we once again gathered around the chef as he worked his magic…

I felt like I was in an episode of A Minute to Win It, everything was prepared within minutes and with such ease right infront of our eyes, with camera’s in hand capturing the process I am sure some of us will be trying this recipe at home.

Farmed Cob, Tender Stern Brocolli, Grilled New Potatoes and Pea and Mint Velouté – Paired with Ken Forrester The FMC.

The atmosphere around the table was really cool and laid-back making the experience so much more enjoyable..and to end it all off with something sweet was a treat on it’s own.

Passion Fruit and Chocolate yummy in my tummy.

It was indeed a taste adventure and I am sure the menu will have people hooked and coming back for more… the motto:

Live it. Love It.

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