Gray Matter

FUN FACT – “Gray matter isn’t actually gray at all. Don’t let the name fool you, gray matter isn’t always gray, at least not while you’re alive. While after death the brain does turn a grayish color, hence the name, while you’re alive your gray matter is a healthy pink due to all the blood that’s constantly flowing through.”

Kendell Geers – 1993, Hanging Piece

I recently visited the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) and wow what an interesting experience it was, from the outside to what’s displayed inside you’ll be immersed into another dimension.

Art has the power of bringing out different emotions, I think everyone experiences it differently and to me this is impressive.

EYE-POPPING FACT – “Your eyeballs are hardwired to your brain. While they’re not a part of your brain proper, your eyeballs are actually an extension of your brain. If someone were to try to remove your brain (which you would hope would never happen), your eyeballs would come with it. This is because the eyes are hardwired by nerve fibers to the occipital lobe, a part of the brain responsible for sight information. If your brain is a computer, your eyes work like a mouse or keyboard that is inputting information directly into that system.”

Each level up this spiraling staircase hosts some really eye-catching and thought provoking pieces of art, you’ll definitely be moved in some way after a visit……one room felt like I was sitting in a padded cell if I sat long enough I think I’d go insane – until I read the plaque explaining the motive and idea behind the piece I felt like I understood the meaning. Then again, like I said before we all experience Art differently.

The mixture of visual, written and audio-visual art…also the setting of the Museum brings out that wow factor, I couldn’t help but touch the walls as I walked through the tunnels (lower level), it got me thinking that I never even gave this place a second thought before and look at it now….transformed.

You’ll literally feel the Art oozing from the walls so I would say it’s worth a visit, did I mention there is a restaurant, apparently they have Black Ice-Cream and the views are amazing. I am no foodie, got that little tip from The Unsponsored Foodie (TUF), I guess you could give them a follow to find out more about the delicious ART of eating.

If be it

so be it

and so be it

and so be

and so


…….look close enough, you’ll see the above written on a wall at the museum and so much more….oh and don’t forget to look up.

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